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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

You know what totally rocks?

I have the day off on Monday, but Billy and Hubby don't! (Not that I celebrate Columbus Day, I don't think we should have a holiday for an event that precipitated genocide, and if you want to say it's for Italian heritage why do I have to work on St. Patrick's day, but I won't go into the office in protest either.)

C'mon, you know I love my family, but a whole day to myself? Maybe I'll get some sewing done (finally finish that tunic, start a corduroy skirt, a fall tote bag, another apron). I know I'm going to get some shopping, cooking and/or baking done. Hubby's birthday is the next day and I promised him a special dinner. I know there will be no housework done, because M-i-L and F-i-L will be watching B Friday night (Devils tickets) and Saturday night (local drama club doing Urinetown) so I need to do any cleaning/tidying before Friday night. I think I'll tackle the bathroom tonight, since there's no Project Runway.
Mom's second sleeve is half done. I would be further along, but I watched I am Legend last night instead of the debate and couldn't concentrate on the twisted stockinette. I hope to be joining body and sleeves by the weekend.

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