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Friday, March 31, 2006


I'm very happy it's Friday. What a crazy busy week in the office. I'm also happy because we're going to have nice weather this weekend and I can take Billy to our multiple parks and let him run around like a crazy boy (think he'd let me knit?).

Hubby gives notice today. He's kind of hoping they won't make him work the two weeks, but I'm pretty sure they will. Seems they only tell management to leave that day at his firm. Sometimes, in his industry, they kick you out the door immediately if you are going to a competitor or a broker. I kind of hope he does have to work. We'd be broke if he didn't. His hobbies require spending money even more than mine do!

Last night, he went to the NIT finals with some guys from work (they got half-price tickets), so I got the big screen tv for CSI and sat down to work on Ronan. I put the collar in (after three tries Sunday night) and pinned the zipper. Then it was a potty break for Molly and some Godiva ice cream for me (my reward for getting the collar right). Then I stitched in the zipper during Without a Trace. So, Ronan is finished!

How great is it that the sun's been up by six so I can get natural light shots? (I know DST starts this weekend, but I might be able to get late afternoon shots.)

The yarn was cork in delight (also known as Cheetos!). I used US 11s from my Boye needlemaster for the body and 10 1/2s for the ribbing at cuff, hem and collar. I took a couple of stitches out of the width, thinking the size 4 would be way too big for Billy, but left the lengths all per the pattern. The only other modification was to the collar. I didn't think it needed the hem and all that was called for. I think it works just fine. I really enjoyed this knit and can't wait for my next cork projects next fall (we're moving into cotton weather).

Billy loves it. He giggled when I showed it to him and couldn't wait to put it on this morning. Doesn't he look charming?

Yeah, next time, I'll go with narrower cuffs.

Not much progress on the stockings. I lost my printout of the pattern yesterday afternoon. I did start the fishnet as best as I remembered, but I screwed up a bit. I'll be ripping back to the stockinette portion later and starting the yarnovering again. Did I mention that I think this is going to be a really fun knit?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

I like a sale

So, Herrschner's updated their weekly sale pages last night. I was all over that today. Especially since I somehow managed to get free shipping! I ordered some Bernat Handicrafter cotton in Emerald (28 balls at $.77 each) for that gansey Hubby wants for next St. Paddy's day, I also got some Bernat sock yarn (in jet, again for Hubby, he wants black socks, and tamale, wild colors for me, two balls of each for $2.94). That was it for yarn. I got a really cute, green leather 6 x 6 photo album for $8 just to have on hand. I may keep it to give as a gift. I also got some charms to use to make more stitch markers. I really have enough supplies (except I need better quality rings) to make 'em and sell 'em.

In other news, I started the lolita legs wedding stockings. It took me three tries to get going. I think I still may have screwed up the figure 8 cast on. I'm enjoying it so far. Soon, I'll get to start the pattern. Ooh la la. These are going to be so much fun! I'm really liking the cascade fixation. I think my April socks will have to be Broad Ripple, but with a shorter leg (I don't like my socks too high). Yeah, I know Nattie's socks need to be finished, but I'm definitely knitting orange broad ripples for me next!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ain't got much for you

I did absolutely no knitting last night.

We all went out to dinner and had a little celebration. Hubby's accepting a job offer at a firm in NJ. No more cross-Hudson commute for him!

I did put together my project bag for the wedding stockings. I cast on this morning for a swatch, but that's about all I did. I'll start in earnest on the way home tonight.

I want to thank Kim, Yarngirl, and AnnyPurls for their comments on Cigar. It's nice to get compliments from such great knitters.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

simply Tuesday

I got my Simply Sock Yarns order last night. Can you believe I placed the order Friday morning and received the yarn Monday? How is that for service. I didn't pay for shipping, either (all orders over $50 free priority mail in the US). I took a picture in the morning light. Isn't it all lovely? My only disappointment is the strata on the left. I thought the colors were going to be a bit different. Oh well, hubby said he might want them. I can't wait to get started on the stockings (mostly so I can finish and start something else. Actually, I'm looking forward to knitting something lacy.)

In other news, Ronan only needs his neckband and zipper. I did all the seams and wove in the ends last night. Twice I tried picking up for the collar but couldn't get it to work. Oh well, another shot at it tonight. I may have a third FO soon. This is what happens when you hold off on finishing.

The sock was completed last night, but I had to rip out the toe. Just a touch too short. I'll have it finished up again tonight.

Well, I'm off to Knitty to printout the Lolita Legs pattern.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Cigars make a wonderful gift

I was able to finish the raglan seams and one side and arm sleeve Friday night. I finished the second side and seam Saturday, after going to Joann's twice because the first zipper I bought, although it was the perfect color, was too short. I went right back out and got a longer one, albeit a bit too long and not such a great color. Sunday, I put the zipper in and wove in the ends. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. I wish I had left a bit more time for the zipper, but I did the best i could with the time I had. I do see that the collar doesn't line up and that has more to do with the knitting than the zipper install. I know, I probably should have fixed it, but F-i-L and M-i-L aren't the types to knit-pick. He really liked it and I wowed the rest of the crowd at the party. I'm happiest with the fact that it's a really good fit for him. I could have probably made the body an inch or so shorter, but meah, it looks good as is.

Last night, I started seaming up Ronan (before The Sopranos got so interesting). I hope to have that mostly finished tonight. Nattie's sock is nearly done. I'll start the toe shaping tonight. I ripped the first sock yesterday afternoon and that's drying. I'll definitely have to get the swift out and wind that up tonight. Must have something to knit on the bus tomorrow.

I'm anxiously awaiting my sock yarn order from Friday. Hubby was a bit shocked that I'd spent $55 on sock yarn, because socks are so cheap. I pointed out that I also get
the hours of enjoyment knitting the socks. He made some crack about swearing and frustration, but I wasn't listening. I was thinking about my yummy orange sock yarn. On the left is Opal and the one on the right is cascade fixation. Both are coming from Simply Sock yarn. Soon, I hope!

Friday, March 24, 2006

socking along

I think I'll be joining Project Spectum next month. I just ordered yarn for four pairs of socks and one pair of stockings. Three of the four pairs of socks have orange in them. Well, joining Spectrum assumes I'll have time to knit on at least one of the three pairs. I also ordered some Regia for a pair of jaywalkers (yep, getting on that band wagon) and the Cascade Fixation for my sister's stockings.

I've been working diligently on the Candy sock. Here it is driving the mini-van. Really, I was parked, but it's more fun to think the sock was driving. As you can see, I turned the heel and picked up for the gusset. As of this morning, I only have a couple of decreases left on the gusset, then it's the slog to the toes. And to think I still have to rip, wash and re-knit the first sock.

I didn't pick up Ronan to start the seaming last night. Both sweaters were completely dry, but we had wine with dinner and I thought I'd tackle lengthening the Olympic Sweater. Thankfully, I had a hard time with the set-up on separating the ribbing from the body. Before I decided to just rip it all out and re-knit it, I had hubby try it on. It had grown just enough with wash and block. Here it is being modeled by me in my pjs, right before bed. I think the best thing about this pic is my hair. I also think I need a new model. I also cannot believe I am posting this picture. I really need to lay off the junk food.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


I really, really wanted to just crash after I put Billy to bed last night. I've been so exhausted lately and I knew I would fall asleep and sleep for hours. But, I have a deadline on Cigar. So, I cleared off the guestroom bed and blocked away. (I took this pic this morning. The one thing this room has going for it, besides a springy-green theme, is good morning light.)

I put both Cigar and Ronan, aka the cheetos sweater, into a warm Eucalan bath and let them soak while I watched LOST. I didn't soak them the full hour. I took Ronan out during the first long commercial break and wrapped him in a towel. During the break at 9:30, I took Cigar out and wrapped him in two towels. I let both sit while I watched the show. Then, after LOST, I set about to pinning.

Unfortunately, I could not find my really good blocking pins (nor my puppy tape measure nor the bulk of my coil-less safety pins, I know they're all with the leftover yarn from the boys' cable sweaters but I've got no idea where it all wandered off to). I will need to find them before I do zipper installs (or maybe I'll just go over to Purl tomorrow to get more). The pins I used last night will not pin a zipper to a sweater. But, I think I did a good enough job.

Seeing Cigar laid out like this, I think I'll need to rip back a bit at the neckline. It looks like it's going to be too small.

I think I may work on seaming Ronan tonight. I just think it's too cute and really want Billy to get some wear out of it before the weather warms up.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

back on the socks

Well, I finished the knitting on Ronan last night. He awaits his bath, block, seams, and zipper along with Cigar. Gee, I really ought to get that guest room bed cleared off. But, last night I had to watch the Devils game with the Hubby and since I couldn't resist the cheeto yarn, they lost to the Flyers (yes, it is all my fault).

So, for my amusement the next few days, I'll be carrying around my sister's Kroy Candy Kisses sock. One more inch and I can start the heel flap.

It's been a pretty crappy morning. Billy was in fine form with the tantrums and I had no patience and things have not been great here at work (and now I have guilt from this post by Labmom, Yes, I do blog and read blogs and internet shop at work. Yes, there is a policy limiting Internet use for personal purposes. There's also a state law about full-time employees and a full hour lunch, too.)

I am planning a sock yarn buying extravaganza for Friday. Stay tuned. (My next big project will be my sister's wedding stockings and I need some cascade fixation.)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

You know, the calendar is often wrong

If it weren't for the fact that I've seen robins, daffodils, and some forsythia blossoms, I would think that my calendar was a few weeks ahead of schedule. Man, it is cold here today. It was 24 F in Central Park this morning and we're expecting a high of 42 today, 47 for tomorrow, and a balmy 49 for Thursday and Friday. I really, really want to take Billy outside this weekend, but it's going to be cool and rainy and since he's got a thick, wet cough*, it will be indoor play for us again all weekend.

Knitting on Cigar is finished. I completed the second, striped sleeve last night watching TV. I had a bit of an anxious time with 20 sets of decreases to go because I thought I was going to run out of Ivy, but I didn't. I still have a bit left. I really want to wait to wash and block Thursday night after dinner so I can use the dining room table, but I worry that it won't be dry in time for an all-day seaming affair Saturday. I really should clear off the guest bed tonight and start the blocking right away so I can stretch out the seaming and only have the zipper install for Saturday and Sunday. Well, and the zipper buying. I hate blocking on the guest bed, though. It's low and requires much bending. I have no pics right now. Maybe when he's all laid out and blocking, but definitely a full FO report (with serious notes and a try-on pic) Monday after gifting.

I've brought Ronan to work with me today. I should be able to get the sleeves finished tomorrow and start that seaming as well. Here is a pic of the finished fronts and back and what I've got done on the sleeves. I just realized this morning that I have to rip about 8 rows because one set of increases is missing on the longer sleeve, not that you can tell which is the longer sleeve. But, I am happy to be working on this again. Not just because it was supposed to be for Billy's birthday, but because I love to work with Cork. It's so sproingy and soft and when knitting this color, I keep thinking my hands should be orange like they are when you eat cheetos. Wouldn't that make you happy, too?

*We've put Billy back on his nebulizer. Sadly, he is impatient to put the mask on when the movie starts. I'm happy it's not a fight to get him to take the meds, but it makes me sad that he's so accustomed to it he'd pull the mask toward his face.

Monday, March 20, 2006

a tale of two sleeves

So, that sleeve you saw on Friday? The one with the flecks? Well, the ladies at lunch on Friday convinced me to rip it out. Yep, the colors were so not matching and it looked awful. They convinced me a vertical stripe was the way to go. I've been bit by the intarsia bug folks. This thing's been fun!

It didn't feel like I did much knitting over the weekend, but I think I've mentioned before that this is a quick knit. I should be starting the raglan decreases this afternoon, with sleeve 2 done tomorrow. I plan to have the body and sleeves sewn and neckband knit by Friday night so Saturday can be a zipper-finding adventure.

I have a very nice, green zipper that is way too short. I should definitely check the body, post-blocking, against the Hubby to make sure this thing's not going to be too long, before I go buy a new zipper. But, F-i-L is 6' and the vest I made him last year was too short. I hope I'm not over compensating.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Knittin' o' the green

Green sleeves that is (which I know is a medieval English folk tune and not appropriate for today). I received my yarn barn order yesterday. I'll definitely buy from there again. I ordered on Monday and got the yarn Thursday. Unfortunately, it seems my original Ivy wasn't Orchid Line (which I confirmed by checking the label last night), but Soft Spun which has no flecks in it. See, the new sleeve has flecks. I think I'll be ripping sleeve one and adding some flecks to it. Which means I'll have some solid Ivy and some flecked Ivy as left overs. And I'll be knitting longer than I thought. I just don't think I could handle one solid green sleeve and one flecked green sleeve.

Note to self: if you've got a swift, use it to wind balls. I made a mess thinking I could wind one hank without a swift (even a makeshift one). Took me as long last night to wind this one hank as it did six, two weeks ago with the swift.

I was home alone last night (well I had Billy and Molly). Hubby was out with the guys (one fellow from his department is changing positions), so they were celebrating. I spent the night with Emperor Penguins. I bought "March of the Penguins" on demand. It made for great knitting, although that circle of life thing kind of gets to you when they spend so much time anthropomorphizing the birds. One question, for those who've seen it, if these mommas are so attached that one would try to steal another chick after hers dies, why don't they chase off the icky predator bird?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

sleeve sojourn, part deux

I cast on for the second sleeve of Cigar this morning. I'm nearly done with the ribbing. I can't believe how fast this thing is knitting up. This is the last of the knitting (except for the neckband) and I only started two weeks ago. Watch, I just jinxed myself. Something's going to happen so that I can't get the knitting done this weekend and have a leisurely block and sew-up next week. (My money's on the second hank of Ivy not coming for two weeks.)

I'm seriously going to have a lot of leftover yarn. I'll have more than an entire hank of burgundy, most of a hank of clay and most of a hank of ivy. I was thinking about doing a felted tote, but then I read this post about Dulaan (scroll down and Lee Ann talks about Ryan et al., and lots of my regular reads do a lot for Dulaan) and I think I'm going to make some hats and a vest with the left overs.

On the toddler front, he didn't want to wear anything today. So, I forcibly dressed him. Wrestling a two-year-old is my favorite way to start the day. Getting him into the car seat wasn't bad today, he had a teething ring (shaped like an 8 which is his favorite number). The first part of the drive was bad because I used the teething ring to keep him happy while I locked him in and then I took it away. I know aren't I evil? But, I knew he'd be over his fit before we got to the train station (passing a school bus helped). So, I got to buckle him in without a fight and hubby got to drop him off without a screaming match over having to leave something in the car. Anny mentioned in the comments to yesterday's post that her little boy likes to be held and carried to be soothed. So does mine! It was just a lot easier when he wasn't half my height and over 30 lbs!

I was worried about B's development a few weeks ago, after reading that this is the age when kids really start using their imagination and taking part in make-believe. I couldn't think of Billy exhibiting any make-believe. And then I was reassured by how much he likes to pretend to sleep. He'll say sleep or night-night and give me his blanket or the Elmo mat he got for Christmas, and I'll lay it out on the floor. Then he'll say night-night and curl up and pretend to sleep for about 5 seconds. Then he gets up and does it again. And again. And again. Eventually, I have to smooth the blanket out again, but it keeps him entertained for quite a while. He's even started adding fake snores into his little game. And last night, he was fake sneezing. Yep, he knows how to make-believe.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's hard being two

It's also hard being the mother of a two year old. Geez Louise. I did not think that Billy was going to stop fussing last night. Well, he did once I gave him the chapstick he wanted. Which made hubby unhappy. He's all about setting limits, but not about helping our kid who doesn't understand limits deal with being denied. I thought we were in for it putting him to bed because he wanted to wear his Elmo shoes over his pjs, but he went to bed without a whimper and I plopped my butt on the couch and knitted away the frustrations of being unable to communicate with the boy.

I made lots of progress while the Devils got whupped and Hubby flipped channels. See. Just a few more rows until I hit the raglan shaping. I brought the left front with me to make sure I keep them the same length. Of course, last night I compared all the pieces before I went to bed and realized that the ribbing on the fronts and sleeve is 2 rows longer than the ribbing on the back. Oh well. I'll fake it the best I can when I seam him up. I've really enjoyed this project. It's quick and mindless, but the challenge of making it up as I go along has kept it from being boring.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

ripping and stitching

I had over 6" knitted up on this piece last night when I went to bed. But, I didn't like the garter stitch edging I was using on the zipper side. The horizontal bumps were on the wrong side. So I ripped. I only ripped down to the ribbing because it's not so noticeable there as it was against the stockinette. I don't think I've lost too much ground. It's a pretty quick knit. To match the look on the left side, where I knit on the zipper edge every row, I'm purling on the zipper edge every row on the right side. Seems counter-intuitive, but I'm getting a match.

Kim asked what I thought of Big Love. I'm really intrigued; the premise and characters are fascinating. I'll definitely give it another week before I decide if it's good or not. I must say that I loved the first new episode of The Sopranos in two years. I can't wait until next Sunday.

During our drunken St. Paddy's celebration in AC, hubby mentioned that there are two sweaters he'd like me to knit. He'd love a kelly green aran or gansey (he just said textured like that one, pointing to one of the many, many, many fisherman style sweaters people were wearing. Never seen so many in one place in my whole life) and he wants a royal blue sweater with a large St. Andrew's cross on it to advertise his Scottish heritage. He wants both to not be in wool (I'm thinking a cotton blend). Of course, Elann has just the thing on sale.

Monday, March 13, 2006

boardwalk KIP

Here's a shot from my Saturday. Yep, it's a purl row. Friday, we got to AC in time for lunch. Then I won the equivalent of 14 skeins of koigu in a slot machine. After that, it was dinner at the AC Bar and Grill and the Heart show. (Quick note on the concert, Heart and all sounded great, watching a TV show being taped live sucked beyond the beyond.) Saturday, I proceeded to gamble away the yarn money I'd won the day before so I decided to scope out a spot for the St. Paddy's day parade on the boardwalk and enjoy our unseasonable weather. That meant U2 on the DJ and knitting in my hands. Granted, this pic could have been taken on a deck anywhere, but this was the view behind me.

So, Cigar is now 67% done. What with all the knitting I was doing when I decided I didn't want to gamble anymore. If I can't spend money on yarn, I don't want to just dump it into a slot machine.

I've cancelled my order at the Yarn Tree. They can't get the color I need. So, I ordered at Kirtland's Yarn Barn in VA. They say it will ship tomorrow. I hope I have it in time.

I finished the left front and cast on for the right front last night watching the Sopranos and Big Love (which I can't stop thinking about). Here are the finished pieces on my table this morning.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I ordered a hank of the green Orchid Line from the Yarn tree in Brooklyn. We shall see if I get it in time and if I can make the dye lots work. So, I'm planning solid sleeves. I'll get that first one finished up today and cast on for a front tonight or tomorrow (depends on how things go). I'll give you all an update on the knitting and the weekend Monday. Just to justify the $6.50 shipping (way too much for one hank of yarn), I ordered 3 ozs of natural merino top. Of course, I've not touched my spindle in nearly a year. Maybe I'll bring it this weekend.

not so much

Not so much progress on the Cigar sleeve, so no pic. I'm feeling kind of eh about it since I don' t know if I'm going to have enough yarn. I'm also feeling eh about the prospects of the raglans fitting together. I really want to move on to the fronts so I don't know why I'm not knitting more on this sleeve. Well, last night I had to tidy up because the in-laws are coming by tonight (since they're picking B up tomorrow from daycare we wanted to do a dry run with them today). Then Hubby and I had a little fight (I get sick of hearing "we ought to" when it winds up being me doing whatever it was he was talking about). Then we made up. Then I just fell asleep.

I'm feeling a bit eh about our little vacation this weekend. I know I'm going to miss B something fierce, but since this morning was a whole ordeal (he didn't want to get dressed, he wanted to carry his blankie everywhere, he didn't want to get in the car) I'm thinking mommy needs a break. I'm still not feeling like gambling. We're still having a cash flow issue (mostly because our books are a mess, and yes I didn't make the mess but I get to clean it up) so I don't feel like spending any money. I also just want to knit and sleep and not have be anywhere. Doesn't that sound like bliss?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Billy says elp when he can't get the last of the apple sauce or yogurt out of the container. He'll hold the cup and spoon up and with that sweet face say "elp."

I need some elp. This is where I am on the sleeve. The length is good to start the raglan shaping, but it's a bit too narrow. I think I need an inch or so more on the width. Not a problem, I'll just increase more rapidly. (I'm basing my shaping on the schematics for Lucky over at knitty so I'll know the raglans fit together.) My concern is that I'm not going to have enough yarn in my two hanks of Ivy to knit two sleeves. The blob on the right is all that I have left of hank #1. What do you think? Is there going to be enough? If not, what do I do? I'm thinking a vertical stripe on sleeve 2 in either the burgundy or clay would look cool. Thoughts?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

sleeve sojourn

I'm of many minds on this sleeve. On the one hand, I'm happy it's moving along so well. I have fewer than 40 rows to get to the raglan decreases. On the other hand, I'm really nervous one hank of green is not going to be enough and I'm going to have to rip it and figure out how to stripe it or something. On the third hand, I'm really not loving this green. It's very olive. I hope it doesn't remind F-i-L of when he was in the army. He was drafted in the 60s and fortunately served in Germany, but it's not his favorite time of life (just ask him about being sea sick the entire trip over).

Monday, March 06, 2006

raglan-ing along the back

Still being fiendish with Cigar. All weekend I'd pick him up whenever I had a spare moment. Now that B's more able to entertain himself, I had a few more of those. The amazing thing is I made all of this progress and still managed to cook dinner Saturday and Sunday, dusted, and kept up with the dishes. I've got less than 20 rows to go and the back is done. I should have it finished today. I've got a stitchers meeting at noontime. I'd love to be able to cast on the first sleeve tonight.

I did finish up the Olympic sweater on Friday night. It got a try on and is about an inch short. Hubby's trying to talk me out of ripping and knitting another inch, saying it should fit just fine next season when his tummy is smaller. I gave it a bath and will have him try it on again to see if it grew at all. It fits me well except the sleeves are way too long. I'll try to get a pic for tomorrow.

Friday, March 03, 2006

the adrenaline of something new

I'm knitting like a fiend on the back of cigar. I debated over 2 or 3" of ribbing and decided that 2 was enough. It seems like it's soooo wide, but it should be fine. I'm sure that in a few inches, the knitting will turn into the SLOG TO THE ARMHOLES. Fortunately, it's a raglan, so it'll be fast once I hit that point. Uh-oh, I still haven't figured out the shaping. Eh, I'm sure I've got a few days.

I fixed the grafting on the first Olympic sleeve. It looks so much better. I started the second one last night. I'm only a few inches in. But, I'm being very careful about my tension so I should only have to do it once. I'll be finished tonight, for sure. If hubby doesn't wear it tomorrow, and I think he won't because I really do want to wash it and stuff, he's going to another game later this month. Then it will be all cigar all the time for a while.

Is it odd that I've already started thinking about M-i-L's birthday sweater? Her birthday's not until late August, but I was thinking about what I have in stash that would be appropriate. I bought some Jo Sharp Silkroad in brindle (a black/khaki mottle) that I think she would like. Fortunately, she's a slim woman so 10 balls will be more than enough.

Of course, after cigar, I'm going to be working exclusively on my sister's wedding stockings. It's nice to know I don't have to worry about what to get her for her shower.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

stop tugging on the yarn

tSo, no pics today. I've got nothing to show. I haven't cast on for the back of cigar because I didn't like my swatch on US8s. I've gone up to 9s (which I didn't have with me on the commute home last night so I took a doze on the bus) and I like the fabric much more although the gauge is a little tighter than I wanted. I should have just enough yarn with it being at 4.5 stitches/inch. We might wind up with stripes, yet, though.

I did graft one sleeve of the Olympic sweater. I really like the look of it, except that after the first few stitches (which were under the arm), when I thought I'd gotten the hang of it, I stopped being really careful about the stitches I was creating with my darning needle and there's a little ridge all the way around from my tugging so much. (Yep that's a killer run on sentence.) I figure I should be able to fix it by ripping out a few inches of the grafting and loosening things back up. Then I'll re-graft the inches I ripped and you won't be able to see a seam! Ha. That's the plan anyway. Hopefully, I'll be finished tomorrow. Whether or not Hubby gets to wear it to the Devils game Saturday now depends on if he wants it washed first. Oh, yeah. We're still not sure if the entire thing fits!

Yeah, it's snowing. I'm not going to worry about it unless I get a call from daycare.

Can I just say that Mr. Eko (why is a priest a Mr?) rocks LOST like no one else. You can't take your eyes off the dude when he's on screen. On to the rest of the episode, why hasn't John or Jack clued into the fact that the prisoner, Henry Gale, has the same name as Dorothy's uncle from the Wizard of Oz. Granted, they don't have Google or Wikipedia on the island, but please, haven't they seen the movie 8 billion times like most Americans? And if Locke really thinks he's an "Other," why's he letting him get into his head? I did enjoy the plot with Claire, Kate and Rousseau. But, it makes me wonder if the "Others" are just victims of some psychological experiment about a virus with the vaccine being a placebo. Perhaps, since they have limited vaccine, they are trying to ration it by only vaccinating "good" people from the illness. Just a thought, granted it wouldn't explain away killing people. Glad to have had a new episode last night.

I missed all but the first 10 minutes of Project Runway. Santino seems a lot more clever than I thought. Getting all in our faces and outrageous so he'd stick around and then creating a line (from the first dress we saw when Tim Gunn visited) that's elegant and beautiful. Missed seeing Daniel, though. Hopefully, I'll watch next week.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Look what yummy goodness was finally in the mail today! My last stashquisition. 10 balls of absolutely yummy Cork! I'll be able to finish Billy's Ronan yet! This is from the last eBay auction I won. The large British online retailer refunded my sale price. Which is four fewer balls of Cork than I had planned to have in my stash, but oh well. I may have enough Delight left after finishing Billy's Ronan to knit an adult-sized something or other!

cigar, cigarettes, cigar

Really, I only used the title because I thought of a cigarette girl walking through a club in an old movie (who knows which one, it was a pretty stock scene). I don't know why this design makes me think of cigars. Perhaps because F-i-L's a cigar smoker. None of the colors are what I think of as tobacco. Anyway, I'm loving this Orchid Line yarn. Soo soft and it's just gliding on the addis as I swatch. I can't take credit for the color scheme. I bought 8 hanks of Orchid Line at Stitches East in a discounted bundle. I've got 4 khaki and two each of the ivy and burgundy. Each hank runs about 245 yards, so I should have plenty. I just hope I don't have to resort to striping the sleeves.
I'm going to knit the back first then a sleeve and decide from there how my yardage is going to hold up.

So, the reason you don't see yet another picture of the Olympic sleeves is that I got to a good length last night. Yep, tonight, while watching Deal or No Deal, LOST, and Project Runway, I'll be grafting away. I must remember to print out the kitchener stitch directions from Knitty again. They are so easy to follow. I know I've got the details in other places, but I love the Knitty diagrams. I'm so excited to be nearly finished. I hope I can get both sleeves done tonight, but we'll see.

I have to force Hubby to pose for a pic this weekend so I can share at next week's Stitchers. He had said he'd just wear it and visit one, day but I'm not sure when, or even if, that will ever happen. My fellow office stitchers will kid me, I'm sure, about having another new project (we meet so rarely I'm usually doing something different each time), but I told them about the Olympics, so they really shouldn't be too surprised.

The countdown to F-i-L's birthday begins. Will Cigar be finished before we celebrate on the 26th?