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Thursday, April 10, 2003

I've obviously got a lot to learn about intarsia. Things are improving, but not perfect yet. I need to find some resources. Anyway, I finished the O and got a good start on the M last night. I'll be done this panel soon. I've got to figure out how to block the silly thing. It curls up like no tomorrow.

I promised my husband I wouldn't by any of the yarns I'm obsessing about until later in the month. That means I've got to work with what's on hand. I'm trying to find something to do with 1800 yards of chenille. I've been looking at a few beginner sweater patterns I have, but I'm just not sure. I could also start that pillow I was thinking about for my friend K. That would be fun.

Mostly, I'm thinking about tank top designs and cornmeal cotton. When oh when will Spring come?

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