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Monday, November 02, 2009

trick or treat

I think we had a good halloween. B's class joined in the parade at school. Hubby went instead of me, as I'd been conflicted all week since their party was scheduled for that afternoon. I got there in the afternoon and the party was B and one other K kid in the Pre-K classroom just having snacks. Everyone else from Kindergarten had gone home sick. We left shortly after B finished his snack. We went home and made cookies.

Trick or treating was a bit spritzy, but we had fun. B's a two-block trick or treater. We went up our street and down one side street and home. He seems pretty happy with his candy haul and doesn't mind that we ration it pretty strictly.

He didn't feel too well yesterday complaining of a headache that would get better with tylenol but come back. He was better this morning and couldn't wait to get out of bed for picture day at school today. He insisted he had to wear his dress shirt and tie so he'd look handsome and sharp.

He scored a goal at soccer this weekend. It wasn't beautiful, but Hubby and I are always so proud of him for being one of the most focused kids on the field. He may not be fast or very coordinated, but when he's motivated, he's very focused.

I didn't do too much, knitting or sewing wise this weekend. I did finish my Halloween skirt last week. I'll post a picture tomorrow. I got lots of compliments on it. I did swatch for my dad's birthday sweater this weekend. I hope to cast-on tonight.

Here's my progress on the brick socks. I probably will put this aside for Dad's sweater and the other gifts I'm making.

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