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Monday, January 31, 2005

Here's the bucket for Billy and a swatch. Posted by Hello
What a way to start a Monday. See what was waiting patiently for me? Mmm, yarny goodness from Elann. On the left is wool to become my ribby cardi, on the right is alpaca and tencel to become my '40s inspired jacket, and the little bit of color is socks or a vest for Billy. Posted by Hello

What a weekend

I had a lovely visit with my family this weekend. It started with getting a call at 12 Friday that Billy'd had some loose BMs and I'd have to pick him up. I scampered out of here and took him home. His BMs looked fine to me all weekend. Then we waited and waited for my parents and sister to arrive. Their flight was a little delayed.

Friday night the hubby made stuffed chicken breasts and we all crashed early. Saturday, mom, sis and I went shopping and we had pizza for dinner. I overindulged on the wine, won our little Texas hold'em tournament and felt really crappy on Sunday. We baked a cake Sunday and had our little party and all crashed by 10 am.

They've made it home already. I think my bus ride in took longer than their flight.

The little party was good. Hubby made beef tenderloin with potatoes and veggies. We had shrimp cocktail and cheese and crackers for hors d'oevres. My baseball cake was a hit. Billy entertained us all immensely. I can't believe the little dude is going to be 1 in two days. He's getting ready to start walking. He nearly took his first steps over the weekend. He's getting so brave about standing without holding on to anything. My baby's becoming a child! Oh no, toddler years here we come!

I don't have any pictures to post yet. I had to scramble out of here so fast on Friday I forgot my camera. Once we get the DVD finished this week, I'll have pics from that.

In knitting news, I've finished the bucket hat embroidery. I couldn't get duplicate stitch to work, so I winged it. I think it looks okay. See? Sitting below it is the swatch for my f-i-l's birthday sweater. It's the Oregon vest from Oat Couture.

Oh, the other picture is from a box that arrived while I was out. Elann rocks!

Friday, January 28, 2005

You spin me right 'round baby

I really need to learn how to use my drop spindle. I just bought MORE roving on eBay. Can you blame me? Isn't it gorgeous?
Pretty, pretty Posted by Hello
Shouldn't I be happier? It's Friday. My parents will be at my place when I get there. I'm nearly finished a number of projects. Oh yeah, I've been up since 4 am. Posted by Hello

Bucket nearly done

I don't remember why I didn't bring work on the bus home with me last night. But, by the time we left Port Authority I was kicking myself. That's because I finished the bucket waiting for the bus to pull away from the gate (see below, thanks to seltzer bottle for modeling). No knitting for the whole trip home! So, once I duplicate-stitch Billy on the front, it will be done, done, done. Three days for the knitting not bad!

In my bag for today are the bucket for duplicate stitching and Zipo for sleeve seaming and end-weaving. Didn't get a knittable seat in this morning, so no progress made on either today. I did finish seaming the sleeves into Hello Billy last night and wove in the last few ends. Once I get a zipper in, it will be fini! Yay! I should have 2 (if not 3) FOs for posting next week.

I can't wait to start something new. I guess I'll throw my f-i-l's sweater vest on the needles next. Although, I'm really tempted to start my ribby cardi, or the Shocking Jacket from IK Winter '04 (I'm hoping to get gauge in summer tweed). Then there's my salsa splash, first pair of socks, my own bucket, Paris Loops for the sisters, and finally knitting something for my hub! Of course, there's always the instant gratification of knitting another thing for the boy.

Oops. How did I forget that Air needs to be seamed!
Bucket as of this morning. Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 27, 2005


I am physically sick to my stomach this morning. The first I heard of this story was while reading the paper and eating my Cheerios this morning.

While I agree that the "shock jock" has the right to say anything he wants and that words are never a reason to threaten someone with physical harm, post-partum depression is nothing to joke about. There is enough shame and stigma attached to all forms of mental illness that joking about something as devastating as PPD and post-partum psychosis is disgusting.

Of course, the radio station is supporting it's DJ (why are they still called DJs if they don't play music anymore?). It's free publicity for a station that's overshadowed by the largest media market in the US. And of course they wouldn't want their "free speech" rights threatened by the right-wing federal government and it's reactionary FCC, but please. Joking that PPD can be treated by smoking an illegal substance? That's beyond humor.

It's easy for a man who's only purpose in life is to call attention to himself to joke about a woman who's trying to raise public awareness about a disease that affects 10% of all new moms. He'll never be in that situation. He'll never spend hours walking a screaming infant around the house, wondering what you've done wrong, how you could possibly ever have thought you should be a parent, how you're going to permanently damage this child because you're such an awful mother. He'll never have out-of-control hormones causing him to cry hysterically ever afternoon for more than two weeks because he can't handle the screaming or the barrage of uncontrollable harmful thoughts that pop into his head. Thoughts he'd never really act on but which disturb him to no end. Could he stand having to admit to his partner that he'd had thoughts of hurting their child? Of hurting himself? Obviously, the man has never been suicidal or felt incapable of making the simplest decisions. Do you think he's ever had a day where he's got a raging incision that gets unrinated on and been unable to shower? Do you think he's ever had crushing fatique on a day when he couldn't decide if he wanted to get out of his pajamas?

How could anyone with a conscience make light of an illness that caused Andrea Yates to drown her children?

I really want to do something and I don't think just e-mailing the station will do any good.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Buckets and baths

I've made some progress on Billy's bucket. I finished the brim and have started the band. Since I don't have a 16" US7 and I'm hoping to be smaller than Bonne Marie's small, I've gone directly to dpns. Seems to be working okay. Progress was made on the bus. I didn't have any knitting time at home last night. I did get the second sleeve partially inserted into Hello Billy, but then Molly decided she needed her mommy-pillow and the sweater was put away. I will have it finished for Saturday, but I'm not sure if my parents will receive their long-awaited birthday sweaters. Maybe Dad. I only have to put the sleeves in and weave in ends. I haven't done any seams on Air, yet.

Billy's gotten weird about taking a bath. I have to get into the tub with him and hold him while he whimpers and shivers. Sunday night, I felt like a mama monkey with baby attached to my front. Last night, he at least turned from me a bit, but there's no way he was getting into the water. I hope that within a week, we'll be back to bath as usual. I was able to get him to calm down after having his hair washed by showing him how mommy handles getting water poured on her face.

Mickey Mantle hasn't appeared as of this morning. Fortunately, he didn't wake Billy in the night.
Look, progress on the bucket. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

CAUTION: Stashing in progress

I stashed in a big way! I bought the Quechua I need to knit this for myself (in Exotic Red); I bought the pattern too. I also bought some sock yarn (in Cancun Fiesta) which will either be socks or a vest for Billy (from today's pattern in my Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar. I also bought enough Peruvian Collection Highland Wool in Red Maple to make myself a ribby cardi. I'll need to purchase the pattern from Chicknits. Yep, when I fall off the wagon I fall off big!
Brim for Billy's Birthday Bucket Hat Posted by Hello

Billy birthday bucket brim

The brim grows. Photographic evidence above (it was going to be below, but the picture didn't post). I'm kind of winging a size "T" (for toddler). I was going to do the whole knitting math-thing ahead of time, but decided not to think so hard. So far, so good. Fortunately, Bonne Marie's done all the hard work already.

I also got a whole sleeve seamed into Hello Billy. I'll do the other tonight and finish weaving in ends (just a few left I did most of them already). Then it's done (except for the zipper). The zipper will be purchased and inserted next week. I've got an appointment with my psych next Monday and there's a Joann's on the way.

I would have gotten more brim and/or seaming finished but at 9:30 Billy woke up screaming. When I picked him up, he started arching his back violently and just wailing. For nearly an hour I tried rocking him, singing to him, burping him, walking with him, and giving him a bottle to no avail. Then Hubby came upstairs with Billy's favorite puppy (Otis the barking puppet) and he started chewing on him. Light came on for Hubby, maybe it's those teeth we've been expecting all month. So I gave him some orajel and some advil and he calmed down and konked back out. He woke up again about 1, but was easily rocked back to sleepiness. I didn't see proof that Mickey Mantle has arrived (it's tooth 7 and we're Yankee fans); but I hope he's imminent. I can't take many more screaming fits like that.

So, I was wrong yesterday. The object of my affection doesn't go on sale at until today. I can't wait! Stashing will happen! I think I may have to start the sweater as soon as it arrives!
Does this look like a sky that would flurry to you? It didn't to me either. But, that didn't stop it from flurrying while I was waiting for the bus this morning. Forgive the blurriness, it is just a toy. Posted by Hello

Monday, January 24, 2005

Photographic evidence that I do indeed knit! The color's off, but what do you want for fluorescent lights and a toy camera? Posted by Hello

New Toy

I’ve got a new toy. And it is a toy. It’s an itty-bitty digital camera I got when signing up with Now, Zooba alone is worth the sign-up. $9.95 a book with no shipping costs. They’ll send you a book each month or however frequently you want. You create your own reading list and you’re good to go. (I have to go add the Joe Namath book for Hubby if they have it.) I will admit they really did sucker me in with the offer of a free digital camera. It’s tiny and I may get somewhat decent pictures out of it eventually. Here are the best ones I’ve taken so far (posted below). (Note, it only holds 20 high-res images at a time; well high-res for it.) I figure it’s a good bridge with the DVD cam until I get my new PC and a real digital camera. I may even start posting some knitting pics!

We got about 15 inches in the blizzard this weekend; it was slow going coming in this morning but not too awful. It sure is cold, though. Hubby did all the shoveling. I offered to help but he said I should stay in with the boy. Good idea, Billy napped for a bout 40 minutes each day. He usually naps 3-4 hours a day. Fortunately, he was in bed by 7 each night. I hope he naps at daycare! I also hope he eats for them. He wasn’t into the food for mommy this weekend.

I didn’t get too much done this weekend. Billy really wanted Mommy around (I think it was left-over from my trip this week). And when he did go to sleep I was beat, too. (More leftovers from my trip.)

I did get the neckband on Hello Billy finished. So I just need to do the sleeves and side seams. I’ll be picking up a zipper next week. It won’t be completely finished for our little birthday party this weekend, but he’ll be able to try it on. I cast on for his bucket last night. Well, started the cast on. I’m not quite finished; only a few more stitches to cast on. I’m doing a cable cast on to get a nice firm edge. I’m going to modify the pattern down a bit. I’ll try to get the math done today.

I’m not so patiently waiting for Elann to post the yarn of my recent lust. It will be the last purchase for a while. I know I’ve been saying that since what, November?, but I’ve got a ton of projects lined up. Including learning to spin with my gorgeous roving and drop spindle and plying some of that free & cheap yarn I have. Oh, I also need to clean out the craft area in our basement (currently the crap area) and set up my knitting machine. I see a large wrap or throw in the future.

Well, must get to work. Lots of new manuscripts to hand out and I must clear some of this detritus from my desk.
Because I have no ego. This is me this morning. Note the lovely hair and wall of windows behind me. Good thing my nose is clean! Posted by Hello
This is a blurry capture of the view outside my office window. The Empire State Building is much larger in real life. Posted by Hello
This is me Saturday morning. Charming, huh? Posted by Hello

Friday, January 21, 2005

A week's gone by

A whole week has gone by since I last posted. Did you miss me?

I've finished Hello Billy, but for the collar and the seaming. Well, I seamed the shoulders and started picking up stitches for the collar. I haven't touched it since last Saturday. I was going to throw it in my bag for the bus today, but didn't have time this morning. Still need to get a zipper!

I hope to work on the collar and start his bucket hat tonight. Hubby is going to a concert with a buddy (I wish I could go, but how much babysitting can we expect from m-i-l and I want to spend some quality time with my boy). So, after Billy goes to sleep, mommy has knitting time. Well, that depends on Miss Molly, doesn't it?

I've got to grocery shop (dinner for me, formula for the kid), so maybe I'll pick her up a special treat and bribe some peace and quiet out of her.

I'm bringing home the pattern and some of the yarn for f-i-l's birthday sweater. Might as well get started. I know, I've got a bunch of overdue things in the finishing pile. That's for next week at home. Love, love, love to get them done for mom & dad's visit next weekend. I do need knitting for the bus, you know.

We're having a birthday party. A first birthday party. I'm making him a baseball or basket ball cake with this neat pan I bought at Joann's this summer.

My trip to London was fine. The weather was nicer than here, but I didn't do too much sight-seeing. I got more sleep than usual (except on the flight over). I'll be going back every quarter. Next trip is in April.

It's nice to be home. I missed my guys and my doggie, and my bed.

It's good that we all left our most recent department meeting laughing, right?

Friday, January 14, 2005

Wet, wet, wet

It was sopping here in the NYC metro area this morning. They say things are going to start drying out (and getting colder) in the next hour or so. I'll believe it when I see it.

In Billy news, the boy slept pretty well last night. He made some noises about 6, but didn't get up until 6:30. He went down easily last night, too. And yay, no spit-ups! He felt much cooler this morning. I didn't bother taking his temp; I'm sure m-i-l will at some point today. Hopefully, he's on the mend. (And hopefully, this will be our last illness for a while.)

In Hello Billy news, I cast-on for the second sleeve last night and knit through the first stripe. When I picked it up this morning I looked at the measly amount of blue left in the first ball and thought, gee I hope this gets me through two stripes, especially since the rows keep getting longer. Then I remembered I hadn't made any increases last night! D'oh! Fortunately, I only had to rip 8 rows back to the ribbing.

In other yarn-related news, I bought a ballwinder on eBay. I got a pretty good price. With shipping, it's less than most places sell for retail. I didn't get a swift. I figured I can try something makeshift for now.

My drop spindle and roving shipped on the 12th. I wonder if it will get here tomorrow. (No mail Monday and I'm in London until next Thursday.) It would be cool to be able to play with it this weekend.

I should be able to cast on for Billy's bucket hat this weekend. That is, if I don't host a little seaming party. I have enough seaming to keep me busy! I also have enough housework. My in-laws are moving in while I'm away and I need to get the house tidy. Thank goodness it's a 3-day weekend. I can tackle a floor a day and not kill myself trying to get too much done!

Well, that stack of stuff on my desk didn't get cleared by the publishing fairies and I've got a lot to do in the next six hours. I better get to it.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

ear, nose & throat boy

So, I'm at home. There is a mountain of stuff on my desk. Some of it really needs to be completed before my trip next week; some needs to be completed for my trip next week. But none of it is getting done today because I'm at home. Why am I at home? Because Billy woke up at 3:38 and felt like he was on fire. His temp was 101.5; not a good thing when your temp is supposed to drop while you sleep. I gave him a bottle and he spit up all over (the fourth time in three days he's hugely spit up after a bottle). So we got changed and played for a while. I got him to go back to sleep about 5. Then I took a nap. No way I was going to work today (and m-i-l needs to be in the office occasionally, too).

At 8:45 when he woke from his nap, we got up; I called my boss and co-manager and then his pediatrician. The nurse called back by 9:30 and we had an appointment for 11. He had a temp of 103.2 when she took it. (Either our rectal thrermometer is inaccurate or I'm not doing it right because when I took his temp at 8:45 it was 100.4.) Fortunately, it's not his ears again. It's his tonsils. He's got red, pussy tonsils. Did you know tonsilitis can cause kids to spit up? I do now.

Off to the drugstore we went. It's like our third home these days (the ped's office being our second). Cephalosporin for him this time. 3 ml once a day for 10 days. She said I should ask the ENT we're seeing on Monday if we should bring him back to her for a follow-up on the tonsils (if so back to Dr Maggie in 2 weeks we go). She said his fever should break after 2 days on the antibiotics but to keep giving him advil for it. M-i-l is sitting with Billy tomorrow. I have to go in and take care of stuff for my trip. Of course I really don't want to go.

I had a good cry after I talked to the nurse on the phone and before our appointment. Billy just played on the floor with his cool toys. Molly crawled into my lap to try to make me feel better. How chewing on my fists was supposed to be comforting, I'm not sure; but isn't it great how dogs know when you need to be comforted? She's so sweet.

Billy's sleeping now. I just checked on him and he's on his tummy with his knees tucked under him and his but in the air. How do kids sleep like that?

I should be doing something domestic. I do have a load of laundry in the wash (the clothes he spit on last night and this morning). I tried to clean the oven (it's been a mess since we did that turkey New Year's Day), but I had a smoke condition and had to stop it. Now the smoke detector upstairs keeps chirping (I took it apart and put it back together after the smoke cleared).

I feel like a tool. I wish today were a 40 mg day for the SSRI and not just a 20. Not that it elevates my mood like that or would make me less worried or more confident, but I would derive some comfort. Yes, I am a modern American. Give me a pill to make it all better!

I've not done any knitting since last night. I finished the first sleeve of Hello Billy on the bus as predicted. I had many fewer rows than I thought. Since I haven't picked up the needles since, I haven't cast on for sleeve two. I will eventually. Maybe tonight, but if not, definitely tomorrow morning on the bus.

I tried watching CSI:NY last night. Bonne Marie at beat me to posting about the murder weapon in one of the crimes. I fell asleep and have no idea who killed either the dog handler or the bike messenger. I woke up hearing Colin Ferguson.

I did watch LOST. I felt like a bad mommy rushing my sick child to bed last night so I could watch a tv show, but he got back at me getting me up at 3:30. (Two and 1/2 hours after I woke up and turned off the tv.) I really like that show and am terribly bummed that I will miss an episode next week while in London. I'll get over it. Hopefully, I'll be home in time next week for CSI.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I want one

I want one of these! How cool is it?

I think I'm an idiot

I had a nice post going including a nice rant about NJ Transit bus drivers ignoring the advice of dispatch for avoinding traffic jams when I navigated away to check out the office's new spam blocker tool (I can filter my own mail). Duh!

Anyway. You don't want to read my rant about taking the Western Spur to avoid the back-up on the Esater Spur when dispatch tells you to. I don't even want to read it. Best to just move on.

Did I mention yesterday that Billy is sick again? I have two blogs, I know I mentioned it in the other one (written with my sisters about our trying to lose weight). His temp was 100.8 this morning after peaking at 101.9 yesterday afternoon. My m-i-l is sitting with him again today. She's also going to do a couple of loads of laundry. Hey, she volunteered. I don't ask her to do my housework. Yesterday, she cleaned the bathroom. I didn't realize this until this morning when I was brushing my teeth. She and my f-i-l are staying with Billy and the Hubby next week while I'm in London. My goal for my three day weekend is to clean the house so she doesn't feel compelled to clean anything else while I'm gone!

In sweater-making news (don't know about you but I get sick of reading knitting news), I finished the right front before I even got on the turnpike last night. Not only was traffic horrible in the tunnel (Lincoln) and on 495 west, my bus was 10 minutes late getting to PABT to pick us up. Yes, I knit standing in line. I cast on for the first sleeve and have two more sets of increases and about 30 rows to go. That one should be done tonight.

I did win the drop spindle and roving. Can't wait to get my hands on it. I don't know if my great idea will work but it's worth a try.

Last night I was knitting while watching TV (more like the car wreck that is the Surreal Life) with the Hubby and Molly (she was in the bone zone), Hubby asked if I was going to make him a sweater to match Billy's. I told him I didn't have enough yarn. He said the next time I buy yarn I should get enough to make them matching sweaters. Woo Hoo! Hubby's going to wear a sweater! He never wears sweaters. You should have seen the face he made Christmas morning when he opened this gorgeous red Lands End pullover from his mom. It was cotton and he dismissed it immediately. I think I'll make them matching zippy jackets for the fall. Oooh. Elann has more Highland Wool in stock. I need to find matching patterns!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I (heart) Billy’s sweater

I love the kid, too, but this sweater is just cruising. I finished the back Friday night (watching All in the Family on DVD) and cast on for the left front. I got the ribbing done before bed. I finished the left front Saturday (watching afternoon basketball, driving to m-i-l’s, watching the Jets be very lucky in OT) and cast on for the right front. I got through the ribbing again before I went to bed. I haven’t had as much knitting time since Saturday, but I have gotten through the armhole decreases and am about to work the last blue stripe. Then it’s golden, baby. Right front should be finished tomorrow. Then I’m off to sleeve island. Someone warm up the blender (actually I’m a rocks kind of gal, not slushies).

I cannot wait to cast on for his bucket hat; it's going to be so much fun. We may be going to FL soon (my paternal grandmother-in-law lives in Juno) and he’ll need a new hat. I may whip out one of these, too.

Must get a zipper! That's going to be the toughest part, sewing in the zipper. Good thing my machine is in the same room as the computer at home. I'll boot up Bonne Marie's tutorial and be good to go.

Poor Billy boy. He got a pretty clean bill of health yesterday from Dr. Maggie. His ears aren’t where she thought they would be, so we’re going to an ENT (otolaryngologist for those studying vocab) on Monday for evaluation; but the infection was going bye-bye and everything else was clear. Then he puked all over me last night (I think it was just gas after his bed-time bottle binge). He slept fitfully, but didn’t wake up. When he got up this morning, he had huge, dark circles under his eyes and a temp of 101.4. I sincerely hope it’s this seventh tooth (lovingly being referred to as Mickey Mantle chez Netter) and not something more serious. I don’t want to be in the office, but I have to be. I have to support the yarn habit somehow.

Speaking of yarn habit, I may have just stashed again. Let me check eBay. Nope, got outbid. Whew, I want to save the hubby’s ire for the Quechua being released by Elann later this month. I can always get Rowan Ribbon Twist. I was about to give up the first time I was outbid, then I got competitive. Always a bad idea. "Just let it go Netter" should be my anti-stash mantra (for eBay anyway, still kicking myself about the baby alpaca).

Quick question, would plying my own yarn be the first step down the slippery slope to handspinning? I have a large ball of black wool lace weight and lots of fake mohair in pink that I can’t think of doing anything with on their own. I was thinking of holding them together to make something, but what if I plied them together? I love black and pink together and this would have a very interesting texture. How can I get a drop spindle quickly? (The laceweight was free and the fake mohair was extremely cheap so I won’t worry too much if I ruin some of it.)

‘kay. Just bid on a spindle and 2 ozs of roving on eBay. This does not violate the no stash rule as it is fiber, not yarn. Besides, I’m going to try to bust stash by plying the two yarns I will not use together to make something I will use. Yeah, this might be trouble. I just searched roving on eBay. Ooops. Bad Netter. Get back to work!

Friday, January 07, 2005

aran weight + toddler-size sweter = quicker knitter

I've reached the armhole decreases for Hello Billy. I cast-on yesterday waiting in line for the bus and knit all the way home. I stopped for a few hours at home (had to take care of the boy and eat) and then knit while watching CBS. (Molly was in the bone-zone and then cuddled with my ankles, very cooperative with the knitting.) I was thinking that I was more than half-way done with the back, but then I realized that these are some deep armscyes! I'm about 52 rows in and the shoulder/neck bind offs start at row 86. The final bind off row is #91. I guess I am slightly more than half-way done, but it still seems like a lot. Fortunately, the next 30 rows are 10 stitches narrower.

I would be a few rows further along but I had a row counting issue and ripped out the first blue stripe before I remembered that the loops on the needle count as a row. I was so confused trying to figure out why I had an odd number of rows when I'd just finished a wrong-side row and it should really be an even count! Yes, I have been knitting for a couple of years now. Why do you ask?

Did I mention that I'm really loving the ASC? It's so great to knit with and makes such a great fabric. And no, Rowan is not paying me. (Neither are my favorite sources.) I do plan on abusing my swatch to see what kind of machinery I can use on it. This is for my baby you know. The child who could not stop eating, who spent the first 8 months of his life with serious reflux issues. I can guarantee it will need frequent cleaning and I'm not so into the handwashing. (Makes a lot of sense with the higher-end fibers I buy, huh? Well, don't expect to see any Colinette chez Netter.)

As for Air and Zipo. I haven't touched them. Well, I did touch Zipo to move some notions from that project bag to the Hello Billy project bag. I think I need to have a little seaming party a la Fluffa. Anyone know how to make a Kir Royale?

Update on Andrea Yates

Having been partway down the road Andrea Yates traveled with Post Partum Depression, I was so relieved to hear about this on the news this morning. Then I was shocked and disturbed to realize that this woman was sentenced to life in prison, and could have been given the death penalty on the basis of one famous "expert's" false remembrance. Juries are so easily swayed by experts they've heard of.

The quote below struck a chord with me because I had similar thoughts before remission.

"On June 20, 2001, Yates confessed to police that she drowned her five children in a bathtub because she had been a bad mother who hopelessly damaged them."

It's also why we're not sure we should have more than one child. I can't imagine what having five would do to my mind.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Well, Hello Billy!

I finished the second flap for Mom's Air. Now all I need to do is all that seaming! I think I'll aim for seaming over the weekend. It's not really bus-able.

Still no movement on Zipo. I went to Curves (we missed most of the bad weather that hit the area last night so we were home on time and I had no problems driving downtown), hubby made dinner, Billy had a quick bath, then Mommy watched Lost (mmm, yummy), then it was kitchen tidy time, a few minutes of TV with Daddy and Molly*, then CSI:NY in bed, during which I promptly fell asleep. I don't know what happened to the art dealer or the construction worker. I did wake up to find out that the little boy was scary.

I nearly missed the 5:10 last night. When I got to the gate, there were 44 people on the bus already and I couldn't tell how many were in line in front of me. I wound up being the 50th (only 49 seats), but sweet hubby was in the first seat and let me have it. He stood all the way home. But, the driver keeps the lights in the first few rows too dim to knit with brown yarn. So I started my swatch for Hello Billy. I finished it this morning. I've lost my 8US Bates Quicksilver Circ, so I'm using my needlemaster 8; I still hate the join because the needle likes to twist off the connector. My stitch gauge is spot on, but my row gauge is off one row over 4". Not too bad. I'll be casting on tonight! I hope this will be a pretty quick knit. (I've only got 3 weeks till his party.) It should be quick it's less than 14" wide and 14" long. I'm making the 1-2 year size. I think I may lengthen the arms a smidge. He's got quite a wing span my kid!

*No cuddles for Mommy last night. She was all about the Daddy. Actually, it was compulsively lick Daddy's legs night. My husband doesn't mind her obsessively licking him below the knees, but his thighs get mighty ticklish! I wonder if she sensed that he's going out tonight and she won't see him.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I'm going to London, London, London

I'm going to London the 17th for business. I fly out that night and have all day Tuesday and Thursday morning to play with. We're only in the office on Wednesday (my boss does rock on occasion).

Where should I go? I've been to London before, but it was just a one-day quick tour thing with some friends. Of course, I've got yarn on the brain. I wonder, does business travel yarn count as stash yarn?

I'll be staying at the Hilton Paddington. I've got to find out what's near there.

Anyone know if Virgin Atlantic allows knitting needles?

Lust in my heart so very thoughtfully sent me their newsletter of upcoming sales. Thoughtfully, like putting a vial of crack under a crackhead's nose. I received it Monday and have been lusting after the Peruvian Collection Quechua. It comes in many great colors, has great yardage, a great price, and looks yummy! Did you know they put little samples of the actual yarns on the newsletter. Like I said, crack in front of a crackhead. I think the kicker was the pattern they printed with the samples. Simply feminine and frilly without being too-too. And it looks pretty easy to knit. I WANT IT, I WANT IT, I WANT IT. Especially since it comes in Smoldering Ember and Exotic Red!

One down

One pocket flap down, one to go. I've cast on for the second and started the increases. I should have it finished today so I can cast on for Hello Billy tonight. WOo HOo! I'm so looking forward to starting a new project. I've had the same things on the needles for over a month!

Still no more seaming progress on Zipo. Again, massive cuddles with the Molly. I just can't resist when she wants her mommy-pillow. It was a nice night chez Netter; my hubby grilled a steak on the foreman grill and we had it with green beans. We played with Billy for a while and then he was in bed by 8. I tidied the kitchen again (two days in a row is a record) and then we watched "50 First Dates." It was really cute. I like how they handled the ending. Sappy and sweet, but not totally unrealistic.

I'm hoping the weather follows the forecast and we don't get hit with a lot of freezing crap. I'd like to get to Curves again tonight. I'd also like to watch the first new episode of Lost in weeks. I can't miss it!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Pensive Molly. (Mommies gotta share the love and the pixels.) Posted by Hello

not much knitting

Not too much knitting progress to report. I re-started the pocket flap for Air on the way home last night. I've only got a few rows left and I'll start the second.

I didn't do anything with Zipo last night. I went to Curves and worked out, then I ate, then it was bathtime for Billy, then while Daddy put him to bed, I worked in the kitchen tidying, then it was time for some massive cuddles with Molly. She wound up taking a nap on me when I lied down on the couch. Kind of hard to seam with a 60 lb bully on your arm! I love the cuddles, though. I don't even mind when she snores in my ear! (Now, when I'm trying to sleep it's a different thing.)

Monday, January 03, 2005

My desktop. A collage of my little man. Posted by Hello
Billy says Happy New Year to you all! Posted by Hello
Billy cracks us all up at dinner. Once he gets us laughing, there's no stopping him. Posted by Hello
Billy Christmas morning at Grammy and Granddad's. He loves his bike! Posted by Hello

Happy 2005

My 2004 was joyous and ridiculously difficult. I started out 9 months pregnant and ended surrounded by my family, including my little dude. In the intervening 12 months, I survived a 14-hour labor, a baby in the special care nursery, post-partum depression, going back to work, a merger at the office, being demoted, and really developed my love of knitting.

2005 should be quite a journey. I get to spend it with my husband (a wonderful man I’ve loved for nearly 10 years) and my new little dude, but I know there will be even more change as I move on in my career. I’ve been with this company for over 9 years and now it’s time to go. My first resolution for 2005 is to find a new job.

My second resolution is to lose weight. I weigh as much now as I did last January when I was 9 months pregnant! I lost all of my pregnancy weight except for 3 pounds within the first couple of months after I delivered. I’ve put it all back on since I’ve been back at work. I’m going to start going back to Curves and seriously cut my food intake. First things first, no more sweets!

My third resolution is to be a better wife and mother. I think I’ve been doing a much better job lately, but the Hubby and the boy deserve my absolute best.

If I can manage to cook more, clean more and be more organized, that would be great, too!

In knitting, I’d like to finish more and stash less. I shouldn’t join alongs. I never get things finished in time. I completely ditched my poncho from the crochet along last summer and Zipo is not finished. I’m closing in on the end, though. I’ve finished the neckband (a terrible pain in the keister for a beginner pattern) and now only have to seam and set in sleeves and finish my weaving in. I started the pocket flaps for Air this morning but royally screwed up. I think I’ll start over on the way home.

I have put together a project bag for Billy’s birthday sweater. We’re celebrating on the 29th, so I have just about four weeks to get it done. I’ve decided to just make the hello sweater in Gold with a matching bucket hat. I’ll save the blue for something else. The blue’s a bit brighter and clashes with the soft gold.

I need to work on my finishing technique. My knitting is even and looks nice. The seaming needs work!

Oh, and I should post more pictures!