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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

The Molly blanket is done. I finished sewing it together last night and she slept on it for the first time. I guess she likes. When I first put it in her crate, she pulled it out and tried to kill it by shaking her head. Then she tried to chew on it so I took it away. It's kind of ugly and it wouldn't win any prizes, but it was a great practice piece.

My husband was saying that I should make a lot of them and we'll have a table at our town's fair next year. Then I can start custom making them, and yada yada yada. He's got no concept of the fact that I'm a beginner and no one would buy one of my knitted projects.
A hex blanket, maybe.

Started the next project last night. I'm nearly four inches into KG's pillow. I'm aiming for 14" x 14". I'm making one long panel. It will be folded in half with an edge to tuck in (stole that idea from Vern on Trading Spaces), meaning only two seams to sew. I'm working the tuck panel as garter stitch. The rest will be striped stockinette. It's going to be predominantly pink. She's such a girly girl. I hope it works in her apartment!

Tomorrow, I get to place the yarn order I've been planning for weeks. I'm still toying with what pattern to use for Mom & Dad's new blanket. I guess I'll swatch a few that I have in mind and go from there. I can always make a painted desert hex.

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