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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

where have I been?

Sick, dealing with an exasperating work situation that I had once hoped was done, not knitting much and not sewing at all.

I've gotten the back of B's Laurie about done. According to the pattern I should go 4 more cms, but I think 44 cm is way too long and I'm worried about not having enough yarn. Besides, I like where the patterns will meet up along the shoulder seams.

Since I'm worried about running out of yarn, I started a sleeve. If the sleeves take 1 ball or less, I should be fine. I've completed about 1/6th of the repeats needed.

I plan on knitting on this exclusively for this week and casting on F-i-L's birthday vest next week. I hope to do some sewing this week, but I don't know when. Westminster kennel club is on tonight and LOST is on tomorrow. Then my parents come down this weekend. Maybe I can work on something not too complicated during LOST tomorrow.

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