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Monday, May 04, 2009

clean-up, clean-up, everybody clean-up

It took me nearly 5 hours and it could still use some work, but it was a pleasure to sew in here last night.

This is the "office" side.

This is the "sewing" side, it also houses the tv.

Office side cleaned up. Yes, I know the box in the left corner still needs to be cleaned up, but that's all hubby's stuff.
Sewing side after. All those boxes on the left, except for the one mostly out of the frame on the bottom contains my fabric stash. (The one mostly out of the frame contains 14 years of photos to be put in albums.)
I'm no Fly Lady. The room could still use a lot more organizing, but it's useable now and more than one person could be in here at a time.

Now, to get onto sewing up that stash

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