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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

the thing with a hiatus is

You have a lot to post about when you get back.
I started these socks back in May. Originally, they were going to be plain, then monkeys, and then something different because they were too narrow as monkeys. All I did was take my usual plain sock pattern and add a travelling garter bump (by occasionally purling in the round). I put them aside at the heel on sock two sometime in June. I just picked them back up knit the heel, gusset, foot and toe from last Friday on. I'm so glad these are finally done. I was really hating them when I had to rip and reknit the heel shaping.
I cast on some new socks this morning. I'm knitting Blackrose in Blackberry by Impulse of Delight. The skein is the last yarn I've purchased this year (I bought it in May). The dye lot I have is darker with less gray and more semi-solid. Pics tomorrow.
I have 2 pairs of socks to repair, so the new pair and those repairs are my Socktoberfest goals. I will be deliriously happy if I can cast-on another pair of socks by month's end. I'm not planning on knitting anything but socks this month.
I do have a few other FOs to share this week (MiL's birthday sweater and a baby shower gift)....

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Heather said...

the socks look great! (as does your mom's sweater!) looking forward to seeing more FO's