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Saturday, May 08, 2010

quiet moment in a busy Saturday

This is going to be one of our busiest Saturdays this Springer. Billy had soccer this morning (which was cut short due to thunder) and in about an hour his buddy Matthew's coming over and we're all going to T-ball pictures, then at 3:15 a T-ball game if the weather holds out.

Right now, my boys are out shopping for me and they may get haircuts if they have time.

I should be doing something productive, but I'm sitting here reading sewing blogs and thinking about having a little lie down. I love taking naps. Now that B's too old for naps, I rarely get to take them anymore.

I think I'd like a nap tomorrow instead of another gift.

(My gift from B at school yesterday was a potted flower in a pot he decorated, decoupage-style, and a card. We made a foam and bead bookmark together.)

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