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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

something to blog about

A Christmas gift I can blog about. I ripped out the seam binding on Miss Jaime's little bag last night (very sharp embroidery scissors are a godsend) and re-sewed. Hubby thought it was cute. We're doing our shopping Saturday (Billy has ADVENTure at church and will go to the in-laws afterwards), so I'll pick up the toiletries and giftcard for it this weekend.

Then there are dad's socks. I am past the heel on sock two (well, I will have to go back and knit the heel). I figure about 40% done? I'd like to have these done tomorrow because I need to whip out some fingerless mitts for the woman who got this last year. We're having lunch on Wednesday. I have to knit her something because she wore the scarf yesterday.

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