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Thursday, December 11, 2008

holiday plans

I've nearly finished Dad's second sock. All that's left is grafting the toe and knitting the heel. Last night's commute was pretty long. The rain always slows down the busses. I should have the heel done before TV time tonight. Then, I hope to start the mitts for my colleague.

Then, I've got another pair of birthday socks (worsted weight and felted this time) and two b-i-l gifts to knit. Fortunately, I've got an extra week (we're celebrating Christmas in VT on New Year's). Good thing, too. I need to do a lot of finishing work on one of my sisters' gifts. I'd also like to sew up some gift bags. Oh, and I need to make the gift tags I've got plannd.
And B wants to make gingerbread cookies for Santa (thank goodness I took Christmas eve off).

I'd like to get some sewing for me done, too. I want to make this for Christmas Eve (B view with A's sleeves). In the red matte jersey below it. I cut out the fabric on Tuesday. I need to set aside some time for sewing it up.

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