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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Sorry, blog post title's all you're getting. I don't have pictures of hearts or flowers to share.

I do have a sweater, though. But, it's blue. It's for my sweetheart, though. Does that count?

So, I did finish the sweater in time for our Robbie Burns dinner. It hasn't been washed or blocked. Hubby likes it a lot. I hate it. It's two inches too short and I've ripped the ribbing off the back and put it back on needles to knit down 2". I don't hate it because it's short and I have to keep knitting on it. I hate it because I think I did a poor design job. Okay, I do hate it partly because it just won't end and I really want to cast on for F-i-L's birthday sweater which is much more Project Spectrum appropriate. (Not to mention F-i-L's 65th birthday is on Easter and rapidly approaching.)

In other news, I have another pair of picot socks rapidly approaching second toe and I'm itching to cast on some Red socks. Probably more picots. I'm just loving the simple socks right now. So easy for my commute. I'll post pics tomorrow.

Finally, I'm a little stressed about my kid. He's four. We just got his "three year old" progress report and he got more "working on it" grades than we're comfortable with. Especially since the teacher explicitly told Hubby we needed to have a conference. Since I've moved past my resentment at her and a society that feels pre-schoolers should be graded (call it good, working on it, and N/A, it's still a grading system). Moreso because I didn't go to Pre-K or K, I learned how to read and write in first grade and I turned out pretty well (Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, etc.). I've done a wee bit of reading today on developmental milestones and I'm glad we're meeting with our pediatrician the afternoon of the conference. He doesn't run well, can't jump well, doesn't do one foot things and the coloring and drawing don't seem to be on pace. I'm also slightly concerned that he's nonsequitor boy. At church last week they were talking about making a valentine for Jesus and a beat or two after the pastor asking what should go on the card, B said "P is for Pig." Cracked us all up at the time, but his teacher says he doesn't answer questions well at school. Is he too young to have assessed?


=Tamar said...

Surfing by... I'm of two minds. He's just barely four; in my book, you don't even toilet train until three. Four is way too young to be expecting conformity to an average. Kids can have a sense of humor, too, or just be bored and say something nonsensical; isn't that about the age when really silly jokes are funny? On the other hand, "doesn't run well" could mean something neurological to deal with. Kids vary a lot; how much encouragement and opportunity has he had to practice, to learn to "run well"?

thordora said...

On one hand-I think we are FAR FAR too quick to use guidelines to stuff kids into little easy to control boxes. I was reading at 2, and I am SOOOO not a genius. I just had really literate parents. I can't do math for shite-couldn't then either. Now, I'd likely have been called an idiot savant! (I jest)

I'd be worried, to a degree about the motor skills however-there could be something wrong. Or he could be lazy like Vivian is. :)

More and more, I am VERY glad we've never used preschool. I don't need this kind of stress! Kids are KIDS!!!!!

Heather said...

Just wanted to comment late that Chicken had some issues similar to your guys at 4 in preschool. She was turning 5 and the teacher wanted us to keep her back a year so she would enter Kindy when she was nearly 6. I wasn't happy about it. Then, a trip to the eye doctor with preschool (who happened to be our eye doctor) revealed that Chicken needed glasses, probably her whole life. After she got her glasses, she was more focused and did better. She still thinks way outside the box and some of her ideas are abstract, but I think she just ticks to her own clock. She is 10 now and in 4th grade and doing just fine. Math is a problem for her at times, she has some other issues with talking too much....but she is Chicken.