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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

new project, new socks, a gift

Here's the ribbing on my newest socks. The pattern is Rick by Cookie A. Yeah, I know it's a man's pattern. So what? I don't see any men in my life wearing socks with intentional holes in them. I'm nearly done the ribbing. Can't wait to start the leg chart. I'm thinking of casting on some simple socks for mindless knitting, but I do have a number of Christmas presents to get started on. I only have 2 months!

I wore my Wicked socks today. They're a little too wide in the leg, but the yarn feels wonderful! I'll definitely be investing in some more Knit Picks Imagination when I'm buying yarn again.

I also started a sewing project last night. I drafted a pattern for an A-line skirt with pockets to wear for Halloween. It's black cotton with neon green bats. I have to get it cut out tonight and start sewing or I won't have it done by Friday for B's Halloween party at school.

Here's a snap shot of a granny square I whipped up earlier this month. It's going to be a gift which is why I altered the image at That was fun. I need to do more crochet. It only took a few hours. Now I need to find the matching fabric and finish the whole project.


Stephie Pea.... said...

So, get a lot of sewing done last night, Scrabble Lady? :)

Love the socks!
Wish I knew what and for who that giftie was for!

Netter said...

Actually, I stayed up until after 11 and got everything but the waistband and hem done. I do need to adjust the pockets a bit. I can't fit my hand in! And I'm not the scrabble lady, you and Nattie kicked my butt in the second game.