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Friday, April 25, 2003

I'm cruising on the pillow. I've got 4 1/2" done, not counting the tuck panel. Molly had a new bone and was very happy to leave me to my knitting a lot last night. So far, it's really pretty, but I think if the stockinette is making it kind of preppy. And, the prettiness might be drawback. I hope she likes it. I'm not really sure anymore.

I keep checking on my order to see if it's shipped or not. I know, way to soon to be thinking it would be on the way. My husband was giving me a hard time this morning. I told him the total of the order and he felt that I should have gone to a store instead of ordering on-line, especially since I paid $7 in postage. I'd love to shop in person (and I might just spend more) but there really isn't a shop convenient to where I live. There's a yarn shop around the corner from my office, but I think the Manhattan prices would upset him more.

What I really want is one close to the house with a group I can join. I envy all of the journalers I read that have groups or go to stitch and bitch. I know of some crocheters/knitters here at work, but I don't like to hang out in Manhattan after work too much. We've been living in our house over two years and I really don't know a soul.

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