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Thursday, May 31, 2007

block it this weekend, not tonight. That's crazy talk.

I'm thinking of casting on something new for June/July Project Spectrum. I'm thinking my silk garden pinwheel.

all potty all the time

I know, I'm obsessing. B was very happy with his new potty seat for school. No word on if he's using it, but I had to have F-i-L pick him up yesterday (busses were running way late due to our esteemed president raising GOP money and morale in my blue state) and B couldn't wait to show his new potty seat to his grandpa.

I've started reading the fun potty book. I'm feeling less than confident. Not because of the book or its content, but because I feel I'm rushing this and I will fail gloriously. Then one day, when I've change gazillion more pull-ups, all on his own he's going to just start doing it.

In good news, I had the world's fastest Gyno appointment last night. I was home in a half an hour, that's with almost 20 minutes driving time. I'm a bit annoyed that all I got were general questions (no follow-up on my PPD, no mention of my ballooning weight). I guess she figures all she's got to worry about are the PAP and the pelvic. But, most women only go to their gyno regularly. Shouldn't they be looking at overall health?

Hubby was left with the task of putting B to bed while I was out and got him down earlier than I normally do. B was in hysterics for about 3 minutes after I left and Hubby smartly distracted him by asking him questions about his train set. I get longer crying jags when the 8 shirt is dirty. But, B was appropriately thrilled to see me this morning, to the point of telling his father over breakfast "Daddy, look mommy here."

I've been doing a little knitting. Very little was accomplished over the weekend (no surprise there, I never knit as much when I'm away as I think I will), but I'm one repeat, chart C and border from finishing the spring thing shawl. I hope that means I can block it tonight. Then, on to finishing something else.

Anyone want to come over to my house and install the air conditioners?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

potty boot camp

Thank you for your support, it means a lot.

So, Hubby bought him a potty seat for school (ponge bob pare pants) and a ton of fun underwear, and a book for me on FUN training. Saturday and Sunday, we enter boot camp. No pressure and only positive reinforcement, but I'm going to put him in the fun underwear and see if that helps him realize that sitting in his own excrement and urine is not fun. If not, we stick with the pull-ups till he's ready.

The kid knows his own mind and I can't ever change it. Last night was oodles of tears and crying because we wouldn't do things his way (like not letting him watch a movie after he hit and kick me while trying to change his poopy pull up). Poor little snot is having a tough time adjusting back to regular life.

Just when I think I've got him outsmarted, he thwarts me. All weekend he insisted on wearing the same shirt over and over. His purple 8 shirt (it's a Randy Moss jersey from when he was on the Vikings and M-i-L bought it only because it was purple and that was his class color at the time). He only took the damn thing off when he leaked at night and he knew it was too dirty to wear (never mind that he has three other 8 shirts he won't wear). Yesterday morning, I had a minor epiphany. Aha, I thought. I have iron on transfer paper and he has plain t-shirts he won't wear. I'll make new 8 shirts that don't promote a thug or football team we don't follow. So, I spent my evening making a bright yellow 8 shirt with orange and yellow 8s on the front and back and a bright orange 8 shirt with rainbow 8s on the front and back. I showed them to him when he woke up. He was so happy and excited he couldn't stop giggling and he hugged those shirts like they were the best thing since chicken nuggets. He was vastly disappointed to learn that he couldn't wear one for pants. Fortunately, we'd washed his clothes and he had lots of shorts to choose from. But, like a mother with two children she won't admit to loving differently, he refused to choose between the new 8 shirts. He went to school wearing both of them.

This post by the Harlot made me realize that I don't want to change him. I want him to know his own mind and to stand up for himself. I just need to help him find the tools to get along in this world that wants cookie-cutter children.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

parenting makes me want to vomit

Billy's lead "teacher" called Hubby today. Seems she feels he's "regressing" and needs to move up to the next classroom, but he can't do that until he's out of diapers (they may call them pull-ups but they're diapers). He still will not go on the potty and he's been one tantrum after another today.

Why can't he just shut up and get along? I'm tired of everything being a struggle, everything is a reason for a tantrum. I wanted to post about what was fun this weekend, but between hubby calling to talk about the potty thing again, and being informed that he's not the sweet, happy boy he was as a baby, and all the residual angst from this weekend (between the kid and the spouse there was very little relaxing because one of them was having a fit about something every 10 minutes, and I loved when hubby had a fit because B was being 3 and having a fit), I feel like I'm either going to puke or cry and I just want to sit here and get back into the swing of things.

So, we're buying a fancy character potty seat for school and this weekend he's wearing just underpants with his shorts and I'm going to go stark raving mad.

Friday, May 25, 2007

I love to have my picture taken

I just don't like to look at the pictures anymore.

Have you seen this? I told Franklin that I'd do it if he's in the NYC area.

Like I said, I love to have my picture taken....

it's the weekend

Who cares that I'm stuck at this desk for the next five hours or that we're not driving down the shore until tomorrow? It's the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend and I'm celebrating. I've got a bag of Lindor truffles (why yes I am wearing a bathing suit tomorrow, so) and I'm in capris and summer has begun.

Here's serrano. I'm still working on her and she's anxious about her upcoming abondonment. But, with the drive down and being back at the condo early for B's bedtime, I think I'll be able to get a lot done on Spring Things this weekend.

Thordora suggested a yarn swap to me in the comments yesterday and I'd love some Louet Sales yarn. But, I can't deal with the thought of parting with any of my yarn. Isn't that sick?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I feel the need...

The need for stash.

Seriously, I'm sitting here thinking "I need new yarn." I think it's just symptomatic of having stuff to do today that I don't want to do.

I have a ton of yarn, and projects lined up out my wazoo. I was swatching a bit last night for Hubby's St Andrew's Cross sweater (aka Scottish flag sweater) and Mi-i-L's birthday CeCe. I didn't want anything to detract from the last two hours of LOST for the next nine months, so I stuck with small stockinette.

I'm partway through the skirt I cut out the other night. The front and back are each 3 pieces and their all sewn together and I added the front waistband. I quit early Tuesday night because I couldn't find the elastic for the back half of the waist. Of course, it was sitting right on top of my basket of notions. I haven't touched the skirt since. I'm kind of worried it's not going to fit.

I won't have time to sew tonight. We need to pack for our weekend down the shore. We're not sure if we're driving down tomorrow after work or first thing Saturday morning. Depends on how late Hubby has to work. I really hate not knowing.

For the weekend, I'm packing the Spring Things Shawl, Mom's Ballband Dishclothes, and the Dragon koigu socks. I want to get some of these lingering WIPs finished. Then, I can start something new.

Socks in yesterday's pic were the indigo gold socks. I need to knit him a new pair. These just don't fit right. They keep sliding down his foot.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

set it on 1

Why is my diet coke not cold even though it's been in the fridge since before 9 am? Because some nimrod set the office fridge to 1. The air conditioner is set for colder than the fridge. I hope the idiot likes yogurt in his coffee.

Things I love about myself

Dora at Spin me i pulsate tagged me the other day. I'm not clear on the rules, but here's my list.

1. my underappreciated sense of humor
2. my sense of direction
3. my reading comprehension skills
4. ability to problem solve (yes, there is use for a liberal arts education)
5. mad knitting skills
6. being Phi Beta Kappa without taking math or science in college
7. that I don’t look as white bread as I am
8. not being as timid or shy as I used to be

I wish I could put something in here about mothering, but I'm not feeling so great about it right now. Let's just say B and I are butting heads (why does a kid who wants to wear shorts also insist on a parka?).

I'm tired. Not much to report. Drab is warm, I cut the fabric for the next skirt, still knitting serrano.

Monday, May 21, 2007

She's a DRAB house

You know, they say the camera adds 10 pounds, and the bathroom mirror at work, another 20. Seriously, I'm totally ditching my plan to make out with Ben and Jerry while Hubby's at the Yankee game tonight.
I wore Drab to work today. She's pretty warm. I put the buttons on during lunch. After the above photo shoot (snort), I decided to ditch the top one. Obviously, either my button placement or button sewing skills need work. So, the deets: rowan polar in combat on US 10s. Top down raglan of generic design. Next time, I knit at a looser gauge, add stitches for my prodigious hips, make a deeper v-neck (abetted here by the deletion of that dorky top button), and adjust the raglans better. And I'm not really sure the LARGE gold buttons down my middle are doing me any favors.

In more exciting news, although I'm sure I'll hate posting pics of me in it as well, here is where I am on Serrano. First waist shaping row completed. I'm about 1/2 way through the second element of the chart.

As for my weekend plans this past weekend, no sewing was accomplished. I do plan on doing some tonight (cancelling the make out session will help that) assuming the dog cooperates.

Friday, May 18, 2007

not dry yet

So, Drab's taking her sweet time drying off. I flipped her over last night and back again this morning. She's just a wee bit damp and will probably be wearable tonight, but I don't think she'd go well with my pjs. Since the weather's going to be a washout here this weekend, I think pics will have to wait. Maybe I'll get my buttons by the time the sun comes back.

I've been working on Serrano and have re-read the pattern and am making everything work just like the designer intended and clearly stated in the pattern. It amazes me how someone with a college degree in literature can misread something so simple.

I'd post a pic of the turned hem and two rows of eyelets by the color is off and too bright and fuzzy with the old kodak. Again, I need to call polaroid about a repair.

My weekend's not quite shaping up to what I had been planning. The other day M-i-L offered to babysit B on Saturday night. Hubby and I were thinking dinner and a movie (Piderman 3, actually). Now, we're going to go sit out at Shea tomorrow afternoon and see if our sad sack Yankees will actually get to play a game against the Mets. I should have pushed more forcefully for just dinner and a movie. I'm not going to have any sewing time tomorrow and I really want to make 3 yards of this into a skirt.
Or a wrap dress from this:
If I were to receive the pattern and the fabric I ordered.

Maybe Sunday.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

that whole thing I wrote about designers

forget it. I'm not sure it works out but I had my parameters wrong anyway.

Eight Random Things

Amy Lane tagged me a few days ago. So, here are eight random things. I'd tag but I think everyone's been tagged already.

1. I like maple syrup on vanilla ice cream. Heck, I just like maple syrup. I used to sneak into my Meme’s fridge and steal tastes of her maple butter. We got through almost a gallon of real syrup a year. Good thing my great-uncle has a sugaring business.

2. I can’t wear a heel higher than 1 ½ inch, and those are really uncomfortable. I have a bone spur at the base of my right big toe and it hurts like the dickens if I push that toe too far back.

3. I also have bone spurs in my heels (years of orthotic inserts calmed the feets) and one in my left shoulder (that one can cause wicked pain in my neck).

4. Speaking of toes, I can use mine to pick things up. My sisters always gave me a hard time about having long toes (nearly 2”), but they’re useful! I wonder if I could learn to knit with my feet. Twice the production!

5. I have a very dry sense of humor. So dry, hubby never gets it when I’m trying to be funny. I can’t help it; my mother raised me on wicked sarcasm

6. I was the first person in my family to get a bachelor’s degree. Neither of my grandfathers went to high school. Now, my baby cousin whose diapers I changed is graduating from college this month.

7. My dad used to call me pooker when I was a kid. I’ve got no idea where it came from. But, his is a great family for nicknames. My youngest sister is nicknamed Fur (known to Billy as his beloved AAAAANNNNT FUUUUUURRRR), and he’s got brothers nicknamed Tup, Gub, and Turk. No one really calls me by a nickname anymore. Netter was my nickname in college. I’m not telling you what Hubby calls me.

8. I like it when my husband goes out with friends for an evening here or there. Then I get the big screen tv and usually splurge with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Of course, I wind up cursing him to no end if the dog and the boy act up.

In knitting news, Drab is drying. I finished the second cuff and wove in the ends during TPIR and Criminal Minds. She took a nice long soak during LOST and I pinned her out before I went to bed. She was still pretty darn wet when I got up this morning. I hope to have pics for you tomorrow. Not sure when the buttons will get here and be attached.

As for Serrano, I did complete the hem last night (something about taking 2 hours to get home led to productivity, downed powerlines on the GSP will do it every time). But, I have a gripe. If, as a designer, you tell me to just repeat the pattern around, shouldn't it work out to even repeats? If not, shouldn't you give me some idea of what to do with the extra six stitches? I'll be ripping the first row out again. I've figured out on my own what to do with the stitches that don't if into the 23 repeats of the 11 stitch pattern. Took me a while, but I did it. I took some pics this morning of the turned hem and they look like crap. I really need to get my polaroid fixed.

Before I forget, let me tell you what cutie boy did yesterday morning. I was lying on the couch waiting for Hubby to get ready to go out the door and Billy covered me with a blanket and sang rock a bye baby to me. Then he yelled that it was time to wake up and get into the big red truck.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Not done yet

The lilac yarn on the left is the bit of crochet cast on to be removed. It's still a lot after an hour and a half's work. Would have gone quicker last night if I'd had scissors to cut the waste yarn. Maybe tonight, I can start actually turning the hem. Don't get your hopes up.

In Drab news, Hubby says gold buttons. I've just bought some really pretty ones on eBay. Oh, and the first cuff has been re-knit and the second ripped out and put back on the needles. I should be weaving in ends at some point tonight. Then a bath for her. I'll put some modeled shots up even if I don't have the buttons right away.

I was a pretty good girl last night and barely got on anyone's case. It's amazing how 2 days back on the hormone-delivering green pills makes a difference. I used to want to believe that PMS was overblown and women weren't hostages to their hormones. Now, I know differently (well, I kind of knew it with the PPD). Most women don't have these issues. Me, I'm a loon and if I could go the rest of my life without a mentrual cycle, I'd be happy, and so would everyone around me.

Ooh, there's going to be lots more sewing in these here parts. I'll try to get a pic of the gray skirt I finished last weekend and am planning a teal one this weekend. I bought 7 patterns recently (McCalls had a huge sale and free shipping), plus I hit again hard for the first time in 4 months.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

effin crochet cast-on

Oh sure, it just zips right out. Not if you f*ck it up like I did. The waste yarn is wrapped around and between each stitch and needs to be pulled out by hand 260 times. Needless to say, this hem turning thing is going to take a while.
I did google the provisional crochet cast on so I know what to do right with the cuffs, which are less than a 1/3 the size of the body. Right now, it's a mess. Last night, I didn't get a chance to start this agonizing process, because I lost the US1 I thought I had put in the bag to use. So, I wasted most of the bus ride just vegging.

The front bands of Drab are completed. Hubby says she's really pretty. I think he was just trying to appease his very cranky wife. I'm very unhappy about his working so many hours and I hate to add to his stress by being bitchy about it, but what am I supposed to do? Pretend I like it? The first week of this recent bout, I was all pleasant and mellow about it. Last week, a little crankier. This week, I'm going to drive us all nuts. Anyway, back to Drab. I hope to re-knit the cuffs tonight and if there's time, weave in the ends. Then she gets a bath and buttons and hopefully by the end of the week, pictures. I'll need her too. The office manager just turned the AC back on.

So, B was cute this morning, looking for ladybugs and foxes (a book we have about rainbows has a red ladybug and an orange fox in it). But, he sure did make sure his father's even less of a fan of yogurt. B had gagged on his yogurt this morning, and apparently, as I was getting a paper towel, Daddy had to step in and catch. Ewwwww.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Random Monday

Although, I liked Julie's suggestion about growing into the skirt, I decided to take it in. It's still a tad big, but I wore it to church yesterday.

Elan, you can go to and find the local store selling pints of certain flavors. Me, I need more creme brulee.

Drab is kind of in a time out. I spent much of Saturday trying to figure out an edging that would prevent the curling along the bottom. I had done a nice single crochet edging on the sleeve cuffs, but it didn't work on the bottom hem. Eventually, I did 12 rows of a garter-slip stitch which I love. So, we'll see how it all works out after a wash. It seems to have combatted the curl for the most part (although it comes right back if I'm not careful how I fold the sweater when putting it away). I've started picking up the insane number of stitches for the neckband and front edges. It's going to take a while. Fortunately, the air is off today at work.

I brought Serrano instead for my commute knitting. Drab is just too big to haul around. I'll work on Drab exclusively at home, but Serrano will be commute knitting. I should be turning the hem tonight which means I'll start working the eyelet pattern soon.

Mother's Day was good. I spent too much time cleaning, but M-i-L did the dishes and wiped the counters after dinner, so that was one chore I was spared. B was cute wishing me a Happy Bir-Mother's Day all weekend. He couldn't quite remember that it wasn't my birthday.

We're going to Vermont in about 3 weeks. I can't wait to see my Mom and Dad again. And if I see little sister, I need to get her measurements for her birthday present.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Heaven in a Pint

I just ate Ben and Jerry's Creme Brulee as my afternoon snack on my personal celebration of Mother's Day. It is divine. I think it's my favorite B&J flavor now.

I've spent the last two-ish hours working on a skirt. It's mostly done, just needs the hem. But, when I tried it on, it's way too big. Le Sigh. Onto Nanette it goes (she's my dress form). I'll be taking her in, then hemming her. If it's not time to go get B.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

you stop yellin me

That's a direct quote from my kid last night. I got a wee bit passive-aggressive with him when I refused to be the adult in a situation (he wanted to have a snack after we'd brushed his teeth and I didn't want to deal with him throwing a tantrum so I gave in and threw a tantrum). I yelled, he told me the above, and I've felt about an inch tall since. Fortunately, he's quick to forgive and let me put him to bed with hugs and kisses. I'm trying to not beat myself up. I had been doing really well with staying patient and being a good mommy. But, I'm PMSing and stressed and all wound up because Hubby's not been home (working late every night and his director informed them to come in early, work later, and take shorter lunches). Monday night, my pissyness was borne by the dog. Tonight, there will be no pissyness.

I finished the first drab sleeve last night. I've completed two decrease rows on the second. I will have this damn thing done. I so want to work on something else. I think I will be bringing something else tomorrow. It's just too hard to work on this during the commute and it takes up so much room.

My wedding anniversary is this weekend. Know what we're doing to celebrate? Nothing. Our babysitters are going down the shore to their condo this weekend, and we get to host them for Mother's Day dinner on their way back. Which means on Mother's Day I get to make sure the house is presentable and clean up after Hubby makes his turkey dinner for his mommy. Whiny much Netter? I think I need chocolate or french fries or both!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I was standing on the subway platform last night, futzing with my knitting bag inside my larger tote, and my camera fell out. It landed screen-side down on the cement platform. The LCD is cracked and not working. I'm going to have to send it away again.

Sometimes it seems like I can't keep anything nice.

And if my work e-mail doesn't start working, my head's going to explode.

I'm past the elbow on the first sleeve of drab. It's taking longer than I'd like. Mainly because it's a pain having to move the whole sweater around. I don't think I'll be able to wear it to work this week, but I will have it finished.

Why is a conference call with an agenda of 3 points taking more than an hour?

Monday, May 07, 2007

Piderman, Piderman, doing the things a pider can

Lookee, blogger let me post the picture. The fabric's a little washed out here. It's really very dark. I wanted a heavier cord, but Michael's is limited in the sewing supplies. I've got enough left over to make one more.

Hubby thinks I should make 2 a week and have a booth next year at our town's street fair.

Picture yourself looking at things

I met another goal. I finished the body of Drab. Well, actually, I finished the sixth ball and will start sleeve 1 today. I'm not going to bother taking pictures. Mostly because I can't post them and also because it is curling like the Canadian Olympic team and wouldn't look like anything. But, I'm beginning to think I won't need too much growth from the yarn hitting the wet to get a decent length or fit around the bust. I keep trying to do mental math to figure out just how much yarn the sleeves are going to need, but I can't do it. As my dear old dad says, "we'll just have to take a wait and see attitude."

I do enjoy trying to think of what would make a nice crocheted border if I don't have enough of the combat polar. But, I think my ideas have been too wacky for everyday wear.

Amy, I might save the pretty buttons for something else. Hence, this sweater is still Drab. Re-christening may occur after completion. But I like the name drab just for the color.

I finished B's "Piderman Packback." He loves it. He used it to carry a few of his trains to church yesterday (or as he says "yay church" because he doesn't sit through the service, he gets to play with his two favorite girls). Hubby did go to the dentist appointment with us (he did the paperwork). B did alright, they only cleaned 2 teeth because he wasn't super cooperative. But he did let the dentist get a nice look. Dentist told me not to worry, but did have the hygenist note something. More brushing for B. Since Hubby went to the dentist with us, I went to Michael's at nap to get what I needed. I'll see if I can post the pics from home tonight. I knew I should have blogged it Saturday after I finished.

And Rae, he licked my face this morning.

Friday, May 04, 2007

goal met

I separated out the sleeves for Drab last night. I also finished ball 4 of the 6 I've currently got designated for the body. I've got a few thoughts on the length, mostly along the lines of praying it's going to grow enough after washing or that I won't need 2 balls to finish each sleeve.

I obviously was excessive in the picture posting yesterday, Blogger won't let me post anything today.

We're going to have an exciting weekend. Dinner and a play tonight for Hubby and me (The Secret Garden at our local community group). Dentist for Billy and me tomorrow (he's very excited, especially since he'll get a new toothbrush, I'm worried he'll freak out). And Sunday is our town's arts and crafts fair (I think we'll let B go on the pony ride this year).

Hubby's not coming with tomorrow morning so I'll go to Joann's to pick up the stuff I need for the Piderman Packback, and maybe some other things. No yarn, though.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yipee, Pictures!

Okay, I thought I was pretty funny yesterday, but no comments tells me I'm not quite as funny as I think I am. Here are the actual buttons. Thank you, blogger, for cooperating for once and sparing everyone from my humor. I hope my photography is better.
In Drab progress news, I didn't quite make my goal for last night. I have one WS/purl row to complete before I separate the sleeves from the body. I'm also 2 rows into ball four of six designated for the body, so I'm starting to anxious about length. I'm a bit of a pear and I need this sweater to fall past my waist.

Hot damn! Blogger let me post a second picture! This is the yarn for the baby blanket I was talking about yesterday. The colors are a little off. The dark green is a little more yellow in real life and the cream isn't quite so oyster. I'm still thinking Moderne Baby Blanket. But, I'll let you know.
In Billy news, my son thinks he's a dog. The panting, barking and crawling on all fours is cute. Particularly when I picked him up at daycare and he didn't say a word to me for a few minutes. But, when I picked up his lunch box he did break character asking "what's in there?" (He really, really likes to have a snack when I pick him up, usually left over dry cereal or, if he's been good or there's been a party, a piece of candy will have made it into the box.) Fortunately, he hasn't figured out how to mark his territory, but I'm not sure I want all these puppy kisses from my kid. Generally when he asks "I wick it?" He's referring to food (usually ice cream). Last night, he meant mommy's clothes. Ewww.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

dressing up the drab

Imagine, in this space, that there is a close-up of the Drab sweater. Lying on the bottom of the v-neck are five shell buttons. These buttons have shanks, so don't picture any holes. The tops are very light gray and etched in a swirl of five circles with leaves and other pretty things. Imagine I could post the nice picture I took so you could see. Then imagine me moving 950+ entries to a new blog server and laugh yourself silly.

I went over to Purl today to buy some buttons for Drab. I was thinking I'd just go to Joann after Billy and I go to the dentist on Saturday and pick up some buttons there, but Hubby's thinking he might come to provide pre-schooler distraction, so the craft store is off the list (I do have to find time this weekend to get the grommets and cord I need for the Piderman Packback). I was torn between a few button options at Purl, but picked the gray shells. Ultimately, I may not use them. The may be too femme (we'll know for sure when I decide upon and execute an edging), in which case they'll be stashed for something else. I'll need to go back to Purl tomorrow. They undercharged me. I got four buttons for free.

Drab is only about 18 rows from having her sleeves split off from the body. I'm hoping to commence with the splitting tonight. We shall see. I'm hoping once I take off over 100 stitches, the knitting will go much faster. I'd still like to be able to wear her sometime next week.

In this space, you should imagine a box full of 20 balls of Knitpicks Shine Sport in cream, yellow, apple and grass green. We have friends who are expecting a baby in September. Hubby suggested yellow and green. I'm thinking a log cabin of some sort, maby the moderne from Mason Dixon Knitting.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy May, in a Drab sort of way

Meet Drab. Is it gray, is it green? Who knows. Rowan calls it combat. In fluorescent light it has a decided olive undertone. I sunlight, it's a deep bluish-gray. In incadescent, straight gray. Either way, I'm being monogamous until it's done. It's a simple top down raglan in Rowan Polar. I was so cold yesterday, I can't wait to have a wool/alpaca sweater for everyday. I had five colors of Polar to choose from (red, burnt orange, bright lilac, chocolate brown, and this one). I figure this one is best for everyday. I'm knitting at a tighter gauge than called for. I hope it will help with the wear. I know Polar sheds like mad, being so loosely spun, but I've also heard it pills, too. I'm one ball in and only need 34 rows to get to splitting off the sleeves. My goal is, if I remain monogamous, to have this done by next week. I'm a little concerned that my gauge is too tight (recommended is 3 st/inch, I'm knitting at 4.25?/inch), but I remember how much Dad's Kirk grew when I washed it. I'm planning to do a simple crochet edging and buttonholes (or not if I put a zipper in).