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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

pumpkin patch

B's been drawing a lot of jack o'lanterns this fall. We have a mini-pumpkin patch on our kitchen wall and he's brought tons of pumpkin pictures into school for various teachers. I've started on my own little pumpkin patch. It's a necklace for me to wear on Halloween. The idea came to me last week when I was knitting with a friend at lunch. She was starting a necklace from DomiKNITrix Whip Your Knitting Into Shape. I thought, that would be neat in a larger gauge and as pumpkins for Halloween. So, I went home and ripped out my Hallowig. I would be nearly done, except I keep ripping out the second pumpkin and making the distance between the two shorter. I may do it again.

I also hemmed and hawed about what to use to stuff the pumpkins. Currently, I'm using cotton balls. I had thought about using polyfill and dyeing it orange so white wouldn't pull through when I duplicate stitched the faces, but now I'm stitching the faces before I stuff and close up the balls. It was a very simple pattern to re-engineer (I may have peeked at the actual instructions).

I forgot to mention yesterday that Mom loved her E pin. I wish I could have gotten a decent photo of it. But, my camera wouldnt' cooperate. As for her reacting more to the chocolate, my sis took a pic of her opening the gift with the chocolate in it and got a shot of her mouth open in a big O. I know she appreciates the hand knits. She wears them all the time.

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awwww So Cute!