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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

startitis, well maybe not

I really did make some progress on Hubby's Boring Blue Birthday socks last night. Then I dropped a stitch this morning, decided the cast-on looked frilly and ripped the whole thing out. Depending on the ride home tonight, I may get back to where I was.

I did really cast on a version of Millie for myself. I was trying to think up a cute name for it, keeping with the -illie theme. Cillie (for Millie in Capricorne) didn't work, but I think Fillie does. The F is because she is FUNKAY and illie is because I'm lame. But, I think I'm really going to like this sweater. I've made a few mods to the neckline. Mostly intentional, one unintentional. The yarn is soft and the fabric has nice drape. I'll try to get some pics for you tonight/tomorrow AM.

I debated between bringing Hubby's BBB socks and Fillie with me today, and the socks won. Now, I wish I'd brought Fillie. But, wifely duty says that I must work on the Hubby's socks. Before you know it, I'll be putting all aside for my Stitches homework and then for my Mom's birthday sweater! I can't believe tomorrow is September 1!

I also can't believe gas prices. Holy crap! The cheapest place in my town (I don't even want to think about Manhattan prices) went up 40 cents over night. Surprisingly, the more expensive places only went up 30 cents. I realize that 10% of refinery capacity is offline indefinitely, but does that justify a 15% increase in price? I'll believe it's not gouging when I see that gas company profits and dividends have decreased at all. Granted, George Will tells us that gas prices really aren't that bad. Of course, I don't see an analysis of oil company profits compared to inflation or the fact that most wages in this country are stagnant. Or that gas prices have gone up more than the rate of inflation. I like how he discusses the unemployment rate. Is that nominal unemployment (the number of people who've applied for unemployment compensation) or actual (people who really don't have jobs and can't get one)?

Sorry for getting all political. It's just that once in a while it gets my goat.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Of weight and wool

Thanks for the support ladies (Susan, Esther and Lolly). I know I'm in a pretty big boat with the weight situation. And I know what I'm supposed to do to bail myself out (exercise and watch my portions), but it's so much work!

I really need to start watching what I eat. So far, it's been pretty easy to keep Billy eating healthy, but as he gets older, he's going to be more aware of what's going in my mouth (and Hubby's). Being a good mom is more important to me than what size I wear or eating whatever the heck I want. Hubby and I were both thin kids and I want Billy to stay healthy.

So, I brought my lunch today (always helps to keep the portions under control and I included two fruits) and I'm going to go to Curves tonight after work. Fortunately, we don't keep too much junk food in the house, so snacking isn't too much of an issue. The problem is getting one of us to cook. Most nights, we'd rather go to the diner or get take out. First bad habit that needs to be broken! I did cook last night, but with lots of cheese, it wasn't too healthy!

As for knitting, nothing happened last night. Sonnet's just not exciting me. I think it's going to be too small and right now she seems way too loud to me. I think I'll cast on for my Millie-type sweater tonight. I did try to start casting on for Hubby's boring Navy socks, but the back of the bus is way to bumpy for 1x1 ribbing on dpns! Maybe I'll get them started over lunch today.

I've been thinking a lot about this yarn lately. It was one of my eBay bargains last year. It's 100% wool from Phildar, chunky and loosely spun with a luscious sheen. Unfortunately, the royal blue's not my cup of tea. I've been thinking of overdyeing it (I love purple) and making a felted courier bag. I think I may have to get some kool aid this weekend and give it a go on a few skeins.

Monday, August 29, 2005

sloth and gluttony

I've been knitting on Sonnet lately. I've started the right front piece (or is it the left). Anyway, not a whole lot going on. I've been kind of lazy. Well, Saturday was eaten up by the MiL birthday extravaganza and yesterday was consumed by an allergy attack (all sneezing, no headache). I didn't even bring Sonnet to work with me. Figured I'd start hubby's blue socks or read, or, most likely, nap on the bus. These allergies have zonked me.

I brought a thing of almonds in for a snack today. One of those Emeral Nuts jars. It's 1/3 gone. I don't want anymore almonds today. Although, my mouth feels like crunching some more, but the thought of eating anything is making me sick.

I'm at my all-time heaviest weight. It's kind of sickening when I think about it. I'm 50 lbs heavier than when I got married five years ago and 40 lbs heavier than when I returned to work after having Billy 15 months ago. My all-time lowest weight is over 125 lbs back (and about 15 years ago in college). I really have to do something about it. I've been a member at Curves for nearly a year and have very little to show for it!

I want to buy more yarn. It will help battle that end of summer ennui so many bloggers are talking about. Won't it? Hubby did say to go ahead and get the supplies I need for my stitches homework. (Confirmation for it came Saturday.)

Got a coupon for these in Sunday's paper. I think they'll be super for stashing and/or big project bags!

Speaking of the birthday extravaganza, MiL loved Millie. I didn't get any pics and didn't bother blocking it. I know, lazy, lazy, lazy. She did wear her to church yesterday and I got beaucoup compliments. I'm getting quite the reputation as a knitter in those parts.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Trying to not take it personally

So, I got stood up yesterday. I knew one girl might not make it, her mom was in town and she said they might be doing lunch together. Our needlepointer e-mailed to say she'd forgotten her needlepoint and was buried with work. But, our two newest members just got overwhelmed and left me sitting by myself. Poor me. I also realized I'd forgotten to inform a crocheter who was interested. Trying to set up for next week. We'll see.

I did get lots of comments on Millie while I worked her button holes. I finished her up last night. I want to block out the yarn overs on the raglan shaping before I post finished pictures. The little mother of pearl buttons my sister helped me pick out look great. I'm very pleased. Hubby was concerned it would be a little short, but I think it will be fine. It's kind of waist-length. Which is nice over a tucked shirt. And since MiL is slim, she doesn't need to worry about camouflaging like I do. I think the cotton might grow a bit when being worn, too. It's made such nice fabric.

So, we've got a busy weekend planned. Tonight, Hubby and I go to "An Evening with Journey." MiL and FiL will babysit. The tomorrow morning, Billy gets a haircut and MiL and FiL meet us at the house and we all go to the shore. Since MiL's birthday is Tuesday, we're starting the celebration tomorrow and she loves the ocean. Then we're having takeout at our place and an ice cream cake. After Billy goes to sleep, her request is we play games. She loves to play board and card games but FiL's not a big fan. She says it's the best present we can give her. Meanwhile, she's getting Millie and a big surprise from Hubby and FiL that I was just filled in on last night. Seems they're sending her down to AC next month for a concert (FiL will be going with). Too much, she'll say.

Sunday, we're hosting breakfast at church again. I'll have to ask the pastor's wife if she wants us to bring anything to dinner next Friday. She's hosting us and another younger couple with children. (The night after Hubby and I go to see Green Day.)

Whew. I think I'll need a vacation.

I've been wanting to re-start the stalled pair of BMG's footies, but the hank of Koigu I washed is hopelessly tangled. I haven't had the time or patience to ball it up this week. Maybe this weekend. I did bring a ball of Navy Phildar Preface to start a new pair of socks for Hubby. I plan on working on Sonnet this weekend (on the car rides). After that, I'm starting a Millie for myself from the capricorn. Unless something else catches my eye!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

One down, one to go

Front bands, that is. I know I'm so repetitive. It's not still Wednesday, right? I'll get a jump on the second one today at Lunch Stitchers and hopefully weave in ends and put on buttons tonight. I can't believe I'm going to be done so far ahead of time. Last year, we pushed the M-I-L birthday celebration back a week and I just finished the finishing on Loll before they pulled up to the house. Millie's a great little knit. I'm looking forward to making one (or three) for myself. I think the first one will be from the Capricorne I just got. It'll look kicky over the red tank I got for my birthday. I've got tons of mods in my head for it.

Anyway, busted out that first band last night watching RockStar. And then there were six. Bye-bye Deanna (but I bet we see her again). Not surprisingly, there's going to be a CD compilation coming out and you can already buy the songs on

Cute Billy story, last night when I picked him up at daycare. I walked over to the wall where they keep the daily reports, took his and put it in my pocket. He wigged out. He wouldn't leave the reports or stop fussing until I gave him one off the wall to hold. The folded up one that was actually his wasn't good enough. Then, all the way home, he sat and pretended to read it. What a kid! It's scary how much you see kids modeling your behavior. No wonder bad habits seem hereditary.

I'll probably drop a short post about lunch later. Ta.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

One down, one to go

Sleeves that is. I finished up Millie's first sleeve last night. I went a bit longer than the pattern but not as long as I first thought I might. It's not easy doing this without DPNs. Obviously, I need to buy more DPNs. I got a pretty good start on the second sleeve as well. So far, so good. Can't wait to get started on the front bands, then the finish will be just around the band. Ha ha. I know, bad pun.

I forgot to mention that Hubby reacted well to the arrival of more yarn in the house Monday. He just asked who it was for and then went about his business. I told him the DK Soft was for my Mom and his Dad, but I think it's a little too pink and fuzzy for Dads, so it will be for Mom and me.

I think Molly may have missed Billy this weekend. This morning, she let him pet her, and hug her, and even kiss her without running away or barking or anything. See, photographic evidence. I apologize for the graininess, I had to take it without flash because if Billy sees the flash, he wants to play with the camera. And, since our living room faces northeast, flashless = dark.

I just got a call from daycare. Seems Billy was bitten this morning. I'm glad they call to let us know when something's happened, but when I see that number on my caller ID my first thought is that I'll have to be heading home early to pick up a sick boy. I'm glad I don't have to do that today. Lots of work to be done.

I've scheduled a stitch lunch for tomorrow. My vendor meeting was cancelled so I can sit with the girls. We'll be four, maybe five. Fun stuff.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Millie Liked Vermont

I finished up the body of Millie on the trip to Vermont (after putting her down at the tailgate when my sister called me a dork). Then on the way home, I ripped it out and re-knit the last couple of inches. Well, actually, I added an inch or so. She was just too short.

First sleeve is nearing completion. I hope to get it done tonight and second sleeve tomorrow. That leaves the front bands and buttons for Thurs and Friday. And I'll be done in time. WooT!

On a side note, Mother, whose birthday sweater was delayed by MONTHS, did not express much faith in my being able to finish it in time. Pshaw, I say.

A good time was had by all in Vermont, not just Millie. Billy was oohed and ahhed over, Lumpy was loved (and nearly started a fight between my sisters), I got to see cousins and their babies, and it was just nice to reconnect with the hick roots.

Coming home wasn't bad. My newest stashquisitions were at home waiting for me and I got Birthday cards and presents. Yep, I turned 33 yesterday. That doesn't freak me out so much as wedding dress shopping with my sister did. How can my baby sis be old enough to get married? Too bad, she's not getting married in NJ. Isn't this limo the baddest?

Thursday, August 18, 2005


So, three of us sat together and stitched at lunch today. Seems like our group will be growing. 7th floor lunchroom got us way more attention than the 6th floor. We may have two more knitters and a crocheter next week. Well, except I probably won't be there. Forgot I had a vendor lunch next week. Oh well, we're going to try to go weekly with it. As we get bigger, it will be easier and more self-sustaining, right?

Everyone was overly impressed with my sweater, until the Koigu scarf rocked their world. One of the future members is doing the leaf scarf from Vogue in pink Koigu. Stunning even in it's unblocked state.

Knitterly (I should say stitcherly as we do have a needlepointer) fellowship, what could be better?

one row at a time

So, does Millie (getting tired of typing MiL's sweater) looke any bigger to you? It feels like I'm hardly knitting at all the last couple of days. I napped on the ride home last night after a few rows (I could hardly keep my eyes open) and was mushed this morning again so took another nap. I did knit watching TV last night, but I was only in front of the tube for an hour. Good news is, I've got a stitching lunch planned for today, so that's an hour. I also figure I'll be so wound up going home with the anticipation of my sister visiting, that I'll be flying through the rows.

Still haven't told hubby about the last stashquisitions. Bad Netter.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

progress, progress, progress

I have made great progress on MiL's sweater since yesterday, even though I only got to knit one lousy row this morning. The 113X is so schizophrenic lately. Half the week, I'm riding a half-empty bus, the other half we are packed in like sardines. Today we were sardines. I napped.

Here is MiL's 60th Birthday sweater. See, inches and inches past the armholes. I only have about 9 inches to go on the body. I should be able to get the body done this week. That leaves the sleeves and the neckline and front bands.

I knit on the bus home, of course, in the car on the way to parents' night, on the way to dinner, after dinner watching the Yankees lose in 11 innings, and during RockStar:INXS. Straight, no shaping, stockinette is great for TV knitting. And I don't have to worry about mis-counting!

Parents night was fine. We didn't get to meet the lead teacher in his new classroom, but one of the teachers in his current room is moving with him, so that will help. I like that they have more structured activities (he has had most of his biting episodes during free time), and unbelievably, they introduce potty training in April. He'll only be 26 months! It seems a little young to me, but I'm sure they'll take it slowly. Hubby's got dollar signs in his eyes thinking of not buying diapers anymore and the cut in tuition once he's fully trained. I asked about language in the curriculum in the new classroom. Everyone re-assured me that our pediatrician's over-reacting to his vocabulary. The education director did say, though, that they make arrangements for the therapists to come right into the building so we wouldn't have to worry about shuttling him. That was a relief.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I did a whoopsie. At lunch I decided to count the stitches for the back of MiL's sweater. I counted 80, only s'posed to be 74. No, I did not rip them out. So, it will be a little off. I did separate the sleeves. It looks a bit like a one skein wonder now.

I really have to stop drinking and knitting. As much as I like having a beer with the Hubby, it seems detrimental to the counting!

head colds prevent witticisms

Not that I expect anyone comes here for my wit. It's sorely lacking most days, but it's even harder when your head feels like it's packed with cotton batting.

Yeah, along with his terrible two-ness (at 18 months folks), Billy's brought home some sort of summer cold. Blech.

How does one handle the tantrums? Last night, he wanted to sit on my lap during dinner. Of course, I've let him do it in the past and it's a habit we're trying to break. So, he screamed, and screamed, and screamed. Until I got him ready for bed. yowser. He's so cranky and wants to be held all the time. I can't walk around and do anything without him clinging to me, which makes it hard to do anything. If I want a moment's peace, though, all I have to do is sit down on the couch. Then, he'll go off and do his own thing.

I know it's a communication thing. He doesn't have the skills to express himself yet. I try to be patient with him. Motherhood demands patience, lots of it, if you hadn't heard.

MiL's cardi is progressing. I'm into the third ball. At last count, I had about 14 rows until I separate the sleeves from the body. The rows are so long now, it's really scrunched on the 24" circ (how am I going to fit my larger size on the 24?). I've had to drop stitches twice to correct missing yarn overs. The first time it was scary. I had to drop back about 10 rows, the second time only 4. I'm getting better at it, but would prefer to not skip the YOs in the first place!

This cold better go away. I will not have it interefere with my enjoyment of my sister's visit this week. We're going wedding gown shopping!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I got my Rowan 38 on Saturday. Some things look much better after a closer perusal in print than they did on the previews I saw. But, why on Earth is Rowan (sweaters of the English countryside and all things classical and feminine) featuring designs from a graffit artist called Kid Acne? Hmm? What are they putting in their tea over there.

I am very happy, though, that they have a new book coming out for the Classic line with Plus sizes. That I will have to buy!
So, I'm sure you've heard that it's been hot. I barely left the house all weekend. If it wasn't for date night Saturday and church yesterday, I wouldn't have left at all. Although, Sat morning while Hubby was freaking out about the downstairs air conditioner kicking it again (just the overload switch in the plug), a nice little trip out sounded good.

I finished up Lumpy on Friday night. It's pretty cute. Not quite what I was aiming for. Next time I'll do fewer decreases and start with fewer stitches for the turtleneck (which isn't a turtleneck right now). I'll try to get some pics later this week. It was way too hot to wear wool in our sauna of a bathroom (best lighting and mirror combo).

I started swatching for MIL's birthday sweater Saturday. Spot on with 8s. I cast on after the movie (Bad News Bears per hubby's request, it was okay, I have to agree with this assesment of Billy Bob, though). I'm now two balls in and getting a little bored. But, I will persevere. Unfortunately, I have to tidy up for my lil sis's visit this weekend. Evening knitting will have to be curtailed a bit. I have to at least get the guest bed cleared of all the clean clothes!

I don't think Nona would approve of this project bag, but MIL is great for recycling plastic bags and it was right at hand and it has a drawstring to keep babies and puppies out.

So far the sirenetta is less soft than I was expecting. But, I think it will be wonderful after a wash.

In a last-minute Friday Frenzy, I bid on a bunch of yarn on eBay. I was hoping I'd
lose. And I did lose one of the three auctions. However, this and this are now mine. The capricorne is definitely going to be for me. The other will be for me and my mom. Mom's getting a birthday sweater out of Rowan DK soft. Just have to find a pattern now. Shouldn't be hard. Lots of DK stuff out there.

In other news, I finally boxed up the gifts for my friend having a baby. Yesterday was her due date. She's had some early signs of labor, but he's not here yet. I'll ge the box out in the mail. In with the onesies, sleepers, and outfit I bought, I included a crocheted baby blanket. I had started this for Billy, back when I first found out I was pregnant. I wound up not really liking the color combinations (although the Fiesta is a very soft acrylic) and didn't weave in the ends until last night. So, of to LI it goes for my friends little boy.

Friday, August 12, 2005

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Lumpy Friday

Lumpy's not finished yet. I know, this guy doesn't know when to leave. Actually, I had to ask him to stay. See, he's not tall enough. He's got to grow some more. I started a second ball of blue on the border this morning. Hope to finish soon.

I got my Herrschner's package last night. Ooh, pretty. The blue's a little more "faded-denim" than I was expecting, but it's pretty. Hubby even liked it when I showed him this morning. I really do like the cream. I'm going to love that sweater when it's done. I hope to start knitting tonight. I made a copy of the pattern and it's sitting patiently. I'll have to dig out needles. I need 5s and 7s. Oh, and stitch markers. I think I may whip out a matching set just for these sweaters.

In other news, my kid is perfect. Well, his pediatrician said so. He's at the 90th percentile for weight and 95th for height. Yep, he's the size of a kid a year older than him! Appearantly, we need to stock up on 3Ts for long-sleeves and pants. Oh my. He didn't even cry when he got his shot. But, she is concerned that his vocabulary is small and that he's not putting words together yet. We go back in two months and if there's not enough improvement, off to speech therapy we go. Since he loves his Baby Newton video, I'm getting him this one. Can't hurt.

Hubby and I have date night tomorrow. The in-laws volunteered to Billy-sit. We're doing dinner and a movie. I can't wait. (I'm glad Hubby's picked a restaurant a couple of towns south of us, more knitting time! Not to mention, the food's really good.)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

lumpy grows

Lumpy's still growing. I'm nearly done the last pink skein. Since I've got to take a local home today (getting the 2 pm to take Billy to a check-up), I may get to start on the bottom border this afternoon. I may have an FO before the weekend. Yippee.

The pattern for M-I-L's birthday sweater '05 came yesterday. Hubby thinks it's very nice. Hope the yarn comes soon. Judging by Herrschner's track record, tomorrow is most likely. However. for blog photos, today would be good. The tracking information says it was at my PO 12 am this morning. Does that mean it will be with my mail man today or tomorrow?

I got a couple of yarn catalogs in the mail last night. I love the layouts of the Lion Brand catalogs. Nice and clean. And I'm excited about the cashmere and their new merino products, but lay off with the fun fur and sparkle and crap. Geez Louise that's a lot of acrylic. I also got a Mary Maxim catalog. Now I know where my Nanny got her stash of craft stuff and yarn. (First clue was that ton of the Mary Maxim picture sweater patterns that I inherited, seeing the vast array of Nanny-stuff in the catalog was confirmation.) Not quite the same experience as receiving the KnitPicks, PatternWorks, or WoolWorks catalogs, but I looked at every page of both! I look at every page of pretty much every catalog I receive. I'm a catalog ho!

Must stay off eBay. Lots of pretty new Phildar stuff up in the last day or so. I'm a sucker for DK cotton blends.

I'm much more awake today. I was in bed just after 10 and I don't remember turning off the alarm clock this morning. I just remember waking up and thinking "who set the alarm for 6:10?" D'oh! It's amazing how quickly you can get out of the house when you're high on adrenaline!

Gee, had more to say than I thought!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

super-cuddly, but Lumpy

So, my baby sister said she'd take Lumpy if the middle sister doesn't want it. The middle sister can be a bit picky, so we'll see. I'm thinking I'll keep him myself because he's super-cuddly. But, it's nice to know he looked somewhat attractive in the pic below.

Feeling a bit eh today. Not sleeping well lately, lots of meetings, yada yada yada. Hoping to perk up soon.

Had a great lunch from this place today. I think the editor we're hosting is the vegetarian. I had the portobello burger with tempura sweet potato fries. It was super-yummy.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lumpy and Me

I spent two plus hours last night fixing Molly's mess. I only had to break the yarn on one ball. It had looped on itself and knotted and the consistency of this yarn can make it hard to get knots out. I was going to just untangle the two pink balls and one blue ball I needed, but couldn't stop myself. Then it was bedtime.

Not much knitting on Lumpy. I did finish up the second ball of pink on the way home last night. I had so much time left, I ran some left-over blue through the live stitches to try it on. It should be a good length, it's a bit ruffly after the last set of increases, but I think it will look good. This morning was spent putting it back on the needles. Whoo boy. I'm never doing that again with this thick 'n' thin yarn. I will get plenty of knitting done tonight watching RockStar:INXS. Love the performance show!

Hubby had to re-assure me last night that he wasn't upset about the Herrschner's purchase when he called me yesterday morning. He just wanted to encourage me to use the check card instead of the credit card in the future. I just need to confirm that we have the cash flow. Is this really my husband? After my last yarn binge, I thought he was going to burst a blood vessel he was so upset. Oh well, I guess the tactic of saying it's for his Mommy worked!

Monday, August 08, 2005

new project insomnia

I didn't sleep well this weekend. My sister's birthday on Saturday guilted me into starting a new project. In the past, she's pointed out a poncho from the Patternworks catalog that she really liked. Since I'm not stashing, I couldn't get the pattern or yarn to make the exact thing. But, I did have the Gedifra Cicco I bought last year to make a couple more Paris Loops. Onto the needles it went. I'm into the third ball and making it up as I go. It's got a bit of an oversized turtleneck. I'm going to knit through all four balls of the pink for the body and then add a ball of blue in garter stitch along the bottom for a border. I've got no idea how it's going to look when I take it off the needles. I sure hope she likes it. Of course, it's taking a lot longer than I thought when I cast on Friday night. But, I've worked through nearly 3 balls so far. I find myself thinking, just one more row and then staying up way too late. I'm affectionately calling it Lumpy.

I think Molly took Manolo's no poncho pledge. Yesterday, Hubby was golfing with some buddies and Billy and I were doing the laundry (this consisted of me carrying him and a basket of clothes to the basement, thank heaven for those one-arm, hip-hugger baskets) and I forgot to put the gate up at the bottom of the stairs on the main level. Of course, there were five balls of Cicco in open bags on the floor of the guest room, and of course Molly found that room most interesting. The mess was a bit condensed by the boy when he wandered into the room, but otherwise this is all Molly's handiwork. I think I'll be spending some quality time with the ball winder tonight fixing this mess (especially since I'll need another ball of the pink soon).

Billy was a bit of a pill this weekend. He didn't get a nap on Saturday. For some reason, he didn't want to sleep at the beach. Yes, we made it down to Asbury Saturday morning. It was great, except for the jelly-fish larvae or whatever those things were floating in the water. Oh, and those crab-shaped, spidery bugs that wound up in my swimsuit. There were 2 dozen on the floor of the tub when I showered. Eww. But, the weather was perfect, just enough clouds and a constant Northerly breeze. Asbury's really starting to pick it up. We couldn't get over the number of people. So far, Billy's not a huge fan of the ocean (he doesn't have a choice, he will like it someday). He also doesn't really like sand. But, hanging out on the blanket, playing with a bucket of water was fun. I got a little sunburned, but Hubby and Billy turned out okay. Can't wait to go again (when the jelly fish go away). We're thinking of taking a week in Wildwood next summer as our family vacation. I think more exposure will help him and having a room close by will mean better napping.

So, I was right. I had a great excuse for yarn purchasing on Friday. Got a call from the hubby this morning. So, he says, what's this Herrschner's purchase. Oh, I say, I'm making your mom a sweater for her birthday and since it was so cheap I got some for me too, ha ha. Cool, he says, will you have enough time. And so on.... I even told him I'd found some buttons I liked on eBay. Time to go make that purchase!

Friday, August 05, 2005

got a great excuse this time

I'm knitting my mother-in-law another sweater for her birthday this month. Well, I will when the yarn comes from Herrschner's. I just ordered 9 skeins of Sirenetta in blue (oh and 10 skeins of cream for a cardi for me). Come on, it's 64% off at $1.97 a ball. I haven't stashed in over a month. Of course, I'm not going to have a lot of time to knit it. Hopefully, I'll have the yarn and pattern (ordered from Elann this morning, Knitting pure and simple's top-down summer cardigan) next week and it will be all I work on until it's done. I love the pressure of deadline knitting. NOT!

Hopefully, the car trip to VT the weekend of the 20th will allow for much knitting.

Billy had a complete and total meltdown last night. We went to Outback for dinner (I was in the mood for a steak) and he didn't want to sit in the highchair, he didn't want to sit on the booster seat, after a while, he just wanted me to hold him. Fastest steak I've ever eaten. We've been very fortunate in that he's usually very good in restaurants. I think it was a combination of having to wait and being tired (not to mention almost 2).

Hopefully, we'll be going to the beach tomorrow. We've invited the in laws to join us. I can't wait. I love the beach. I hope Billy enjoys it.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

what I'm thinking ...

... my son is a terrible flirt. He's learned to say "Hi," although he oftens leaves off the aitch. Last night at the diner he was peeking over the top of our booth and saying hi to the little girl (about 4 years older than him) sitting behind us. He had a blast. He was saying hi to any girl he could get his eyes on.

... heels are fun. I love turning heels and working the gussets on socks.

... I could be happy only buying Rowan yarns for the rest of my life, if they made sock yarn. I've just been oogling more discontinued Rowan yarns on eBay and looking at their new yarns for the fall. Must get my hands on some of the RYC line soon.

... RockStar is the best thing on TV right now. I don't know what I'm going to watch tonight, especially since the Yankees are in a slump.

... sonnet's a pretty quick knit at this gauge, even if the garter stitch seems interminable.

... is it lunch time, yet?

... I'm so my mother's daughter. The woman has been on-time with the birthday cards for my birthday once in the 9 years since I left VT. Well, my sis's birthday is Saturday and I haven't put a card in the mail, yet. Ooops.

... yeah, that's about it.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Must make

I must make this (as a cardigan). It is sheer beauty. It goes to the head of the on my mind category.

What do I have in stash that would work?


Billy turned 18 months yesterday. My baby's become a little kid. Last night he helped us put away his blocks and Grammy said he helped her clean his room. He's gotten so big and tries to talk so much more. He's great fun to be with. He loves to laugh and roughhouse. I get such a kick out of it when he tries to hug and kiss Molly. He loves that dog so much. She's not really sure about him, especially when he tries to hug her from behind. He can nearly drink from a regular cup and had no problems giving up his bottles last month. I couldn't have imagined a better kid and I thank God for this blessing everyday. I don't know what we did, but we've sure lucked out in the kid department!

I'm not so lucky in the knitting sense department. I don't know if I mentioned this, but I messed up on sonnet. It's supposed be garter stitch highlighted with box stitch. Well, ol' Netter sure don't read so good sometimes. I skipped the part where it's "Rows 1 and 4: *k2, p2*, Rows 2 and 3: *p2, k2*". I've been alternating k2p2 with p2 k2 every other row which is something other than box stitch. It looks fine, but it's not sonnet as written. Oh well. I did work a few more rows of garter stitch on it last night and I've got most of the cuff done on the new 601 footie.

Apparently, Rowan 38 is coming out soon. I'm not too thrilled with the patterns. I'll have to see when I can get a closer look at things. I don't see much that I'd want to knit. But, that's okay. There's plenty of stuff from earlier mags that I want to knit.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

weekend update

Finished the 601 footie. It's way too small. Someone smack me up the head with the knitting-sense stick. I sure need it. Why did I think casting on 4 more stitches would make up for the change in gauge going down a needle size? Way too small this new footie. It's a beauty though. Too bad I need those toes. I'm working on getting the second, first 601 footie started on US3s in the larger size (the 7-8 is a smidge to small for me, wearable but not perfect).

Did work some on sonnet. Still got an inch or two until I start the back right shoulder. Which means I am still in the 8.5 inches of garter stitch hell. Thanks for asking.

B was mildly sick, had a temp yesterday so I stayed home with him. We had a touch of icky BMs, always fun in the diapers. He's with Grammy today and back to day care tomorrow.

It's hot, it's gross, hubby's got 3 new job leads. I'll take the good with the bad.