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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm taking tomorrow off. My parents should be arriving by about 4 pm and Billy has his Valentine's day party at 9 am (to which a loved one was invited) and his 5-yo physical at 2:15. In between all this, I need to clean my house. Guest room was cleaned out quite a bit over the weeknd, but still some straightening needs to be done, bed needs clean sheets, and the public areas of the house are a disaster. I sure hope B stays at school tomorrow after the party. It's hard to get housework done when he wants to play.

I wish I could just play with my sewing machine tomorrow. I tried to do some sewing last night, but nothing turned out very well. I may get back at it tonight. Although, I'm really loving knitting B's sweater right now. I'm just zipping along sleeve one. Less than 10 cm to go! (It's a bit longer after lunch knitting than in this morning picture.)

Tomorrow night, after mom and dad hit the hay (they go to bed ridiculously early), I'm going to make a little something for B for V day. I'll share pics on Monday.

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Stephie Pea.... said...

give my love to mum and pop. :)

(Also, B's gift hasn't gone in the mail yet, I am a terrible AuntieFur.)