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Thursday, May 27, 2004

I am declaring a yarn moratorium. I bought more yarn on eBay. Won a nice auction on some All Seasons Cotton (yes, I am obsessed with Rowan) yesterday. Stop me! My husband is going to have a fit when he sees the credit card bill.

I hereby declare that Netter will buy no more yarn until she finishes 5 projects. Two are already on the needles: Stephie's sweater and the BUP bucket (well, that's being swatched). I think I'll make a lace wrap out of the Soho On My Own (since those aren't size dependent). I need two more projects to make from my stash! Perhaps a sweater for a loved one from the All Seasons (I'm getting 14 balls in Safari, discontinued dark green). Hmm, my dad has a green sweatershirt he wears to death. Maybe a nice pullover for him! We'll call it Merry Christmas (or Happy Birthday which is 4 days later). And one more project. I need to organize the whole caboodle anyway. Perhaps I'll come across something!

My two Rowan books came yesterday. Ooh la la. I definitely want to get some Denim and make a few of the sweaters for my little guy.

For those following along, I'm nearly finished the lace section on the back piece of the Grecian Plait. Only a few more pattern rows to go and I'm into the stockinette.

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