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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where did those two weeks go?

Okay, really only a week and a half. We had a great visit with mom and dad. Hubby and I cooked the entire weekend. I made meatloaf on Friday, Hubby roasted a chicke on Saturdya, I made lasagna on Sunday and Hubby made roast beef on Monday. We ate leftovers all week!

I still haven't sewn anything, but I have been knitting! Billy's Laurie is fast approaching the finish. I completed both sleeves and am nearly half way through the front. Unfortunately, the cabling is slow. I hope to have it finished this weekend. If not, it will have to hibernate and B won't be able to wear it for Patrick's day. I absolutely, positively have to start F-i-L's birthday vest this weekend. Starting on Sunday gives me three weeks to get it done!

I do desparately want to start sewing soon. I so wanted to sew a dress for Patrick's day!

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