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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

long time, no blog

I can't believe I let two months go by without a post. I've been knitting and a lot's been going on, I just haven't found the motivation to do a post.

It's been a busy little while for me as a mom. In late January, B's Kindergarten teacher was let go by the daycare center (B's in private K because our town only does 1/2 day K). The director said it was for financial reasons; with only 4 full-time kids he can't afford the teacher who'd been there for years. I wasn't too sad to see her go. We found out the day we met with the director that B had completely fallen behind in his reading and she never told us. The new teacher is younger and willing to do more than have the kids fill out worksheets all day. B's now caught up to the other boy in his class in reading and is doing really well in the other subjects. He adapted to the change pretty well.

The other thing is that about the same time his speech therapist recommended we have him evaluated for sensory processing problems. I spoke with his pediatrician at his physical, but she didn't think he had any oral sensory issues and he's passed every hearing test he's ever been given. The SLP did give me a list of some other issues she's concerned about, so we're actually going to have a full neurodevelopmental evaluation done with a neurodevelopmental pediatrician. I finally made those appointments yesterday. Appointments because there's an "intake" appointment for parents only. That's in May. B's appointment isn't until July!

In February, we also had to sign him up for a new afterschool program and for first grade! I cannot believe he's going into first grade in a few months. I never went to Kindergarten, so I haven't been able to relate that to my own childhood, but first grade was huge for me. I remember learning how to read, how to tie my shoes, being away from my mom with strange adults for the first time.... I can't wait for him to start making friends in our part of town. I'm also selfishly looking forward to transitioning him to the school SLP so we can save some money and with the difference for not being in full-day daycare, we can start increasing his college fund by a lot more each month.

B's very excited because he'll be starting T-ball soon. He was supposed to have practice today, but it's been rained out. He's very disappointed about that and keeps telling us he wants to have practice tomorrow, even though we've told him every five minutes that it's not up to us and we have to wait and see. (The inability to move on from an idea and his absolute obsession with his schedulare are two of the things the SLP highlighted as areas of concern.) He's also going to be playing spring soccer, but that's not really on his radar as much, yet. I'm going to have one worn out boy on most Saturdays with a T-ball game and soccer!

Otherwise, B's lost two baby teeth and gotten two six year molars. He's started to read and is a great estimator and can skip count by 5s. He still doesn't understand knock-knock jokes, but does a much better job of relating things that have happened. And he's nearly four feet tall!

Back soon with knitting content!

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