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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

sharing some happies

A lovely colleague who's position has been eliminated and who's last day is Friday, stopped by and gave me this yesterday. It's handspun by her daughter-in-law. (Gosh, is that how you spell daughter? It looks so wrong.) It's merino and loverly. Socks, a shawl, something else?

I bought these for myself. $4 at the deli up the block. I moved to a new office and it has a small table and chairs. Soon as I knew I was moving, I decided to get flowers once a week. A little joy.

Finally, Molly decided to see if we had any breakfast leftovers while Billy and I were upstairs. I think she got tired of looking. When I walked into the room her chin had been down on her paws. This is her "what's it to you" face. Actually, she was just about to bark at me.

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