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Thursday, December 04, 2008

gift for Billy's teacher

We've been a bit haphazard over the years with gifts for Billy's teachers. Mainly we'd give a card with cash; I know tres creative. This year, with my handmade holidays thing I've got going on for my sibs, I've been thinking about making something for his teacher this year. I was thinking of knitting some fingerless mitts, but, although I have 2 gifts with the knitting finished, I have 2 more Christmas gifts (brothers-in-law, although one's not married) and my dads birthday gifts to finish. I'm feeling a bit under the gun with the knitting, especially since I made a work friend a knitted gift last year and I feel like I should do something for her this year.*

I had a thought for Miss Jaimie today. A zippered bag a la this one. I'm going to mod it a bit. I'll make it deeper with rounded corners and a contrast binding tape inside. I'll fill it with a small hand cream, some purell and maybe tissues. I'll ask Hubby if he thinks we should add a gift card for DD or something (no starbucks in our town).

This is the fabric I'm going to use (you'll see it in another gift). I've got a yard and, since it's a home dec not quilting fabric, it's 54" wide. Plenty for lots of gifts.

*One sister's gift took 3 days to knit, with a migraine on Monday slowing me down. There's tons of finishing to do, but the knitting was cast on Monday morning and cast off last night.


Adrienne said...

I think the bags are a fabulous idea.

Cash Gifting Forums said...

well these are really fabulous ideas. I know it for sure.