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Monday, May 03, 2010

don't mind me

I'm having a minor freak out. Hubby and I have an "intake" appointment with a neurodevelopmental pediatrician on the 20th. That means I finally have to look at the packet they sent us and fill out the paperwork and send it in. It also means I need to talk to our pediatrician about a referral.

I've got no idea what is in the packet as I have not looked at it at all. I told Hubby I would get a start on it tonight and I'm starting to freak a bit. No, I don't know why I'm getting anxious about paperwork.

I do know why I'm anxious about the referral part. Our pediatrician doesn't think B has a sensory problem and I always worry she's going to give me a hard time, because sometimes she does. I'm not always my best on the phone either.

Ultimately, I'm freaking out because what if they find something? I don't think they will. We've been spending time with a lot of boys B's age these days, with t-ball and soccer, and I think he's pretty well in the middle most of the time (if near the bottom for coordination and stuff).

But, it's the what ifs that kill me, you know?

Oh yeah, there's also the fact that the receptionist told me the insurance most likely won't pay for the intake appointment and we may be on the hook for the eval, too. I love my kid, but I do not love spending large amounts of cash when I'm not sure there's a need to. Ya know?

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