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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

harmony disrupted

Last night on the train, I pulled out my long-neglected sock project and three stitches in, I snapped my harmony circ.

Hubby was surprised I didn't have a replacement on me. I need to measure this one and write to Knit Picks (and see if I have a metal in the same size so I can work on these socks).

Commute knitting's been curtailed a bit. I'm addicted to solitaire on the ipod. I have scrabble, too.

I brought Sleeve #1 of Ariann with me today. I'm making slow progress. I just haven't been knitting much.

On the trips to and from VT this weekend, I mostly napped. I know, not terribly obsessive of me. But man, the sofa bed at my grandmother's is really uncomfortable.

We had a good weekend. The weather was perfect.

B was his typical self. All day Saturday he was very anxious about the fireworks, which we kept trying to not mention, so much so that when we finally got to my grandfather's house, he decided to sit inside. Hubby and I decided to take him home. He wasn't going to sit through the fireworks and there was no point keeping him up that late if he was going to be miserable. So, we went back to my dad's parents' house to put him to bed. As I was taking him out of the car, he said "I see fireworks tomorrow."

That was a little annoying. Especially since my dad made the 40 minute ride to his father-in-law's because we went. I felt so guilty that Dad set himself up for so much pain and discomfort and the rat didn't even stay outside with him and everyone else and we missed the fireworks.

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