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Friday, January 06, 2012


Billy's sweater is growing. I got a lot of knitting done on the bus ride in this morning. I haven't been knitting too much this week. I've been reading and last night I was exhausted so I went to bed right after B. (Which is why I knit on the way to work instead of taking my ususal nap.)

I hope to get the back done this weekend. It looks really narrow to me, but I measured him this morning and he's got the right chest measurement. I need to make it much longer.

The best part of this whole idea is the planning. I spend lots of time thinking about what yarn for who and which pattern and which month it would best fit. Google docs is my friend!

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DaCraftyLady said...

I love the thinking part I believe that is the best...I also love this site I found called, It is wonderful just add your colors and it helps how to design those stripes... :) Great fun....try it...Making projects takes lots of time decided the perfect color combo and design to match your favorite friend or family...I wonder if the receiver really appreciates it???? Great post Debb