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Monday, May 10, 2010

another freak out

So, I was finishing up the paperwork for B's neurodev eval and needed to copy his immunization card.

Hubby went to the drawer where we keep it, because I was on the phone with mom and dad for our weekly call, he can't find it.

I try helping him a bit while still on the phone and the two of us are freaking out.

I cut my call short.

We start looking everywhere. I tear apart the island under the drawer where I know I put it (and where Hubby found the prescription for B's recent bloodwork that I put in the drawer with the immuno record).

Cue frantic looking and getting short with each other (good news is we didn't scream at each other).

I have to call the pediatrician about the referral anyway, so I ask if we can get a copy of the records as well. It was a rambling message.

He gives up after lecturing me on losing a legal document.

I keep looking.

I decide to look in the drawer for the bazillionth time, picking things up instead of just flipping through them, and I find it. An hour and a half after we started looking.

Hubby has since put it in the same envelope as B's birth certificate, his passport, and our marriage license.

I think I might need one of his valium. Too bad the chocoloate mousse cake from Mother's day is all gone.

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Stephanie said...

Glad to hear you found it! I hate when stuff like that happens.