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Monday, October 26, 2009

some things to remember about my son

Earlier this month, B brought home some Scholastic book club catalogs. He calls them his book magazines. We decided to buy him a few books. He picked out a bunch of Halloween books, one five-pack and two stand alones. They arrived last week. We were very excited to have new books and have read them ad nauseum this last week. What I wanted to remember was this, B walking into the house from the car with the books in his hands saying "I'm so happy."

Wednesday, B got a no homework card in his folder (which I think I've since misplaced) and I wasn't clear on the concept or why he had got it. He said he was nice, but couldn't provide details. So, I wrote his teacher a note asking her about how it worked and letting her know B couldn't explain why he got it. Seems that one of the pre-K classes had left over cupcakes and gave them to the Kindergarten class, but they only had 5 and B's class had 6 kids that day. B offered to share his cupcake without being asked, so that everyone could have some. His teacher gave him the card so he could skip math homework one night when he wanted to.

Saturday morning, I was lying on the couch with a blanket over my head fighting off a visual migraine when B brought over my glass and cuddled with me.

We took B to see "Where the Wild Things Are" Saturday as a consolation prize for soccer being cancelled again. The movie upset him, although he couldn't express that he was being a whiny brat because the movie bothered him and put him in a bad mood. But, since his nap Saturday put him in a better mood, he keeps drawing crowns and has learned how to write Max.

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Stephie Pea.... said...

I love my nephew. I can't wait until there's a cousin for him to play with!

B is the bestest.