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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

photoless = boring

I drafted my new skirt pattern last night and cut out a wearable muslin. I have this navy cotton lawn with a tiny, tiny flower print that will be great for hot summer days. I decided to wait on the Word Search skirt until I have a pattern I'm completely happy with. I decided to go with an elastic waist, but cut it much smaller than I've done in the past. I'll have to shimmy it over my hips!

I really need to take some pictures of things to post. I have two finished skirts (lilac Easter skirt and red corduroy). Plus, I made my father-in-law a pair of Jets shorts for his birthday, just like the ones I made Dave for Christmas.

I have a couple of pairs of socks I've finished that I haven't posted.

I am making very good progress on the project I started last week for spawn of my sister.

Photoless blogs are boring. Especially when the blogger's got nothing funny to say.

My friend and I are visitng Purl's new space today at lunch. If I buy anything, I'll blog it. Just to keep us from falling asleep.

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Stephanie said...

what are you making for the spawn?