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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Not the Iggles who play in Philly, but the legendary rock band performing at the Meadowlands tonight. The weather should cooperate so the tailgate will be good. We're hanging with friends we don't get to see often enough (they live it CT). We've got actual assigned seats. And it's a band we've never seen before. I'm very much looking forward to tonight. Especially since we've been listening to their greatest hits albums and there are a lot of songs I didn't realize belonged to them!

Tomorrow morning might not be so great, but tonight will be fun! Late night + adult beverages might = unhappy Netter.

I am also happy because I've put Angelina and her interminably boring 2 x 2 ribbing aside in favor of swatching for my T. Yummy, yummy Calmer how I have missed you. I need to print out the pattern again and do some math to upsize it. I forgot how endowed (or fat) I was.

Can't wait to really get started on it!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wonderful Wednesday

I actually lifted the title from CBS2's weather forecast this morning. Dave Price says today is going to be wonderful; low 60s and sunny. Who could disagree?

Hubby and I overslept this morning. By about an hour. Somehow I managed to turn off the alarm without waking up. I made it into work just a few minutes late. Of course, I had to buy breakfast on the way in and didn't have time to pack lunches. Oh well. At least I get to leave on time.

I've finished a few more rows on Angelina. Sleeves are now 6" wide. Only 7.5 more to go. Christmas is sounding more and more like a feasible finishing time. I wish I weren't so darned tired, I'd be able to get more done on the bus.

I did knit a bit last night watching the Amazing Race. Am I the only one really happy that Ray and Deana got eliminated last night? It was just desserts after they didn't even slow down after the boys' accident or give Meredith and Gretchen a few dollars. He annoyed me so much always getting on Deana about her lack of confidence, but he hardly performed any of the roadblocks. Why the heck was she the one eating 4 lbs of meat (gross meat at that)? I'm really happy Gretchen and Meredith weren't eliminated yet. Now, if only Rob and Amber would go away. Even the host seems disgusted by their complete and utter self-absorption.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


That's how I'm feeling. Eh. I've got a head cold (I hope it's not allergies with the complementary sinus infection). I'm tired and I want it to be warm.

Okay 'nough whining.

Thank you Lolly and Yarngirl for the compliments on my new 'do.

I don't have much progress to report. I knit about 2 more rows on Angelina. Yippee (dripping with sarcasm). I was just too tired on the last night and this morning. I hope to have it done in time to wear for Christmas.

I did manage to get quite a bit of tidying done around the house last night. Hubby and I are going to see the Eagles with some friends on Thursday. So M-i-L and F-i-L are picking up Billy and walking Molly. M-i-L is spending the night, so I had to clean off the guest bed. Gee, we have more clothes than I thought. I guess letting the clean laundry accumulate on the guest bed for six weeks wasn't such a hot idea.

Hopefully, the rest of they tidying won't take too long tonight and tomorrow so I can actually knit, rest, and put together the project bag for my nothin' but a t-shirt. I want to at least start the swatch on the official kick off of the KAL. Oh and I still need to put the zipper in Hello Billy before the weather gets warm. I hope Billy will be able to wear it!

Monday, March 28, 2005

It's my "Butterfly" hair. A little short, I think, but cute (IMHO) and so much easier! (Hubby is NOT a big fan of the short hair, though.)

Mine. I'm not sure how the color will look, but it's eBay Calmer in something other than Zeal.

Angelina sleeve progress. Nearly 6"!

Easter Monday

We had a good weekend. The concert was a mixed bag. I had a good time hanging with the Hubby (main reason I married the guy, I love spending time with him). The Crowes sounded great. But, the floor of the Hammerstein Ballroom is not the place for this Momma to see a concert. Well, first of all I couldn't "see" a damn thing (I'm average height and it seemed the 6'6" guys were always in front of me). And it was so crowded, we were constantle being jostled and trying to get some breathing space.

Saturday was a lazy day. I did a bit of knitting on Angelina in the car to pick up the kids (yes, even after Billy, we still consider our dog a kid), while reading the paper during Billy's nap and that night watching boxing. The sleeves are over 5 1/2". We also dyed eggs after the boy went to sleep. We figured he wouldn't be all that into it yet. Hubby and I had fun, though. When picking up the kids, we gifted FIL with F-i-L, he loved it.

Yesterday was a long Easter Sunday. Billy was up before 7 and we did the Easter basket. Hubby had picked up this great stuffed bunny that sings and gigles and lights up. Billy loved it. Then we met the in-laws for church. Billy (and my knitting as Dad wore FIL and Mom wore Loll) got lots of compliments. He's such a great kid. Didn't cry much at all and only really babbled during the Hymns. Coffee hour was fun, mainly for the ego stroking and getting to know friends of the in-laws. We're thinking of having Billy baptized at the in-laws church. The new Pastor is really nice and it would be neat to have him baptized at the same placy Hubby was.

After coffee hour, we went back to in-laws and gave Billy lunch, he then took a 3 hour nap. We had a great lamb dinner (yes, this knitter eats lamb) and hung out for a long time. I knit some in the car and did a couple of rows after we got home.

No knitting this morning, I had to stand on the bus. I did stash, however. I got a good deal on 10 skeins of Sour Calmer. I'm thinking Elspeth from Rowan 37 would look great over some tanks this summer.

Oh yeah, I got my hair cut on Saturday. I tried to go with the model's hair from Rowan 37 (Butterfly, Ellspeth), but it doesn't look exactly the same. I think I've got thicker hair!

Friday, March 25, 2005

another NEW layout

Yeah, I changed it again, in case you were like Lolly (Thanks for the compliments) and stopped by to see it an hour ago. I just couldn't take the text issues. I really like the new design. It's so easy when someone else has done most of the work and you're just fiddling with bits!

new template

I like my new look. It's much more "me." But what did I do to the sidebar? Why doesn't it got all the way down the page like it used to? I don't like the text of the posts wrapping under it like they do now. Can anyone help me?

Billy likes Diet Pepsi Twist. Well, he thinks he would like it.

hard to handle

Angelina was left at home today. She's not being punished, but Hubby and I are going to see the Black Crowes at the Manhattan Center and they wouldn't let me bring her in. I did bring Hubby's socks to start casting on this morning, but napped instead. Oh well.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the Crowes tonight. They're all Hubby's played for a month. I think it should be a good, raunchy (not in the degrading sense of the word) show. They're grungy and visceral. The way a rock band should be.

Billy and Molly are spending the day and night with their grandparents tonight. Daycare is closed for Good Friday and M-i-L just figured it would be easier if she took them home and they stayed with her and F-i-L overnight. No problem. Mommy gets to sleep in tomorrow. Which is good. I'm sure Hubby and I will over indulge tonight.

I've already started to overindulge. I went into Duane Reade this morning to try to find a Cadbury Cream Egg (caramel cream) but didn't see any. Instead I got a bag of the caramel kisses. Oh my. I've eaten about half already. Wait, you didn't think I was imbibing already did you? Now really. I may drink in the morning at football tailgates and Yankee Opening Day (but not this year because ESPN's made it Opening Night), but my job's better now so I can get by without "medicating." (Just joking. And yes, I'm allowed to joke about alcoholism. I'm ACoA.)

I so desperately want to buy some new yarn. I just like to aquire. And there's so much out there. I do have a bid in on some Calmer. Amazingly, in a color other than Zeal. The auction goes until tomorrow, so my hopes aren't too high. I'm sure I'll be outbid. But, I refuse to pay close to retail on eBay. If I'm going to pay retail, I'll support a LYS or one of the great online shops.

Well, I've got things to do. Have a good weekend and a Happy Easter (if it's your thing).

Thursday, March 24, 2005

FIL is not yet with F-i-L

Because of the SNOW and traffic last night, we didn't have a birthday dinner for my Father-in-Law, so FIL is still at my house. He'll be gifted tomorrow or Sunday.

Where art thou Spring?

So, it took a looong time to get home last night. And I knit on Angelina. I watched the CSI repeat last night. And I knit on Angelina. I watched the new CSI:NY (I really, really want to like this show but just can't get into it). And I knit on Angelina. All told, I knit on Angelina for over 3 hours yesterday. I have about 2 inches more than here. This is going to take forever.

Work is hellish today. I've been putting off some major clean-ups and it's biting me in the behind today. But, that's okay. Fixing problems and getting publications back on track is my forte. I just need to buckle down and get them moving.

So what am I doing here?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The dark blob on the wrapping paper, that's FIL. He's done (stick a fork in him).

FIL est finis!

I finished FIL at 10:50 last night. After Blind Justice was done (first episode I've seen and it was pretty good, I LIKE Ron Eldred), I took it downstairs to show the Hubby. I had him try it on, too. It was a little snug, which is fine, because F-I-L is a little thinner than Hubby. I hope the length is okay. F-I-L is 6' even and the vest is about 26" long. Seemed okay on Hubby, who's got the right length torso, just shorter legs.

FIL is the "Oregon" vest from Oat Couture. I bought it at elann after a suggestion from the KnitList (which I subscribed to for about a week, how do people have the time?). I knitted it with some Phildar Avioraz (acrylic, wool and mohair). I think it took 11 skeins? I'll have to double-check. Since the yarn is long since discontinued, I guess it doesn't really matter. I lengthened the pattern 2 inches and got gauge on the recommended needle size. I used Bates Quicksilver circs. It was a quick, quick knit. I would have had it finished a month ago if I'd had the zipper on hand and not been intimidated about putting the zip in. I wrapped it up this morning and he'll be gifted tonight.

I actually enjoyed picking up and knitting the stitches for the arm bands. I didn't worry about getting the "right" number of stitches (esp. since I lengthened the armholes an inch). I just followed the guidelines in here and it was a snap.

Angelina is back in regular rotation. I got about a row done this morning. I just had to take a nap on the way in. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Too many lates night staying up with FIL, the sweater not the man. It's nice to be knitting again and not finishing. Although, I wouldn't put finishing FIL as one of the circles of Knitter's Hell.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I think I like hand stitching in zippers. It’s slow and tedious, but whenever I’ve machine sewn a zipper, I didn’t like the feeling of not having control over what I was doing and I didn’t get great results. I definitely have control now! I’ve got to finish overstitching the left side of the zipper and the zipper is done. I should definitely have that finished on the bus home tonight. Then I get to pick 90+ stitches for the armholes. It seems unproductive to pick-up 90+ stitches, knit a row, then bind off. Obviously, the armholes need finishing (and a bit of tightening up), but all that work to knit one row?!?

I lost out on a huge lot of Rowan Cotton Glace on eBay last night. It wound up going for $6 a ball (not including shipping), but I couldn’t log in with our sickly PC at home to up my bid. It was the most lovely shade of red and I spent much time yesterday fantasizing about the tops from Rowan 37 I could make with it. Oh well. If I really want to make something in red cotton glace, I can buy 6-7 balls and do it. (At $7-$8 a ball it seems like a bargain over Calmer’s regular retail pricing!)

All of my stitch marker supplies came last night. I couldn’t wait to rip open the packages and fondle them. Not quite as fun as a box of yarn, but I’m looking forward to being creative with them. I realized that the holes in my ceramic beads are too large for the head pins I bought. I need spacer beads! Ah, I will cannibalize some broken bracelets, headbands and necklaces. Stitch markers galore. Now, to find the time....

Monday, March 21, 2005

finishing FIL

I've not made much progress on Angelina. I was so sick on Friday that I actually got car sick (bus sick?) trying to knit on the way home. I carried her bag around with me all weekend, but didn't pick her up at all. Good thing I'm not in a hurry, huh?

I am in a hurry on FIL. I sat down with him last night to put the zipper in. The zipper is basted in and one side has been back-stitched. Unfortunately, some of my stitches are large and noticeable so I may need to re-do it. But, he's my commute buddy until he's done. F-i-L's birthday is Wednesday and they're coming down for dinner. I must finish by Wednesday afternoon.

Ooh, FO pics this week.

I was kind of disappointed to remember that Friday isn't April 1. I have a week and a half before the start of the Nothin' but a T-shirt knitalong. I really, really want to get started. I guess I could always seam Air to get my Calmer fix between then and now (since I'll be seeing my mom in a month and her birthday was five months ago, maybe I should finish it).

Does anybody remember this episode of CSI? Well, sometimes life imitates art. Not too many details, yet.

Friday, March 18, 2005

everybody else was doing it

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I feel so poorly-travelled!

Angelina ad nauseum

I was going to post a picture of my progress on Angelina, but it's an inch and a half more of the 2 x 2 ribbing. I don't want to bore you. That, and I couldn't get a decent snap. I haven't gotten much done the last two days. The bulk of what I've completed since Wednesday's photo was completed Wednesday afternoon on the bus in a traffic jam. Ask and ye shall receive! I was hoping to knit the last few nights watching tv with the Hub, but Molly's been super cuddly. It's hard to knit with 60 lbs of bully love on your chest! She did snuggle with me feet last night so I got to knit a couple of rows watching season 1 of Cheers on DVD.

I'm really looking forward to getting my beads and supplies in the mail. Now, to find time and a place to do the work!

I'm not feeling very well this morning. And no, it's not from too much green beer. My tummy is just not happy. I should have stayed home in bed. I do feel better than on the subway platform earlier. I had to back way up from the edge because I felt like I was going to pass out. Good thing I got seats on the bus and subway this morning.

I want to thank the woman who moved her bag, but not her fancy-shmancy high-heeled, calf-length boots so I could sit down. It must be hard having such long shapely legs that you have to constantly keep them crossed, even if it means taking up more than your share of space. I should apologize for interrupting her perusing of the wall street journal in her fuschia lipstick.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hrm. I was impatient. Re-posting the chickens.

And the best, the Bully beads. Four of these, two in each color. Love me the bullies!

Bats are cool. Getting 10 of these. Think I'll make little stitch markers, for socks and things.

okay, I did it

I ordered wire, head pins, and about $30 worth of beads to create my own stitch markers. My favorites are some ceramic bullies (but I also got a couple ceramic chickens for those KIP projects, some bats, and some other animals that are going to be a surprise). Watch, I'll wind up needing plain little beads and have to do more acquiring. Oh the woe that will be craft shopping! (Good thing I already have some pliers and wire cutters, huh? I bet I could even find a use for hubby's Dremel rotary tool.)

beads, beads, beads

I'm currently enamoured of beads. I want to make my own stitch markers. I've found some really great beads on eBay and now only need to figure out how to get started. Like what to use for wire when I can't use a head pin. Do I really need to use jump rings, etc. I've never beaded in my life so this could be fun! It could also be something else I don't find time for but buy, buy, buy for. Yes, I am acquisitive. I've been good about not buying any yarn (I last stashed in February, Hubby's sock yarn does not count), but the knitting accessories still get me (stitch markes, ball winder, swift).

I was digging around in my closet for something green to wear and realized that I have a lot of yarn. Seriously, it's spilling out of the closet, it's under the bed, it's in the basement. When I come across something I've forgotten about, it's like a little present. Ooh, I remember that orange Kid Classic. Someday, I'll make a nice cardi out of it. Ooh, there's the Magpie Aran.

Billy does not like his sneakers. We put them on him and he thought they were okay. Then we stood him up. He freaked out. I don't know if he's ready for real shoes, yet. He's not that good a walker. They were a suggestion from day care. They've been taking the kids outside and Billy has trouble walking on the ground cover (rubbery mats) in his slippers. I'd let him run around inside barefoot if it weren't so darned cold all the time. (I've read it's best for balance and foot development to keep them out of shoes until they are walking well.) He's a pretty adaptable kid, I'm sure he'll get used to them. I'm just worried that he'll regress and go back to crawling all the time.

Our biggest concern with the kid, right now, is his speech. I know it's not been that long since his last visit to the doctor, but we're still not getting words. I know I shouldn't stress and he's going to be fine. But, what mom doesn't want everything to be perfect for her child?

We're all wearing green today. It's the only day of the year that my husband will admit to his Irish heritage. My dad's family's always figured they were Irish, too. I grew up in a very Irish area and it's strange for me here to see so few people wearing green. I always think of NY as so Paddy crazy (esp. with the parade), I forget how diverse it truly is!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

300 stitches

I've got 300 stitches (give or take) on the needles for Angelina. If I'm fast, I get a couple of rows done each way on the bus. It's almost enough to make me wish for a traffic jam! At this row gauge and this rate of finishing rows, I figure I'm going to be knitting Angelina for a straight month before I start decreasing.

You can be sure that I will be dropping her like a hot potato come April 1 to start my Calmer T. Two weeks from Friday. Yummo.

Got my Rowan 37 and my Freda kit last night. I love the blue Cork, but not for me. I bet I can find a pattern for Billy and use the 4 skeins for him. I just don't love myself in blue. However, when I start stashing again, you better believe I'll be keeping an eye out for some Cork. I love Rowan yarns. Too bad I won't be going back to England for work. Anyway, there are a few patterns I love in the mag. Mostly Martha, Heirloom, Hike, Pearl (sans beads), Trek, Elspeth and the shorter Butterfly. Of course, I don't know when I'd ever wear Butterfly, but it's so pretty! I do think my favorite part of the mag is the model for Butterfly's hair. I want to cut mine like that. I think it's a little too short for hubby, though. It would be perfect for summer with Buckets galore!

This is going to be a sleeve, this is going to be a sleeve, this is going to be a sleeve. I hope if I keep repeating it, I'll start to believe it. I can see why Yarngirl was worried!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

April 1? Please?

I nearly started my nothin but a t shirt this weekend. I bone-headedly left the pattern for Angelina in the office so I couldn’t work on her and I didn’t think I had the needles to do retro rib socks for Hubby. What was I going to knit in the car on the way to AC? But, I did find a different pattern for hubby socks. Nice, plain, and only needing 4 needles. (My smaller dpns were inherited from my grandmother and when she bought them they only came in sets of 4.) So I cast on a swatch. I’m still knitting it. How do people churn out socks? This gauge is so tiny! (See many, many rows dwarfed by a giant thumb below.)

I did get all of the seaming done for FIL yesterday. I just need to do the armhole and put in that zipper. I must say, I am afraid of the zipper! Soon as I gird my loins, I may have another FO! (Shortly thereafter, I’ll finish Hello Billy, too. At this rate it won't fit him.)

I’m going to work on Angelina most of this week. See if she gets too big to be bus-able. Yarngirl’s mentioned in my comments and her latest entry that she’s concerned the sleeves are too short. I can’t blame her, I’ll be adding 17 stitches and it looks like it wouldn’t cover my son’s arm! I do think that the lace and some blocking to unkink the ribs will help. I won’t mind if it’s not too long, though!

sock swatch

Friday, March 11, 2005

Closer photo of the cast on stitches for the sleeve. I've finished two sets so far (only one more set and 13 inches to go to casting them back off).

Here's Angelina. I probably won't really post today. I've been out a bit this week with the weather and a sick boy. I'm just swamped.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

High road, an icy high road

I'm going to take the high road and not whine about my commute home (or daycare closing early). I had a lot of knitting time, got home in time to make turkey meatloaf for dinner, and spent more time than normal with Billy.

(Note to self: whenever you even think that you don't spend enough time with Billy, something happens to make sure you do!)

In housework news, I'm keeping up with the kitchen and got the vacuuming done. That which I am not going to whine about (including a fussy kid) made me think of lumping the housework all together, but I persevered. To reward myself I spent another half-hour with Angelina and some quality time with a glass of Portugese Red. Ah.

Billy cracks up whenever I take out my little toy camera. Don't you wish you could be this happy at 6 am?

Angelina has nearly reached 9". Next time you see her, I'll have started the sleeves! Yay progress! This is what happens when you have an EXTENDED bus ride do to icy roads!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What do you think? Would this be good for my t-shirt? (I didn't think Bleached or Zeal would be good.)

knitting loner

I'm usually a knitting loner, but I had to join Nona's Nothin but a tshirt knitalong. I have Calmer in stash and love, love, love Alison's design. I've added it to my paltry list of alongs.

Molly likes to share Billy's cheerios (or whatever he's eating). He's not so sure he wants her on his tray.

Domestic Goddess*

I found a new way to pique Hubby's interest: clean! I scoured the bathroom last night and did more dishes. Nice to have at least part of the house be clean. I'll vacuum tonight.

I have to confess, I made myself a little schedule and hung it up in one of the kitchen cupboards. Monday is the bathroom, Tuesday and Friday I vacuum (since Molly sheds considerably twice a week is necessary), Wednesday is dusting (something light for LOST night), and Thursday is mopping. Whew. Sundays remain laundry days and I reserve Saturdays for big projects (like decluttering my craft area, cleaning the fridge or oven, organizing closets, etc.).

Must get the husband to help me keep clutter down.

In knitting news, I'm still eeking along on Angelina. I'll wait and post another picture when I start casting on the sleeves.

Last night's commute home was quick. It wasn't until I was on the bus this morning that I remembered they removed the tolls on the GSP southbound at the Union plaza. No more parkway back-ups!

*with apologies to Roseanne

Monday, March 07, 2005

superwash, not superdry

So, I put Purlwise in the wash this weekend, to fluff her up and get rid of some of the ladders. Forgot to tell hubby to take her out before he put the clothes in the dryer. She shrunk. She still fits around my head (and boy is she soft now), but she doesn't cover my ears anymore. I was thinking I'd put some ear flaps on her (I am part hick you know), but I think I'll try blocking her first.

Not too much knitting progress to report. I did a little bit on Angelina, but nothing much else. I do have to get FIL off the finishing pile. F-I-L's b-day is just about 2 weeks away!

I'm trying to start a little knitting group here in the office. I actually posted signs in the kitchens on our three floors. I've gotten one call so far. I feel like such a geek!

I'm also trying to be more domestic. I was up early this morning and in the shower at 4:45 (couldn't sleep and Billy started to wake up but went back to sleep). I'm all caught up on the dishes and hope to tackle the bathroom tonight after Billy goes to bed. I'm hoping that if I break the house down into parts and do a part a day, I'll have a cleaner house. I've really been disgusted lately. And that's saying a lot! I have a high dirt threshold! Any suggestions would be welcome!

Molly wants to say hi, too.

Here's Angelina at nearly 6 inches.

Billy says good morning!

Friday, March 04, 2005

purlwise on my head

Could you guess Purlwise was a hat? The specs are: Gedifra Living in color 5101 (bought on sale at; size 7 bamboo dpns. Gauge is tight, but I like my hats dense. I used the slipped stitch ribbing from Loll in the Calmer Collection and based the pattern on the Harlot's rolled brim hat recipe. I did have to modifiy the decreases to take my ribbing into account. I think if I make another one, I'll start the decreases earlier and put more rows between them. I'd like it to lie a little flatter.

I really like it. I think it makes me look very different. Hubby's not so sure he likes it. It's not my usual sweater and khakis deal.

So here's me and purl.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Am I the only one wondering

what Hurley was doing in a mental institution in the first place?

I must say I love LOST and I found quite a bit of black humor in last night's episode (intended or not I liked it). Unfortunately, watching tv in my bedroom is not conducive to knitting (no back support).

I have very little progress to report on living (and I haven't touched Angelina since Monday, do go see yarngirl's start on her Angelina).

I did get some stuff in the mail today. The yarn will be easy to explaing to Hubby (he TOLD me to buy it and it's for him), the swift, not so easy. Maybe I should sneak it home!

In other tv news, I find myself being sucked into Alias against my will. I really don't need anymore tv shows to watch and I'm coming into it late, but I find I can't stop watching it. I think it's inertia. I'm just glued to the spot after LOST.

Look what else arrived today. My swift!

The yarn came for Hubby's green socks. Guess I'll have to swatch and cast-on soon.
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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It feels like 26 degrees F outside. In here, it's June! 79.8 if you can't read the photo. Hence, the tank (just don't tell HR).
Does this look like a March forecast to you? It doesn't to me! Posted by Hello

He's a walking dude

That's right, my baby boy has taken his first steps. Monday, about 2 minutes before my husband got home he took four steps not holding onto anything! He's done it a few times since, but won't do it if we have the video camera out.

Little booger, much as I love him, woke me up at 4:20 this morning. Mommy's tired! I also had to stay home with him yesterday because daycare closed for 7" of snow. Cowards!

So what did I do while he napped for 2 1/2 hours yesterday morning (but not at all in the afternoon)? Besides making a few phone calls, I did what you see below. It's a little something I concocted myself. It's in Gedifra Living (100% superwah wool) in a lovely tomato-red.

I loved that slipped-stitch ribbing when I was knitting the Loll cardi last summer and Zipo this winter (hem and cuffs) and decided to do the whole piece that way. Of course, I realized after the fact that I wouldn't have to PURL the whole thing if I knit in the round with the inside-out!
New project. I'm calling it living purlwise, because it's purled in the round. After I was 2 inches in I figured out how to get the slipped stitch ribbing knitting in the round. 'S okay. I like to purl (goofy me). Posted by Hello