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Monday, October 20, 2003

The sweater for the little one is done. I finished it last night during the Yankee game. Well, I still have to weave in three ends and attach two buttons (first I have to buy two buttons). I really liked this pattern. It worked top down and the sleeves crocheted right on the body. No seaming!

I've started on a matching hat and then will do booties.

The next project (for which I am swatching) is a knit sleeper. It's from Family Circle Easy Baby Knits. I'm doing it in pastel green and baby blue. Hopefully, I'll have enough yarn. I'm trying to work through my stash a bit.

I'm also still under the request from my husband that I not buy anymore yarn until I finish a few projects.

I still haven't woven in ends on the baby's blanket, seamed the KG pillow nor have I touched the blanket for my parents in months. No wonder he called me the queen of unfinished projects last night!

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