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Monday, June 02, 2003

Hey, I'm back.

I had a nasty sinus infection for most of May and that really cut down on the knitting and the desire to post. I got meds and am feeling back on my game. Got out of the habit of posting, though.

The KG pillow is done. I wound up ripping out all of the intarsia last week and went back to stripes. I was not happy with the intarsia at all. But, I’ve got the side seams finished. I want to run it through the wash before I put the form in and sew the bottom. Molly’s gotten a hold of it a few times and it’s covered in dog hair.

I have to give Molly credit. She was really sweet yesterday. I was knitting and she just lied down on my hip and let me knit while she napped. We did it for hours (most of the Yankees’ 17 inning marathon yesterday). I wouldn’t have been able to finish the pillow this weekend if she hadn’t been so cooperative and totally disinterested in my knitting.

I may not have been very productive or talkative lately, but I've been on a knitting shopping tear. I bought 11 skeins of Dale of Norway Kolibri in orange (discontinued and on deep discount at Herrschner's) a few weeks ago. It came in the mail last week. I've also bought 26 skeins of Reynolds Pebble Beach (21 in watermelon and 5 in brite blue), again deep discount (52% off) on a discontinued yarn at Herrschner's (plus, free shipping). Those balls haven't shipped, yet.

My husband is not pleased. I have sworn off any more yarn buying until I finish something (hence, roaring through the KG pillow yesterday).

Next on the needles is tank in the Kolibri. I brought two skeins and my needlemaster to work today so I could start swatching. Tonight, I’m going to measure my favorite tank and follow those dimensions to fit Bella from Berroco. Although I don't have a copy of the pattern, since it doesn't require any shaping, it shouldn't be too hard to wing. I'm also thinking doing Berroco's Jenna with the Kolibri.

I started my the swatch and so far I just love this yarn. It looks like silk and it’s working up pretty easily. Although, it’s not too tightly spun so ir splits a little. I’m thinking I won’t be able to use Jenna without a serious overhaul: 1) the pattern only goes up to large; 2) the gauge on the kolibri is not going to be right, it’s way too loose on 7s.

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