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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

manos vest

My manos I bought in January (one of only two yarn purchases in 2008) is going to become a longish vest like the one Ruth did last year. (Not the same gauge or the same stitch pattern, but the right shape.) I'm going to wind it and cast-on today. Forget that I started BSJ #3 last night (just a cast on row). Or that I've got a pullover for B that I started in March and haven't touched in weeks. Nope. I want to knit this vest now. It's going to Summer round here soon. I need a wool vest.

home alone

Well, not really. The plumber's here to fix some pooling water around our toilet (I think the in-take pipe or whatever it's called is leaking) and the leaking from our fixtures in the tub. I'm such a geek, I want to be upstairs watching him, but I think that would be uncomfortable for both of us. Besides, if Molly doesn't stop carrying on, I may have to take her out. (She hates it when people are in the house and she can't be with them, especially people who ring the doorbell.)

My foot's getting better, the edges of the wound looked different this morning and it looked slightly smaller. Of course, I was cooking last night for the first time since I burned my foot and I managed to scald my stomach while pouring the water off the pasta. Don't ask, I really don't know how the water came up out of the sink. Probably had something to do with the dishes in it. I told Hubby I may have to give up cooking (either that or keep the sink empty). Fortunately, the burn on my stomach's really minor. It's not much worse than a sunburn, really. Considering how little sun that part of my body gets (I've been a one piece girl since college), I'd probably do more damage with sun exposure.

After the plumber leaves, I'm going to call Dell customer support. Our PC's not booted right for months, even after restoring it and re-installing Windows XP. I was going to just replace the tower, but then Dell called late last week to ask if I wanted to re-new the extended warranty. I said I didn't even remember buying it. I have free in-home service until 5/11. If the computer gets fixed, I may re-up.

I don't know that I like that noise that just came down the stairs....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I haven't told you about my foot

If you're squeamish, you may want to skip this post.

Yesterday and this morning were perfect hand knit sock weather, cool, rainy, gray. Unfortunately, I couldn't wear handknit socks because I'm stuck in sandals. I can't wear anything over the top of the arch of my foot. Last Thursday, I was microwaving some chicken thighs with barbecue sauce. When I took the splatter guard off the dish, some of the steaming hot sauce fell on my barefoot. When I wiped the sauce off my foot, the top layer of skin came off. I'm not in too much pain, but I can't apply pressure or it hurts. I think it's a deep, second-degree burn. It's probably the size of a nickel.

I'm not really sure how long this thing is going to take to heal. It's been five days so far and it looks pretty much the same as it did Friday night. (I am keeping it covered with a bandage and keeping a close eye out for any signs of infection.) I might have to put the wool socks away until Fall as I might be in sandals for quite some time. Fortunately, my office building turned the heat back on today so my toesies aren't as cold as they were yesterday! My other regret, besides cool weather and not being able to wear my socks, is that I can't wear a sneaker and am not going to the "gym" again. I went twice last week after taking time off for my sprained ankle.

Ironically, the same day, my Hippie brother in law stepped on a nail and needed a tetanus shot.

Monday, April 28, 2008

the last few days

I've been diligently knitting on BSJ #2. I'm two rows from the buttonholes, which means I'll be casting of for BSJ #3 soon. I'm going to knit BSJs until I run out of Knit Picks Shine Sport in these four colors (bought last year for the crochet baby blanket).

I still haven't finished the shamrock socks. Just the heel to go on the second one. Maybe tonight. I think I've started it. If I were less lazy, I'd go look in my purse.

In other news, I've made my son a bit of a fusspot, although that's not quite the right word. Last night after dinner, he wanted to help me get his bedtime snack together. I thought he had to pee, but he kept saying no. After we finished making his chocolate milk, I said okay, let's go potty. But, he'd reached the point of not being able to hold it anymore. I didn't get upset. I just told him to go up to the bathroom and get undressed for his bath. I was a bit brusque when he didn't move, but I told him over and over that I wasn't made and there was no reason to be upset. Then in the bath, he tells me he has to poop. So, he gets out and puts his SpongeBob potty seat on the toilet (I don't know why he still insists on this at home, he doesn't use one anywhere else) and doesn't quite make it all the way before he has a touch of diarrhea. Poor guy. He was kept saying over and over "I pooped on my potty seat." I explained it was fine and went about wiping up and I really don't think I reacted at all. Then, this morning, Molly spilled his chocolate milk (he's on a bit of a binge) while trying to eat his bagel. Hubby and I did a pretty good job of not reacting (although Hubby did try to have a teaching moment about keeping cups away from the edge of the table). He had a fit. At one point he screamed at her "look what you did."

That was a dagger right to my heart.

That was me coming out of his mouth.

Long story short, I made him this way.

How do I fix it?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

BSJ pic, finally

Lovely in the morning light. I sure hope the mom I'm giving it to likes the colors. Hubby likes it, but they're his HS colors.
I tried to get a pic of BSJ #2, but none came out right.
I'm very unhappy with my green striped socks. Not only does sock 2 have more stitches, the gauge also got huge on me. I'm not sure how. I cast on the day after I finished the frist one. I'm working on the heel of sock 1. My unhappiness is making it so going, either that or it's from being tired staying up till nearly 1 finishing Duma Key the other night.
I'm so glad I finished the book, nothing will distract me from LOST tonight.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'd like to take a nap

I've been staying up late reading Stephen King's Duma Key. I pick it up for "a little reading" before bedtime and wind up going to bed later than I should. (Only by about a half our or 45 minutes, but I usually only give myself 6 1/2 hours most nights to begin with.)

I'd really like to just sit down and plow through it, but that's not going to happen this week.

I've mostly finished my first BSJ. It just needs the shoulder seam and end weaving. I do think I'll put an edge around it, though. Maybe just a single crochet. I've cast on for my second BSJ. It's losing out against the book, though. I need to find some really cute buttons. I also need to take some pictures.

I had to rip out and re-knit the toe on the second shamrock sock. I was nearly done the decreases when I realized I had an uneven number on the needles. Seems when I was casting on a 6:30 in the morning at Newark airport, I cast on four too many stitches. I asked Hubby if he thought I should just adjust or reknit the whole sock. He said, adjust. So, one sock's going to be wider than the other. Good for my swollen ankle.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Echoing Green

I'm getting lame. Going to Poet's corner for my post titles. But, it is national poetry month. I'm not familiar with this one by William Blake. I wonder what my old 18th century lit prof would have thought of this one. He always said one should read "The Lamb" sarcastically, because really, Blake was not that simple.

Shamrock sock 2 is half-way between heel and toe. I'm nearly done the 22 sets of decreases for the BSJ (I think it's 22).

I'd really rather not be here today. There's some ongoing stuff I have to deal with as the manager of this group and that make me want to be a peon. I just don't want to deal.

We had a somewhat difficult morning. B was slow getting out of bed, but pretty cooperative until time to put on a coat and go. He wanted a coat, he didn't know which coat, he said he didn't want a coat, I lost my mind. Seriously, hubby was going to bring every B coat he could find to the car with him. Of course, it's currently 73 degrees F, so why does he need a coat? He wouldn't leave without one. We went through the same thing last Spring. Then the buses were all messed up (even the dispatcher and driver agreed to that) and then the subways were delayed and I was an hour late. Day's getting better, though.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

green grow the rashes

Title comes from a Robbie Burns song. Hey, if I'm not going to post a poem of my own, I should at least direct you to someone else's. (I'm currently 8 poems behind if you count the ones in my notebook but not online.)

The stripes on these socks match less than I first thought they would. I toyed with the idea of knitting from the other end of the yarn. I should have. How fun would it be if the gradiation went the other way on the other foot? Maybe if I knit a pair for B I'll do that.

I cast on for my BSJ last night. I woke up this morning wanting to work on it. I didn't bring it with me to work today. If I did that, the socks would never get done. I am very much looking forward to knitting away on it at home tonight, during hockey playoffs and the baseball game.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good feeling won't you stay with me just a little longer

I felt so relaxed and content on Sunday night, watching baseball and hockey play-offs in my own TV room. My trip went well. The PITA client was appeased and I made my connecting flight and was only a little late getting to my mom's. B and Hubby had a great time, just the two of them. They even made the whole trip without the DVD player. We had a nice visit with my family. My grandparents were on the front page of their local evening paper Friday night. A little slice of life feature with accompanying local-access cable feature that needs some seriously editing. I enjoyed seeing most of my dad's siblings and my cousins on Saturday. B had a blast playing with his cousins (once he unvelcroed himself from me and my dad). So the anxieties were gone. That lasted until the train ride home last night when I started getting anxious again. But, I left myself a few messages and wrote some notes and told myself that my son and husband deserved my making a concerted effort to be pleasant and present for them. It worked pretty well.

So far, I've tackled some of the bigger item on my to-do list and plan on whittling things down further before lunch. It relly helps that I only had 28 e-mails this morning (140 yesterday took a chunk out of my morning).

I didn't knit too much on the flights or in VT or in the car Sunday. I read and visited and napped instead. I do have progress to share on the shamrock socks. First sock still needs its afterthough heel. Second sock is about 20 rows from it's heel line. I'd really like to have these socks done next week.

In other knitting news, a knitting friend from work is expecting. Must knit something! I swatched for a BSJ for another colleague last night, maybe I'll knit two!

Finally, Hubby is starting a new job in two weeks. He's going back to a New Jersey company and getting away from the certifiable harridan he's been working for the last 18 months. Yippee! It's 5% less money (but taxes are less and he's paying less to commute) and a longer day (but that's mainly a wash with the shorter commute). We're so happy.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I have been a ball of anxiety the last couple of weeks and it just keeps getting worse. I know that once I get past tomorrow's trip and I'm in VT with my son and husband and family, I'll be better. But right now, I've got no perspective.

I don't think I've mentioned it, but I have to go to Pittsburgh tomorrow on short notice (they told two weeks ago) to meet with a PITA client. I didn't have a problem with the short notice and all, but the meeting is from 6:30 to 10:30 pm. I'm supposed to be in the car with B and Hubby Friday morning to drive to VT. Hubby says, just stay over and fly to VT from Pittsburgh and B and I will drive alone. Okay, so now I'm not anxious about the PITA client, I'm worried about hubby and B driving alone. Mainly because I'm worried B will be a PITA and hubby will be angry. I'm not worried about hubby making the drive. And then the PITA client needs to see us for a pre-meeting tomorrow at 11 am, so I get to leave my house before B is awake tomorrow and then have hours to kill between meetings (I'm taking the laptop to try to get work done). Did I mention that I have to change planes in Philly and only have 40 minutes between flights?

Then there's other work crap going on (underperforming employees, things I keep letting slip off my radar) and I'm just a wreck.

I know everything will be okay once I get through tomorrow and I'm meeting my sister in the airport in Burlington on Friday.

Strange thing last night, I didn't think I'd be able to fall asleep but as I was lying there I was infused by a sense of calm and well-being. I'm not sure how it got there, but I sure wish it would come back.

Tonight, I'm going to try to just enjoy my evening with B and pack after he goes to bed and try to just relax.

Unless, of course, another shoe drops between now and then.


sinking mud
i'm trappd
can't pull myself out

everything i touch
turns to mud


drowning in my own
brackish mire

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


this is something
that you did for

I can tell by that line there
that turn of the phrase there

this is not something
you did to please
or make happy
anyone but you

I was falling asleep on the bus and half-dreaming about grading papers (don't ask, I've never done it) and this started popping into my head.

Now, I need four more to catch up!

Friday, April 04, 2008

no shamrocks

I decided to not go with the shamrock pattern. It just didn't work with the strong contrast with the white rows and the darker green ones. I'll use the chart some other time. I do so like the stripes. I think I'll make these a little shorter so I can make a pair for B, too.

I've enjoyed writing my little poems; I like going to that place in my brain. I think I need to take some time this weekend to really work on the two for Saturday and Sunday. I havne't started today's yet.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Your cliché is dragging
Your metaphors are mixed
Language is failing

No point to your blathering
I’m not listening

I need radio silence
No further noise
No further input

You can’t tell me
What I want to hear
There is no depth there

I do really wish the people outside my office would shut up.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


When lying in bed at night
Trying to daydream
Myself into slumber
I find that even there
In my fantasies
I’m hamstrung by
How to imagine that torrid affair
With that sexy star
Without thinking
I’d rather be
When I’m not daydreaming

new socks, no picots

Here's my new sock. Gasp, no picot hem! Nope, 1x1 ribbing. I wanted something different and, of course, I quickly got bored with the ribbing. The color didn't photograph well, it's actually more neon and grass-like than minty. Anyway. It's going to be mostly stockinette with a rev-stockinette panel down the back onto which I am placing stockinette shamrocks. I have no idea when I will wear these socks; I'm not really into green. But, they're perfect for Project Spectrum this month.

I have a couple of projects in mind for the next PS colors: BSJ in green KnitPicks Shine; ballband dishcloth style pillow in Sage Calmer for my living room; brownish socks if I have time.

On the poetry front, I've got nothing. No inspiration today, so I'll have to find some time to work on it.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Goals, again

It's April 1 and I bet you're wondering how I did on my miniscule March goals (well, maybe not, but I can't think of a better intro). I missed the weight goal by a pound, I missed the sweater goal by a week (although, F-i-L did get it back completed on Sunday and wore it to work yesterday), and we did abysmally on our goal to get B outside more. I do partly blame the weather on that one.

Overall, room for improvement.

April goals are:
1) five pounds, should be pretty obvious
2) participate in NaPoWriMo without actually participating
3) get B outside more

Nope, no knitting goals this month. Why? Deadline knitting is done until August. Give me a w00t!

I do have another FO to show, my flamingo picot socks, but it's too warm and humid to wear wool socks today. Maybe tomorrow.

I do think I need to explain goal 3. April is National Poetry Month. To that end, there is a NaPoWriMo like NaNoWriMo in November. But, I didn't want to participate on the site. Please, I feel bad enough afflicting you all. I will be writing 30 poems this month. I may not post 30 days, but I will scribble 30 times. I'm a little rusty, so please forgive me.

beginning again
c'est difficile
pen to paper
cursor on digital page
with nothing to say

I tend to be epigrammatic in my verse, when I'm not being obtuse and over wordy. So this short stuff is very me. I haven't written in so long. I think I'll need to round up some exercises and things. Work the flabby verse muscles.