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Friday, January 17, 2003

I got the Winter/Spring 2003 Lion Brand catalog yesterday. I really like to look at any sort of catalog, although I rarely order through them. Especially now with the internet, I spend a lot of money on just because it's easier than trying to get to a craft store to buy yarn. There was a knitting and sewing shop in my town but it went out of business over a year ago. I stocked up on a few skeins of yarn, but I didn't go crazy. I haven't used some of it, but everyone's got to have a stash.

Anyway. Last week I was looking for patterns online for this chenille I won on eBay. I haven't decide what to do with it, yet. I'm waiting to see how thick the yarn is. I know I've got over 1600 yards coming to me, but if it's very fine, that's not going to work up as a lot. If it's bulky, I'll be able to make something big. And being a plus-size woman, something for me is by necessity something big. I also want to see the exact color, too. Sandstone could be anything. It didn't look too beige in the photo, but I work in publishing and I know that photos (particularly online photos) aren't always exactly representative.

Not really off topic, but I sure am rambling. To get back to the Lion Brand catalog. I was perusing their free patterns and requested the catalog. I've looked through it three or four times already and it's sitting on my desk for more perusals when I need a break.

It's just so fascinating to me. All the colors and types of yarns. There's this crochet hook set I really want. Although, I have most of the sizes, some in duplicate, my steel hooks were inherited from my grandmother and she wore off the numbers on someand it's not a complete set. Who knows if I'll ever make lace, but if I do I want the right hooks. There's just something about a complete set of matching hooks in their own little case. *sigh* Sometimes I think I'm more into the acoutrements of the hobby than the hobby itself.

I'm actually very into it right now. I've got a little project chart I started this summer where I track ideas that I have and fill in who they're for, what pattern I'm using, if I need yarn, if there's a deadline, etc. I'd love to make many more things, but it's difficult for me to find the time. I do crochet during my commute and I've been spending my lunch hours trying to finish up my most recent project (there is a deadline on that one, the baby is due in a few weeks). But, I don't really get a chance to crochet in front of the TV anymore. Our dog won't let me. She likes to chew on my projects and tries to kill the skeins of yarn. She literally pulled a couple inside out before I could get them away from her. When she finally goes to sleep for the night, I’m her favorite bed. It's hard to crochet when there's a 56 lb dog lying on you! I do crochet in the car when we travel. I'm very happy we're spending part of the long weekend in Atlantic City. I'll have nearly 4 hours in the car and time in the motel (my in-laws are dog sitting). I hope to finish one project and start another.

What a long post. And I still have tons of things to say. They'll have to keep. I need to get some work done or I won't be able to support my yarn habit.

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