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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

do the needful

My company started working closely with Indian firms five or six years ago. We often hear intersting, nonidiomatic phrases from our colleagues in India. One of my favorite phrases they use is "do the needful." Usually said in response to a request, "we will do the needful."

Apparently, this can be interpreted as a very racy phrase referring to onanism in parts of the UK, which makes it even funnier.

I started swatching for my dad's birthday sweater this weekend in Needful Yarns Australian Merino. Three swatches were needed because the first has a gauge way too small (on a US 5) and the second seemed a little too drapey (US 7). I swatched a third time with a US 6 and although I like the fabric, I'm worried I won't have enough yarn at this gauge (about 6 st to an inch). But, even with the 7s I didn't get recommended gauge of 21 st/4 in, but just over 22 st/4 in.

I called in reinforcements and my knitting friend at work reassured me that the swatch on the 7s is fine and I should just go ahead. An 8 would make fabric that felt holey.

I've decided to do a pullover with a neck placket, I'm going to use the Woolworks top-down raglan guidelines, tweaking the neckline to get the placket. Woo hoo for knitting in the round and being able to adjust length as I go along. I'll be casting on tonight.

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Heather said...

I have yet to complete a sweater....I need to finish my first cardi because I am itching to make a couple of sweaters.