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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

how to beat away the blahs

Cast on a new project! I don't have pictures of it, but I got about 3" completed on my Dad's birthday sweater. I'm knitting him a very simple zipped cardigan out of Rowan Plaid. Since he thought the yarn was so nice in Mom's Freya. It's just gray and white, so kind of dull, but it's nice to have the ribbing done. I'm knitting it in one piece from the bottom up. My goal is to have the body done to the armhole bindoffs this week, the sleeves to the bind off next week, and joining it all the following week. Ideally, it would be all done and left with him on the 23rd, but since his birthday's not until the 29th, I could work on it during my Christmas Vacation and just mail it up to him the 27th or so.

The work blahs got forceably beaten away by annihilating my to do list. I was beginning to thinkI I'd have to eliminate blogging (reading more so than posting) in order to get done what needs be done by the 20th. However, I've completed what I can and now I need people to get back to me. Do not mention the 250+ invoicse I need to complete later this week, they will not be named until Thursday.
In other happy news, I still have my happy picots sock.


Andrea said...

I'm still so totally in love with the colours you chose for those socks!

ellen said...

I'm working on some socks in a very similar Trekking XXL colorway. It's such fun to have such a cheerful color on your hands. Love the Picot edge.