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Thursday, June 30, 2005

lost friend

I just got word that a sales rep I've worked with for years passed from lung cancer yesterday. He was a bit younger than my dad and reminded me of Dad and his brothers. He was really close to some of the other people in the company that he'd dealt with for years. He's going to be really missed.

long weekend

Boy am I looking forward to the long weekend. Some of these people I work with, geez.

So, I finished weaving in the ends of Dude last night. Started picking up a few stitches along an armhole this morning. I'm following the proportions found in Nancie Wiseman's The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques. Except, I'm doing 3 stitches to 4 rows along the whole armhole (except the bound off stitches which I'm picking up 1 to 1), I want the ribbing to pull it in a bit and not just lie there. I'll modify if I don't like it. I hope I can whip the edges out tonight while doing some last-minute laundry. Then I have to pack me, the baby and the dog.

I've started the heel flap on the second sock. I love the looks of heel stitch, but I hate purling it. Gee willickers, I've got to keep the stitch way down on the needle or they all pop off on me! I'm definitely keeping the socks in my purse for this weekend. So portable!

I'm also definitely bringing my NBaT for the car ride. I really want to finish her up and start wearing her. I hope I can figure out how to modify the sleeves to fit in my modified armholes. Otherwise, NBaT will have to wait until I take my sleeve class at Stitches.

Hopefully, I'll have a few FOs soon and will feel free to cast on something new.

Last night was bath night, both Billy and Molly are clean machines this morning!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

headphone cozies

Is that really what you call them? It was fun creating these little things. I had to start over a few times, to get the right shape (and they're round while the headphones are oval, but they work). It's a pretty quick and easy thing. I chained 4, joined with sl st (slip stitch). Chained 2, and worked 8 hdc (half-double crochet) around, marking first hdc with a safety pin. Joined with a sl st, chained 2 and worked 2 hdc in each hdc from the previous round. I repeated that round again for another increase round. Joined with a sl st, then chained 1 because I was going to go to sc (single crochet) for the decreases (to get the little lip). I worked one sc in two hdc around (slip hook through top loops of hdc, wrap yarn around and pull through, repeat in next hdc so you have 3 loops on the hook, then yarn over and pull through all three loops). Repeated the decrease round, joined with sl st, pulled the yarn through and ta-da. Hubby was worried they'd muffle the sound too much, but I think they work great. Comfy and funky.

Didn't finish weaving in ends last night because I was making these. Yep, headphone covers out of my Summerwind. The foam ones were disintegrating and you need something on them. Aren't they funky?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

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on the bus, Gus

Last night was a long bus ride home. Thank knitting goddesses for socks and DJs. It was a pretty pleasant knit, I mean, ride for me. I'm sure you've heard that as soon as it rains, people forget how to drive. Surely, that's the only explanation for the hour+ bus trip home last night. But, that always means many rounds of the sock done.

This morning's commute was more of the same. Except it was SRO again. No knitting and no DJ (should have clipped him to my waistband). Oh well, I did a round or so on the subway and waiting for the elevator. I'll be knitting in a few while on a conference call (office door closed of course).

I did seam up Dude's Vest last night. I used mattress stitch because I was too lazy to look for an appropriate crochet hook. I loved it. These are the neatest seams I've ever made. And it wasn't hard. What magic to pull on the ends of the seaming yarn and have the edges come together so perfectly! Hopefully, I'll get the rest of the ends woven in tonight and tomorrow I can knit the armhole and neckline ribbing (for that I will need an appropriate hook, I love to pick up stitches with the hook). Then it's FO-time, baby.

This is the half of the weaving-in I didn't get done last night. I did seam the sides using mattress stitch. Now I realize what everyone was raving about. Why hadn't I used it sooner?

Monday, June 27, 2005

the stashing, it must end

So, I won those auctions on eBay. I will now have enough Silk Garden in color 84 to make whatever I want (15 skeins). I will also be getting 10 skeins of Calmer in Amour (red, for just about $7 a skein). And then there's the 8 balls of cork I won.

I feel like I'm hungover with this stash enhancement. Mainly becaue Hubby and I had a heart-to-heart on Friday and I promised, yet again, to not buy anymore yarn. Now I have to tell him that I did indeed win two more auctions. Oops.

Can you sense the extreme guilt radiating from me? You should.

I did finish the body of Billy's vest and I joined the shoulders (three needle bind-off). I didn't get around to blocking it until last night. I gave it a soak and pinned it down on my space board. Hopefully it will be dry tonight and I can work on seaming the sides and weaving in all those ends!

Not much work done on Hubby's sock lately. But, I plan to bang out quite a bit on the bus this week. If I get a seat in the morning. Well, I probably would have had a seat today if we hadn't overslept by an hour. Someone forgot to re-set the alarm before she went to bed last night. Good thing Billy doesn't sleep past 7! I do think he actually woke up before 6, when mommy's supposed to be in the shower, but he stopped fussing and I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Good thing we have flexible hours here and I'm not late unless it's after 9:30!

Friday, June 24, 2005

make it through the night

I'm not sure what I want to write about.

I'm progressing on Dude's Preppy vest (must update side bar to change the name). About 6 more rows and I bind off for the armholes and then just a few rows until I separate for the v-neck. I hope to have front and back finished Saturday. then I'll steam block and seam up so I can start picking up for armhole and neckline ribbing. I really, really want to have the whole thing finished before our trip to VT next weekend. Just cause I want to work on other things in the car.

Yep, planning my knitting for the 6 hour drive (and any other driving we do while there). I'm going to bring hubby's socks and probably NBaT. It's time to finish her up. Maybe I'll work on the math and decreases for her sleeves before the car trip, or maybe I'll do it during the trip.

I don't know how I'm going to get through today and tonight. I'm fiber-less. Hubby and I are going to the Mets v. Yankees tonight and he talked me out of trying to bring the sock to the Stadium. So, no knitting on the bus this morning (which was fine the nap was much needed), but also no knitting on the subway up to the Bronx, or back to Manhattan or the train or bus ride home tonight. I may suffer withdrawals people. I may need to self-medicate. I may need to buy more discontinued Rowan yarns on eBay. I've never touched Polar in my life, but discontinue it and I have to have it!

The in-laws are taking Billy to their house for the night. I get to sleep in tomorrow. I can actually do housework without him fussing behind me (well I won't miss the fussing, but I'd rather not clean). Hubby and I can run errands without complicated logistics and both be out of the house at the same time! It gets better, I don't have to think about what to feed me or Billy or anybody! Since F-i-L is going to tomorrow's Yankee-Mets game with Hubby (Hubby's going to all three, we won't even talk about the marathon he has planned for Sunday when he and a buddy are going to Philly to watch the Phillies and Red Sox in the afternoon and then going to the Bronx that night. I married a crazy man), I'm going to go up to their house and have an early dinner with M-i-L and B.

Don't get me wrong, being Billy's mom is the awesomest thing ever, but it's nice to get a break! I may even sneak in some spiinning.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers ...

was awesome! I was a bit ticked that it took him nearly an hour to get on stage after The Black Crowes finished (also very good, but they're a jam band and I didn't recognize most of the songs), but then he started playing and singing and mugging for the crowd and it was all good. If I didn't have to be up at the crack of dawn, I would have hated for it to end.

Traffic yesterday, not so good. Apparently, NJ was hit by horrible T-storms which doubled the length of the bus ride home and made the GSP a parking lot on our way to the Arts Center. We sat down right and Chris Robinson and the Crowes came out on stage.

I did about 10 rows on Dude's vest on the way to the concert. Not too much knitting on the bus ride, though. I took a much needed nap! I also didn't do much sock knitting this morning either. I was on a conference call for work. Vendors in India mean conference calls have to be really early (7 am today). I will be finishing up the ribbing soon so st st to the heel.

I won an auction for a lot of 8 balls of Cork in various colors (orange, green, red). I'm going to mix it with my Rowan gift of dark blue and B will have Rad Stripes for Fall! I'm paying $4.50 a ball, including shipping, when it's still retailing for over $8 a ball. Love a good eBay bargain.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

of baseball and knitting

Hmm, maybe we shouldn't have turned off the Yankee game in the fourth inning to watch "Freaks and Geeks" on DVD. Oh well. I'm sure it will be an instant classic and YES will air it to death!

I only watched two episodes of F&G before going to bed. Which was a good thing. Billy was up screaming at 4:30. I surely do hope these new teeth come in fast. I bet his little fingers do, too. He's not stopped chewing them in days.

I'm going to be a mess tomorrow after a concert tonight and waking up so early this morning.

In knitting news, before I became a Molly pillow last night, the front of Dude's Preppy vest grew a couple of inches and I only have 3/4" more ribbing to do on sock #2.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

taking advice

I should take Lolly's advice and talk Hubby into getting Tivo or the DVR Comcast offers (for like $10 a month), then I wouldn't have to stay up until 11 to watch the good shows. But, it was a good episode of Medium.

I should also take Yarngirl's advice and not worry about fixing sock one. She says picking the stitches back up won't be too hard, and she's probably right. I also think that no matter how hard it is to get back on the needles, it will beat knitting three of the same socks! And do stop by and tell her how beautiful her Flower Basket Shawl is! Makes me think about knitting lace! But, really Netter, let's conquer the socks first then move on to another skill.

I did cast on for the front of Dude's vest. I don't know think the name Dude's Rad Stripe vest fits it. It's rather preppy, don't you think? Maybe it should be just a Preppy Vest.

Next time I'm on the PC at home, ripping CDs, remind me to stay off eBay. I've bid on some yarn. I know, I had all those plans about shopping til I dropped at Stitches and now I've gone ahead and done what I wasn't going to do. Fortunately, a couple of the auctions have just begun and I'm sure to be outbid. Yes, I want to be a loser!

Here's a scan of the back of Billy's vest. Colors looked pretty accurate on home monitor. Seem a bit off, of course I didn't realize I was scanning to a bmp and had to convert to jpg. Well, it will give you an idea.

Monday, June 20, 2005

knittin' and rippin'

I'm knitting away on Dude's rad stripey vest. I figure one more set of stripes and it's time to start the back of the neckline. I scanned it a few minutes ago and will post the photo tomorrow (don't have Hello on the home PC).

I'm ripping more CDs. We're going to see Tom Petty and the Black Crowes on Wednesday, so I want to make sure we both have appropriate tunage. Hubby's also getting a little bored with the measley number of tunes he's got so far. I'm also ripping a few old favorites (Skylarking by XTC) and a new one (Get Born by Jet). Not to mention, I have more chicks to rip, too.

Had to rip and re-cast on for Hubby's sock. But, I've got a few rounds of 1 x 1 ribbing completed.

I was planning to go to bed early, but it's Monday, and I'm trying to get caught up with Medium. I know isn't that horrible? Staying up late to watch a TV show. But, I really like it.

lots of knitting

I did a lot of knitting over the weekend.

I did finish up Hubby's sock on Friday and had him try it on. Unfortunately, I didn't get the kitchener stitch so the toe's wonky. Even more unfortunate, the foot is too short! It's the perfect length for me, but not for Hubby. I'm thoroughly intimidated by the idea of ripping out the stitches and getting such tiny things back on the needles. So, I've cast on for the second sock and once that one's done to the right size, I will fix number one.

Dude's rad stripey vest is coming along nicely. I worked on it quite a bit Friday night and Saturday tailgating before the Steve Miller concert (totally rockin' dude). Shortly, I will be at the neckline for the back. I'm totally loving this Phildar cotton. It's so silky. I showed the vest in progress to my M-I-L. She thought it was very nice too. She gushed a bit. I hate to say she's easily impressed, but when it comes to knitting, she is.

Hubby had a nice Father's day yesterday. He liked his DVD (Freaks and Geeks) and the shirt Billy made for him at daycare (although, we don't see him wearing a t-shirt with footprints all over it). He had a good time at the game with his Dad and we had a nice dinner all together.

I am exhausted. Billy decided to be up before six all weekend. Now, not so bad when Mommy gets to bed at a decent hour, but the morning after a concert? Dude, so not cool.

Friday, June 17, 2005


When Billy was little (you know, cuz he's so big now), I used to sit him in his bouncy seat and sing Nose and Toes. I'd touch his toes and sing toes in a low tone, then I'd touch his nose and sing nose higher. Sometimes, I'd try to find other body parts that rhymed, like eyes and thighs. But nose and toes worked the best. He'd just laugh himself silly.

This does tie into knitting and I bet you've figured out how. I don't have many readers, but they're a smart bunch! I started the toe shaping on Hubby's sock. I'm hoping, hope with me, that I'll have it finished to give him Sunday. Granted, it's only one, but I think it will be a nice Father's Day gift. Then he can try it on and if it's not ginormous, I'll copy it exactly for the Second Sock. If it is ginormous, I'll knit one smaller and that will be the First Sock, and a third sock will be the Second Sock, and the current sock will become a Christmas Stocking or something. Maybe I'll make a puppet out of it!

Whew. I knit a few more inches on Billy's Stripey Vest. I want to come up with a neat name for it, but I haven't yet. It reminds me of the 80s with the bright colors, but it's not Miami Vice colors, so I'm not sure what to call it. I'll try to get a pic this week.

I did get hubby's dj all loaded for him last night. I didn't rip any more cds. Molly was barky and I didn't feel like it. I felt like putting my behind on the couch, watching TV, and knitting. So I did!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Yo, DJ

Hubby and I bought a couple of Dell Pocket DJs last week. They arrived yesterday. I got to start charging and loading mine first (he's going out after work tonight and didn't want to bring it with him). I really like it. I can't believe how fast the CDs rip and sync over. I've got all my Sheryl Crow and Indigo Girls on it. I am going to need some different head phones. These buds just don't stay in my ears. I liked listening (Queen, Night at the Opera) and knitting (sock) on the way to work this morning. Right now, I've got Sheryl on shuffle and repeat. Should make compiling spread sheets and reviewing final proofs much more interesting.

Tonight after Billy goes to bed, I plan on more ripping and getting Hubby's set up for him. It'll be a piece of cake since I've loaded all the software on the PC. Tomorrow, I'll show him how to do everything and we'll be good to go. He's all excited about it now. He may be late coming to MP3s, but he's all over it. Doesn't think he'll buy another CD (which is good, we have a few thousand as it is).

I've decided to be a bit chaotic with the stripes on Billy's vest. I figure a toddler can get away with LOUD clothes! has a lot of nice cottons on sale this week. I'm resisting so far (yeah, real strong, the sale's on until next Thursday), telling myself that if I don't stash now, I'll buy whatever I want at the marketplace at Stitches in September. Oh yeah.

Apparently, Molly didn't think much of the Harlot's book. It was on the dining room table. She was apparently unhappy that we left her alone (although, she barked to get out of the tv room). I'm glad I'd already read it. I didn't kill her.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

nighttime multitasking

I'm ripping CDs.

Listening to the Yankee game (wow Giambi hit a meaningful home run).

Having a beer.

Knitting on Billy's stripey vest.

Oh, and posting from home!


Yesterday didn't get better until I got home. I did get to knit on the subway, but found 2 dropped stitches to repair. Then I was knitting on the bus and found a hole about 8 rows down where I had picked up one slim thread when knitting a stitch. Of course it had to be repaired. Why is it wool will drop stitches like a bad habit when you don't want it too, but when you have to drop eight rows to fix something, it's a chore. Then, as I was partly through the dropping, my working needles flew across the bus and landed under someone's backpack. Being me, I didn't ask for help until we were nearly home (tried to get hubby to do it on his way by, but nice man next to me took care of it). So, an unproductive bus ride for me.

After dinner, bath, and fixing the rocking chair, Billy went to sleep easily and Mommy got knitting time. (After the dishes, of course.) I worked on Billy's vest while hubby and I watched the Yanks spank the Pirates. Then we watched some of the Live Aid DVD he bought this weekend.

This morning, I knit on the sock on the way in and so far, today's going pretty well. If you don't count exhaustion and sinuses that feel like they're going to be a real problem shortly!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Uh, yeah. The high temp went up 17 degrees between June 3 and 4 and hasn't been below 85 degrees since. No wonder we're all so cranky!

crappy day keeps getting crappier

Cranky Hubby. SRO bus. Hot, humid, yucky weather. Errors in a publication. Snippy editors.

And I've barely had a chance to touch my knitting today. It's not even 10 am. I know today's not going to get much better.

I didn't do much knitting last night either. Helping Hubby start to rip CDs was a chore. Someone needs to find some patience and a touch of faith that things will work, and I don't mean me.

Just want to go home and sleep and dream of fibery goodness!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Dutch heel

So, I turned the heel on Hubby's sock this weekend. I think it was Friday night that I got started. (I'm not quite sure, many beers were imbibed watching boxing Friday and Saturday nights while knitting. Yes, I have serious guy tendencies.) Once I wrapped my brain around the process, it was surprisingly easy. I'm not sure I like the Dutch heel, but it was fun. Next pair, I'm going to try the round heel. Hubby says he wouldn't mind tube socks, but I told him that would be no fun! (I told him repeatedly that sock knitting was lots of fun.)

Sock went with me the few times I left the house. I even moved up to a larger purse so I only have to carry one bag. Hubby gave me a hard time last night when I whipped out the sock in the van on the way downtown to the diner. I said hey, if I get 40 stitches done, that's 40 stitches. BTW, I got a whole round done.

I started swatching on the vest for Billy yesterday while Hubby watched a silly wrestling PPV. I've also been playing around in Excel this morning to figure out the stripes. I think I've got them down. So, I should be casting on and starting that soon. I think, if I get any TV time tonight, I'm going to work on the NBaT sleeves. I seamed up the body on Friday and she fits. Although, I didn't take her to a mirror to see how she looks. Hubby said she looked good, but he's a guy and a non-knitter.

Looking more like a real sock. Is that a heel?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Bead It

I got my stitch markers last night (see pic below), they were from Nae.They're so cute. Thanks again to Cara for hosting.

I got about 1 1/2 inches of the heel flap done last night on another epic bus ride home. It was long, but the worst part was the first half with this woman sitting next to me yapping on her cell phone. I guess she can't make personal calls from her house. No knitting done on the way in this morning. I was busy reading the bookbookbook. It came in my order (Hubby's father's day gift). So far, I'm loving it.

It's been a good mail week, huh?

Hubby and I are thinking about going to the beach this weekend. We'll see. All the AC in the house may sap our wills to go outside, though. I would like to see how an older Billy reacts to the beach, though. Last summer when we went, he was too young.

Here are the cute stitch markers I received from Ronnie for Bead It Two. Thanks! I love the little platinum card. Think it has anything to do with my stasquisition?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Here's a swatch with my vintage Phildar. I just couldn't wait to get my fingers on it. I'm swatching with a US7, not the 4-6 recommended and it seems a bit loose. I'll go down to a 6 and see what that does. I'm definitely thinking of something summery and stripey for Billy.

Here's the sock. I think the keyboard gives a good idea of the size. I knit it to 7" (easily measured with my dpn). I'm going to start the heel flap this afternoon. Wish me luck, I'm nervous!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

No Fair Isle for Netter

Just got a call from Stitches. I am on the waiting list for Sally Mellville's Fair Isle class at Stitches East. So my back up is The Perfect Sleeve with Jean Frost. A very helpful class. I also switched out of Fair Isle finishing and into Knitting Backwards, just in case no one drops out of Sally's Fair Isle class. I'm a wee bit disappointed, but still will learn lots of useful things!

Hump day, really, really Hump day

It's never going to be a great day if I can't knit on the 113. I couldn't knit on the 113 today. The first bus that came was SRO. The second bus that came was also SRO, but I couldn't wait for a third bus. I'm supposed to be coming in early to make up dr appt time. It was also SRO on the E train downtown this morning. So, no knitting and an unpleasant commute. Not to mention uncomfortable tootsies.

Now, I am at work and the FTP sites are down. Since the majority of our vendors are in India and the servers for our workflow systems are in Europe, very little work will actually be accomplished today. Not to mention that when I scan a document on the copier, the file sits on an FTP server outside Boston. O, the joys of working for a large multi-national corporation.

Good thing our Internet servers aren't down. What would I do with myself. We are still getting e-mail, too. I'm sure that will keep me busy.

I did arrive home yesterday, late and bedraggled, to a box of Phildar yarn. Unfortunately, I didn't get to open and fondle for a couple of hours (had to nebulize and bath the boy and install the large ac unit). It's very nice and I'd like to start knitting with it immediately. Something stripey for the B, I think.

Rowan has discontinued Cork. There is some on sale on eBay in a favorite color. I don't know if I like Cork, and the stash is huge (as we know), and I'm saving money for Stitches, but I am sorely tempted to buy some (with a free pattern book). Too bad they don't auction more time on eBay (or knitting elves).

Latest stashquisition arrived via UPS yesterday. The green is more blue in real life, the white more cream and the yellow is more pale. The misc. balls were freebies. This stuff is so soft. I love it! I can see a striped pullover in B's future.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

of airconditioning and natural light

I braved the heat yesterday and took some natural light photos. Boy, it does make a difference. I think the purple of the NBaT is very close to what it looks like in person. And the fabrics are pretty accurate, too. I'll try to get a sunlight shot of the sock as well. We've not been alone waiting for the bus the last couple of days, so it's not had another bus stop photo shoot. (Bus stop is one of my favorite movies. I haven't seen it in years.)

Hubby went out and bought another air conditioner last night. This one is for the main floor of the house. So we can eat without sweating, and even surf the web comfortably. I just hope the 10,000 BTU unit will fit in the window we have picked out without carpentry on our part. I'm loathe to nail the year old windows or siding. We now have four window units for our 1200 sq ft house. Our house is 80+ years old with old-fashioned steam radiators, so re-fitting it for central air is going to be exorbitant. We've talked about it and are going to wait. I can't imagine the fun it will be if we do ever have to have duct-work installed. I'm not having much luck talking Hubby out of getting one of those portable air conditioners for the basement TV room. I know it gets above 70 down there (especially when we have to do laundry), but I just don't think it's necessary. We do hope B's window unit will help him nap better on the weekends.

I've been working on the sock. It's getting bigger. I don't think you need or want to see it. Another couple of inches of st st is not scintillating blogging.

I've started researching for my design class at Stitches. Students have to bring in photos of sweaters they'd like to re-create. I just requested an Anthropologie catalog. There are about a dozen of those I'd like to knit. I don't know if I'd wear them all, but they sure are beautiful!

In other travel news, we're heading to VT for the weekend of the 4th. We have to come back before any patriotic festivities because Hubby has to work the 5th, but we'll be there for my mom's family's semi-annual get together. I'm glad they changed it from December!

Got the fabics for my tote. They aren't quite what I thought they would be (the Butler is more olive and the Hoffman is darker), but I'm going to make the tote anyway. Soon's I can get to my sewing machine!

So, here she is in all her glory, the completed front. Now for sleeves and a neckline! Color looks pretty good in natural light. Don't ask what the plant is, all I know is it's a weed.

Monday, June 06, 2005

hazy, hot, and stitches east

Wasn't it just chilly and wet? When did summer get here? Why don't we ever get a nice, gradual build up to July weather? Why is it always like someone flips a steamy switch?

Okay, enough whining. My fingertips are actually chilled, here in the office this morning. Desktop thermometer says 72.8. says it's 87 (feeling like 92) in my home zip code. It's not even 11 am and we've busted through the forecast high of 86. Gee, I'm glad we installed an air conditioner in allergy-boy's room last night. He felt like he had a fever yesterday after his nap because his room was so hot and stuffy. (I refuse to open his windows and tempt the pollen, even if we might be spoiling him as hubby suggested.)

Wait, did that qualify as more whining?

In knitting news, I finished the front of NBaT Friday during the crawl home. (Rainy, summer Friday of course it took 2 hours to get from office to house. Oops, there's that w word again.) No, there is no photo. I will take one today. I put a V-neck in and don't know if I'll do the neckline as in the pattern. I'm not sure how the folded hem would work at the point of the V. I do want to get started on the sleeves, but havn't had the time to think about it, yet.

Sock progresses. I got quite a bit done at the dentist Saturday morning and Saturday night while enjoying a Diet Coke with Lime and Bacardi. MMMM, rum. I also brought it for the bus today. Like I said, no thinking on the sleeves for NBaT, yet.

Hubby registered me online for Stitches East Saturday (once he finally got on the new PC, he wouldn't share so I could do it myself). It seems I've got all my top choices for classes. Both of Sally Mellville's first two classes, fair isle and intarsia. Then it's fair isle finishing, designing your own sweater and modifying a pattern (this is a necessity as so many European patterns that I love aren't plus size). I only get to take 15 credits because Hubby has Jets tickets Sunday and we have to get home early in the am. I'm looking forward to it! I also booked our room at the Boardwalk Holiday Inn. We've stayed there before. It's pretty nice. Wonder if we'll get a room with a jacuzzi tub again. Anyone else going to Stitches East?

I did say that I would buy no yarn before the Market Preview on 9/22. That's about 104 days away. Gee, if I could have a dollar for everyday I don't buy yarn (going back to last eBay auction), or maybe 2, it would be quite a haul!

I'm leaving work at 12:30. B has a follow-up with the ENT. I don't think we'll get bad news, but the reassurance will be nice.

Here's hubby's sock as of this morning. Quite a bit of progress, if I do say so myself.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Lessons from the past week

1. Vacations are good!
2. Blackjack is fun, but not profitable.
3. It's even more fun with lots of $1 cocktails. Oh Nurse!
4. Hubby's a pretty good poker player.
5. 100 is hot, no matter what!
6. Penny slots can still cost $$ per spin!
7. Cheap steaks aren't as good as expensive ones. (Knew that already.)
8. Sleeping is more important than knitting on the red eye.
9. Work interferes with blogging.
10. Kids change a lot in a few days.
11. It hurts when your baby cries when Grammy leaves without him. OUCH.
12. I'm not a bad mom.
13. Billy likes craft stores.
14. I'm not a desert person.
15. Casinos are great, for a short visit.

Newest WIP waiting for the bus this morning. Yes, it is one of Hubby's socks. I brought it to Vegas and this is what I managed on the plane and watching baseball. One more inch of 1x1 ribbing and it's st st all the way to the heel!

Thursday, June 02, 2005


I did make it back from Vegas alive, with a new WIP in fact. (Pics tomorrow)

Just wanted to let you know that we did not win big and buy our own island in the Hebrides (what, you think a knitter would go tropical? well, I do so love cotton, but I want some sheep).

Billy's a lot better, Hubby's got a sinus infection, and I think I'm next. I'm taking Billy to the Dr for a follow-up this afternoon. Wish us luck!

I'll try to do a better update tomorrow, but you know how work is after a few days off. I had 157 e-mails!